Sunday, December 17, 2006

Infiltrating Section 31 (Part One)

I've just had a message to use the Emergency Starfleet Channel. It's for my eyes only, so it must be important.

I wonder if it's about the over-raucous behaviour at our Christmas Party?

Still, I switch on, and Admiral Johnson is there; he is in charge of Starfleet Security.

"We've got a problem, Captain Picard." he says, "We've found this Recruitment Message from Section 31, and find it very disturbing."

"One of them approached me a while back, Sir." I reply, "We don't know where their operatives are within Starfleet."

"Exactly right, Captain." Johnson tells me, "We need a member of your crew to infiltrate them and find out more; you wouldn't be good, as you have turned them down, and they would be suspicious."

That's a relief! I'm not going on this mission. I can stay behind and write more Christmas cards to those I forgot to send.

"How about Commander Riker?" Johnson suggests, "As he has been second in command on the Enterprise. for some time, they might think he has a resentment towards being in that position."
Sometimes, I think he has.

"That's a good choice, sir; I'll inform Riker and we'll send him."

Johnson switches off, and I summon Riker into my Ready Room.


After explaining the situation to Riker, he looks concerned.

"Sir, Deanna and I are scheduled to visit Betazed and say hello to her mother just before Christmas."

"Would you rather go on a dangerous mission, Number One" I ask him, "Or spend a couple of days with Lwaxana Troi?"

Riker soon answers.

"You're right sir; when is the next pickup of recruits for Section 31?"


"I want to go with Will!" Deanna protests, "If we can't go to Betazed, then I want to go with him on this mission!"

"It's too dangerous, Counselor." I reply, although I know I'll probably end up backing down.

"They know that Will and I are a couple." she continues, "If he goes without me, it will look suspicious."

She has a point; no wonder she is a counselor.

"What do you think, Number One?" I ask.

"It is too dangerous, Captain." Riker says, "Deanna is only a woman."

That was a foolish statement.

Deanna swiftlly grabs Riker's arm, twists him round, kicks his leg, and in an instant, he is pushed on the floor.

"I have been taking Worf's self-defence classes." she declares, "I can look after myself."

Riker struggles to get up, but manages.

"It seems like Counselor Troi is right." I decide, "Very well, you may both go on this mission."

"Where do we go?" asks Deanna.

"You will both have to wear a dark outfit." I reply, "And wait in the alley at the rear of Starfleet Headquarters. Santini's Pizza Parlour is next door."


A ferw hours later, both Deanna and Riker are ready to beam down. The Counselor has a long black party dress on, together with a dark coat. Riker is all dressed in black as well, as if he is about to burgle a house.

"Good luck, the both of you." I tell them, before they beam down.

To be continued...


Pat said...

Hi Jean Luc: Michele sent me. Have a happy Christmas!

Unknown said...

Jean Luc - Major technical difficulties accessing this channel as of late. When attempting my communication device has been crashing, I finally got a transmission through.

Anonymous said...

Ah a cliffhanger! Will have to check back to see how they get on!

Anonymous said...

oh boy.... I guess I will have a lot of catching up to do when I get back...

Have a Very Merry Winter-thing...


Nepharia said...

Jean-Luc, I'm afraid I cannot see the initial transmision that Section 31 sent -- it comes up 404 Not Found :(

Anonymous said...

You better watch out, Captain. Now that Deanna and Riker aren't going to see her, Lwaxana may come to visit you for the holiday.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Nepharia, I've corrected that problem; the Recruitmenr Message is now visible.

Gyrobo said...

I always enjoy a post that uses the verb "burgle."

UngaMan said...

The Curmudgeon: you stole my words!


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Oh my! Oh and Captian, I just have to tell you how smashing you look in your Santa cap :)

Professor Xavier said...

You know what's even better then wishing your crew good luck on their away mission? Giving them phaser rifles.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with your story but we have a light on our hallway ceiling and me and my husband stood underneath it and got beamed up.


anyway, SORRY I MISSED YOUR PARTY!!! I've been busy! Like the cap though!..

Anonymous said...

LOL Professor

Anonymous said...

lol Curmudgeon

You know Picard that alone is one reason to make sure Diana lives

Local Henchmen 432 said...

Hey Captain,Sorry I got lost and ended up in Deep Space Nine. Merry Christmas. Also, it was nice knowing Riker. Seeing that they arre going to kill him.

Anonymous said...

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