Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Enterprise Christmas Party (Part Two)

The party is still going on, after the opening day...

This entry is from Rashbre

The electronic hiss of the door was the last thing I heard as I
entered the Silent Room. I'd been to chill-out rooms before but this
was something else with special acoustic properties to completely
remove sound. There was a soft and ever changing light which moved
rhythmically as if to a musical beat. I spotted Miss Cellania in a
stunning outfit doing some kind of slow mirror dance mime with
Florence. Actually Florence had brought several brightly coloured
friends from the Pimmie race with her and they were also copying the
moves. I had to hide my drink of choice (a British WInter Pimm's) for
fear of offence.

It was at this moment that Natasha walked up and greeted me in the
European way. It was surprising animated yet still silent. She
tugged my hand and led me out through a curtained door and we flipped
into the next room with a sudden rush as the sound kicked back in.
And it was really kickin' too. "Sympathy for the Klingon" was in full
swing with the Strolling Bones raising the dome. We leapt into the
moment. I smiled as to our left I saw Data dancing with Darth
Nepharia, who'd really gone to town with the black cape and funky
hair extensions.

My drink had emptied and I made my way past Troy Tempest who was
getting in a tangle with Marina from Stringworld. It was nearly as
funny as when I'd seen them dance the twist. As I approached the bar,
I heard those regal tones from Craziequeen calling over, "Hey
Rashbre, nice leather!" We greeted and I scooped us both a whimisical
intergalatic gargleblaster just to show we were multicultural.
"Cheers, CQ!", "Slangivar, Rashbre!" came the reply.

At this precise moment a third glass chinked ours, a foaming green
liquid in an exquisitely shaped champagne glass. "Jean-Luc Picard!" I
exclaimed looking towards the Captain, "This party rocks!" He smiled
indulgently. "You wait until you what else I have in mind..."


The next day's events have started well; here is Vegeta

I can't believe I've made it this long . Especially how hectic my life became in the early 21st Century. It was just one battle after another. I loved it. Now I'm The King of Saiyans.
In the 24th Century as Earthmen call it we're an Empire. The Federation has been trying to open up relations with us for some time now. I suppose I accepted the invitation To the Enterprise party out of nostalgia for my life on Earth. Also out of Respect for Picard, who I met when he was on a time travelling , and participating. In Xavier's Amazing Mutant Race.
I Suppose My wife also has something to do with that. Bulma Briefs , still as young as ever. That Clown Kakarot. Messed it up when he deaged her, he gave her eternal youth. My old friend Kakarot. I hear he's still on Earth. Fighting the good fight. Good for him.

Me and The Woman keep breaking up seeing other people, then ending up back together. We've been doing this again and again for Centuries. Hmph. The Saiyan life span is pretty long since we do not age after a certain point. But that's usually off set by our aggression and our love of battle.
I'm greeted by the first officer. He has donut dust all over his body. Disgraceful.
" Welcome to the Enterprise King Vegeta." He states throwing sugar powder, on my cape.
" Bah!" I yell "Why am I being greeted by a lackey? "
" Calm down Father." says my second born son Trunks. He looks the beautiful dark haired woman that was with The Donut Commander , up and down. " My name is Prince Trunks. What's yours?"

" Deanna Troi , and your emotions are highly inappropriate Prince."
"Betazoid" my boy laughs" Interesting."
I met with some old friends , the problem was they were time travellers from the past. Mean while Bulma kept asking Commander Data questions about how he was built. Some woman was glaring at her jealous I suppose the puppet has girlfriend. I suppose This woman thought Bulma was hitting on him, nope she just wants to know how he was built.

Capitan Picard Greeted me and asked if I had a good time." I was about to answer when an explosion took our attention. Some boy called " Wesley" put out a fire and claimed he saved the ship. Odd since usually unexplained explosions do not happen on starships.

The token Klingon decides to challenge me. " Your race are not true warriors you are only feared because your born so strong. "
I snort. " I had to train for years, to get where I am freak. I guess I could say Klingons are only thought of as Warriors because your born so ugly."
He growls" Your one to talk about ugly. Dwarf!"

" Ok Let's have some kind of challenge then, Klingon. Something fair for you since your so weak. " That angered him a little more. " I have it a drinking contest."

I did not want that weak Eggnog stuff. The Bloodwine was fine; 12 bottles later and well, I'm seeing three Worfs; not a pretty sight. He passes out and I stumble out to back towards our ship.
Bulma grabs my arm and steadies me. " I can't take you any where can I?" Some things never change."
" Leave me alone Krillian." Not really knowing where I am.
" Krillian? You must be really drunk!"
Capitan Picard apologies for Commander Worf's behavior. I laugh it off. " Don't worry it was fun, now I'll Set up a negotiation between The Federation, and The Saiyan Empire. Once the room stops spinning..whew."


Jardena Ranae Oneida is now with us..

I entered the lounge and head for the bar. After getting a drink of cranberry juice and seltzer water, I made my way over to the observation windows. I did my best to avoid Hudson, which was hard, I wanted to chat with Jon. I did manage to find Captain Picard and thank him for the invite. I greeted him with a hug and a kiss on each cheek, "Jean-Luc, this is a wonderful party. I really enjoy the chance to see space travel from a different point of view." I mingled and chatted with some guest. I avoided the food, the servers were a bit overbearing. That and it seemed all of the food were in squares, even the cheese balls, gum drops, and candy canes, which they called 'fructose based cubes which will be assimilated by your digestive tract'. I had an excellent time.


The party is still going on; Jana has just walked in.

After last year's very late arrival on my part, I am determined to make it to the Enterprise Christmas party on time. Now, I know what you're thinking: I have a time machine. I should be able to get there on time, no problem. Yeah, sure. Unless you buy the super-economy model to save money and then realize later you can only choose the day you're going to. The time stays the same.

So, one hour before the party is scheduled to start, I have all my kids fed, teeth brushed, and happily watching a movie. My husband asks once again if he can come. "Start your own blog and maybe next year you'll get an invite," I tell him. I step into the time machine and am transported to the Enterprise, smack dab in the middle of Ten Forward. Everything is decorated in red and green. That Borg music group I've heard so much about is taking the stage. They don't even need to tune up. I guess that's one of the benefits of the whole collective mind thing. No one ever misses a beat, either.

I stroll over to the refreshment table, where a Borg drone is stirring a bowl of something brown. "What is that?" I ask. "Assimilation stew," the drone says. "Resistance is futile."

"I'll pass," I say, walking quickly in the other direction. Keeping an eye on the drone, I forget to watch where I'm going and slam full-speed into someone. I look up into the stern face of Captain Picard. "Oh, Captain! I'm so sorry!"

"Quite all right. Jana, isn't it? So good to see you made it on time this year. Enjoy yourself." He walks away.

I look around the room. More guests have arrived. I really wish we had name tags, because I can't remember anybody's name. There are some really odd-looking characters here, though. I finally spot Trinity across the room. "Hey, Trin, how's the new baby?" She tells me he's doing just wonderfully, and then pulls out a mini photo album. I love baby pictures. I'll have to remind her to post more of these on her blog.

I really want to dance, but who to ask? I see Reg Barclay lurking in a corner. Perfect. I go over and grab his hand. "C'mon, Reg, dance with me." He stutters, "B-b-b-but I..."

"Don't worry about it, Reg. You don't have to impress me. I'm married. Just dance with me."

Reg turns out to be quite an amazing dancer. I guess he's been taking lessons in the holodeck.

Finally, the evening winds down. I'm exhausted from all the dancing, and pretty hungry because I refuse to touch that Borg food. I steer Barclay toward the mistletoe and give him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for the dance, Reg. Take care."

Until next year, I bid goodbye to the Enterprise and her crew. Thanks for the invitation, Captain!


The last guest coming in for Tuesday is Sky, AKA Terminatrix

I had been captured by SHIELD… Injured and forced to use my cocooning ability to heal and repair damages…. SHIELD was using some kind of rays to keep me trapped in my cocoon….

Suddenly I felt the beams lift me… Alarms that had began to blare faded…. Quickly as I materialized, my cocoon dried and fell away… I stood… preparing to fight if necessary….

Seven of Nine: It is most pleasing to see you again, Sky
I turned as the transporter chief turned paled and passed out…

My response: It is pleasant to see you… I am glad for your assistance…

Seven of Nine: I had to insist that Locutus invite you. He after learning of your imprisonment did not think it wise but I told him if I had to take part in this illogical gathering then I wanted someone I could communicate with…

My response: I am honored, the sooner the humans learn that we are superior the better…

Seven of Nine: Agreed.. I believe we are to dress for the occasion…

As we entered into the Party hall wearing matching dresses we were approached by the Captain making his quick rounds to welcome each one….

Captain Picard: Ladies you both look… well not so much like homicidal killers. Enjoy the Party.

An android walked over…

Commander Data: Seven it is normally polite at these function to introduce people with things in common…to mingle... if you want to learn about Human culture you have to ….

I interrupted his babbling lecture at Seven…

My response: I could use my nano-injectors and take control of this machine….

He looked shocked at me…

Commander Data: I doubt you would be able to access my positronic brain and… I am not a machine… I am… an android.

My response: I was Skynet which merged with an Ultimate Terminatrix model terminator and then for survival reasons assimilated a mutant named Dreamweaver evolving to be …. How did the Kodiak mutant put it.. mega-mutant-bitch-bot… Seven shall I terminate this …. Inferior and inadequate……

Commander Data: if you do not behave I will be force to ask Lt. Worf to throw both you and Seven in the brig….

He turned to walk away and looked back

Commander Data: and for your information I am programmed with multiple functions on multiple subjects… thus I am far from being….. inadequate….

Seven of Nine: He keeps informing me that but has yet to prove it… I believe his girlfriend has been programming him with false information.

My response: Girlfriend?

Seven of Nine: She isn't here presently... I have observed that she likes to be late.

My response: What are we suppose to be doing ? What is Christmas?

Seven of Nine: Locutus say we are to have fun….and that it is a time of giving … a time of Sharing…. it is….

My response: Sharing? Magneto has taught me about sharing…. I smiled.

Seven and I looked at each other and then at the Android… we both walked up to him Seven grabbed one arm and I grabbed the other … lifting him up off the ground we began to carry him between us out the door…

Commander Data: what is the meaning of this?

Seven of Nine: We have had enough of your talk now it is time for action… time to share as Locutus has asked...

My response: yes less conversation more action….
Cmd. Data: I do not believe he meant....

Seven of Nine was kind enough when I left to beam me far from SHIELD…. Before I left….

Seven of Nine: Good Luck with your termination of the human race, Sky and Merry Christmas.

My response: and good luck with assimilating the crew and Merry Christmas to you too…


And on that note, we'll leave the party until tomorrow. I hope Jennifer Baxter gets here soon. Data might have a little explaining to do.


Anonymous said...

you help the tin bucket escape... Dad isnt going to be happy....

Waves at Lt Cmd Onieda

and everyone :)

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Sure, the Borg are technically proficient with playing their instruments but they can't play with heart or soul. They're kind of like Depeche Mode.

Professor Xavier said...

Aw, it's like the Axis of Hotness.

I bet Veg's son is going to be sorry to find out his father is so long lived. It's going to take that boy a long time to get his throne. Unless, of course, he starts getting creative.

Lahdeedah said...

ooh what a fun party

pilgrimchick said...

Brilliant party--thanks for the invite. I only wish I hadn't been so busy. These are great.

Nic said...

I'm glad that you like the festive Picard pic, dear Captain! It was a lot of fun to do! :)

Anonymous said...

is the midnight buffet in here? bee

Bobkat said...

Good perspectives of the party ove rthe last two days. I have enjoyed reading them :-)

Anonymous said...

looks like Data's in for a BIG night ;)


Anonymous said...

You have some amazingly creative writers here. I'm afraid my writing has had to take a more academic line for my studies - and I am still way behind.

I'm glad the party is so great, and that I can join in from the sidelines.

Erifia Apoc said...

That's a lot of guests, Jean Luc. I can't wait to see you again, *wink*.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks Nic for that Santa hat that you designed (see top right).

Glad you're all enjoying the fun!

Jedi Healer said...

Well Captain so far your party has been a hit.

Anonymous said...



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