Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Enterprise Christmas Party (Part Three)

Day Three of the big Enterprise party, and things are now in full swing....

It's like looking in a mirror, but here is Professor Xavier

“Are you sure about this, Professor?” Scott asked me.

“Captain Picard has assured me that last year’s transporter accident was a one in a million occurrence and would never happen again.”

“Well . . okay, if you say so.”

Scott wheeled me into the Federation Time Portal and we were whisked to the 24th Century. From there we got onto a teleportation pad and were beamed up to the Enterprise. Waiting before us with warm smiles was the command crew of the ship, all decked out in their formal uniforms.

When I say everyone was smiling, I don’t mean the Klingon, of course. From the look on his face, I would have thought he had just lost his life savings on a hand of poker or something, except that he wore the exact same scowl last year.

“Professor Xavier, I am so glad you decided to come,” Captain Picard said, holding out his hand.

“I wouldn’t have missed it, Captain.”

“I was sorry to hear about your difficulties in getting home from the party last year.”

“To be honest, after being with the X-Men for so long, I would have worried if something unusual hadn’t happened. And here’s a little something for the ship.”

I waved a finger at Scott and he handed over the gift-wrapped bundle containing the Arrested Development DVD collection.

After we had gotten through the reception line, we headed to the party in the open lounge area. 10 Forward, I think it was called. I saw a lot of familiar faces there – Jon and Hudson, Oneida and Typho, Spider-Man and Vegeta . . the place was actually rather crowded. Scott headed over to say hello to Hudson while I went over to the bar to see what new and interesting drinks had been invented by the 24th Century.

The friendly looking woman with the rather large and dangerous looking cranial accessory, I think she would probably call it a hat, was named Guinan.

“Nice to see you again, Charles,” she said with a broad smile. The murky green liquid in the glass she slid me was bubbling slightly. I looked dubiously at it. “Trust me,” she said.

I raised the glass in a toast to her. “Merry X-Mas,” I offered as I tossed the drink back. Wow! “Well if that doesn’t put hair on my head, nothing will,” I said with a wink. “And suddenly I have the strongest urge to find a restroom.”

“Down the hall, third door on the right.”

I nodded my thanks and left 10 Forward. Whatever that green concoction was that Guinan had given me, I was definitely having trouble navigating a straight line. It didn’t take long before I had lost count of the doors. As the corridor was deserted, I figured my best bet at this point was to just start opening doors.

I rolled up to one promising panel and it obligingly slid open. The interior was dark but I entered anyway. As the door behind me slid silently shut, the lights came on. The rather large room was mostly empty except for 10 rather large menacing looking cyborgs.

“We are the Borg,” the one nearest me said in a cold voice. “Resistance is futile.”

“Actually,” I replied, “I was just looking for the restroom. If one of you would be so kind as to point . .”

The closest one raised its clenched fist towards me. He looked like he was about to shoot me with some kind of wrist device.

“Come now,” I continued, “it is Christmas, you know. In the spirit of friendship and brotherhood, let’s just . .”

Two small darts flew from the end of his fist and struck my neck. I could feel small nanites enter into my blood stream and begin to replicate. Amazingly, they seemed to be connected to, and were receiving commands from, a central intelligence. The nanites were attacking my DNA, attempting to transform my body into something else, presumably more of these cyborgs.

Fortunately it was a rather simply matter for me to use my psionic powers to break the nanites connection and render them inert. The Borg had turned away from me, assuming me neutralized, and were conversing.

“The crew of this ship is distracted by their party,” a part Klingon cyborg said. “Our fellow drones move amoung them as servers and entertainment. They shall offer us no resistance as we assimilate them.”

The Borg headed toward the door. While my powers have limited effect on robotic forms of life, these cyborgs had vital organic components, leaving them easy prey for my talents. I put them all to sleep and then headed back to the party.

Cyclops and Hudson were busy chatting up a couple of half-naked green ladies. Maybe “ladies” is the wrong term. Regardless, I headed over to Worf, the Security Officer, and let him know about his guests and their attempted invasion plan. He actually seemed rather relieved to be able to leave the party.

The rest of the night was fortunately free of any further life threatening incidents. I danced, I sang and I had a wonderful time. Merry Christmas, Jean-Luc!


Better Safe Than Sorry has appeared in Ten Forward.....

Last year the Christmas party was pretty much a bust for me. After spending hours trying to get the Captain's attention, it became very clear that he only had eyes for a special someone and that someone was not me. I decided things are going to be different this year. I figure a little bit of cooking and a whole lot of cleavage is going to pay off for me.

This year, I decided to help volunteer with the party. I've spent the last few months helping decide on the menu, drinks, decorations and everything is going to look great. I've also spent the last few months getting in shape and finding just the right outfit to wear.

Today is the day. I know exactly where the mistletoe is hanging and I plan on getting myself and the Captain under it and wishing him a very Merry Christmas.


Lucky me with the mistletoe!


Here is Novy

In a small cottage sits an old typewriter… a small bookshelf with a few storybooks and a lot of other old books with dusty biding…A small woman works hard putting up Winter Solstice decorations…

She decorates the tree, puts a Yule log on the fire and bakes gingerbread cookies… Just then her familiar comes toddling in… The cute little panda bear cub has something in his mouth… It was from Santa… to Novy the HI-NI shaking holiday witch…

Santa was very busy and asked if she would help him by spreading cheer and attending a party on board the enterprise….
Novy dresses in a lovely dress and then goes to her magic cabinet… She grabs her wand. Novy puts her cloak on and then with a sprinkle of tinsel it changes color to red and green… Opening an empty bag Novy uses her wand and casts a few magical Winter Solstice spells into the bag, using a sprinkle of this herb and that with a whole of cheer…

Grabbing her broom Novy shakes her HI-NI and takes off for the ship scooping up a few stars on her way… Soon the little witch arrives on the enterprise….

"Oh this will not so" She claims as she walks down the bland corridors… Novy reaches in her pocket and pulls out a handful of gingerbread man cookies… with a HI-NI shake they multiply and come to life….

The Holiday witch waves them on and opening her bag and with a wave of her wand garland magically came dancing from the apparent empty bag and was hung with a giggle and twinkle …
As Novy sings Christmas carols she dances with her sugar shaker. She shakes a little sugar on the garland and magically the sugar twinkles and turns into candy canes… Just then the gingerbread men came running, each with a sock taken from each of the crewmen's dressers… they hand with care the socks along the corridor and look at the happy blond witch… With a wave of her magical wand and some HI-NI shaking the socks turn into Christmas stockings each with a crewman's name… The gingerbread men jump in the stocking turning back into cookies as from the bag all the goodie treats float filling the stockings meant for the crew…

"Donuts for Riker, Chocolate for you, gumdrops and other goodies…" She whispered as she filled all the stockings…

Happily Novy moved to the bridge… Not many was here because all was partying in Ten Forward… With some magic dust she danced around unnoticed and soon the bridge had the feel of Christmas cheer…

Novy entered into to ten forward.. the guess were arriving, the crew were there… "Oh no no… this will not do…." She shook her head as she looked around…

In a corner was a poor tree, barely with branches and completely bare… "This reminds me of a Charlie brown tree…. Let me see what I can do." Novy shook her HI-NI as she sprinkled some cinnamon and nutmeg… The tree grew tall and bloomed… The holiday witch took out a jar of lighten bugs and with a wave of her wand let them loose… The flew to tree and blinked with colors of the rainbow… Novy took out the stars and tossed them to fall on the tree hanging with a sparkle and twinkle… placing the brightest one on the top… Opening her bag she wiggled and with a Shake Shake Shake of her HI-NI a small toy train choo chooed its way under and around the tree carrying presents for all the boys and girls on the enterprise of all ages and rank … With a little song of Christmas cheer, Novy the holiday witch danced unnoticed around with sleighbells calling for a magical winter solstice and Christmas night … Garland dressed with lights, glitter, baubles and poinsettias bloomed and reached like the stretching vines…. Which moves and circled the room…

In an empty corner, Novy paused…. Pulling out a nicely folded Xmas tablecloth , the witch with a flick of her wrist and shake of her HI-NI unfolded a banquet fit for kings… Which appeared like magic as the cloth unfolded, even the magical invisible table underneath…

She looked over at the members of the crew and blew a kiss over each of their heads… Like magic dancing over head like fairies in the wind mistletoe floated….
With a smile she sighed, "Only one more thing to do" Novy pulled a small snowglobe and threw it up and waved her wand… the globe magically turned into snowflakes which fell to tickle every nose.. Magically disappearing before it hit the ground… except certain areas where those feeling a little naughty could make a snowball to throw…

As Novy the holiday witch looked around she saw happiness and sighed… "My work here is done…"
With a shake of her HI-NI she mounted her broom and Novy whispered as the witch flew out of sight with a giggle and a tickle, "Merry Christmas, Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Yule, to the Enterprise, to blogger and all…"


Pads has just joined us...

I arrive on the transporter pad feeling slightly dizzy, I feel myself all over but it feels like me, so I must be ok.

I look around, Seven of Nine is stood by the transporter machinery.

"State your identity", says Seven.

"I'm Paddington Bear" I reply.

"Have you an invitation?" Seven asks.

"I've got it here somewhere." I reply and frantically search my pockets for my invitation finally I find it stuck to a marmalade sandwich.

"Here it is" and I give it to Seven, who looks at it in disgust.

"You will be assimilated as soon as the Borg Queen gives me permission" says Seven.

"I don't think I would make a good Borg," I reply, "Because I will still look like a teddy bear under all those cybernetic implants".

"That is irrelevant!" says Seven.

"Yes, but you don't want everyone to laugh at the Borg do you?" I ask her.

Seven looks at me in disgust.

"Proceed" she says.

I follow Seven out into the corridor, Lieutenant Barclay is waiting at the door.

"This is Paddington Bear "says Seven, "He has an invitation."

"F-f-follow me Mr Bear", says Lieutenant Barclay. I follow him down the corridor.

"I-is this your first trip to the Enterprise", he asks.

"Yes as a matter of fact it is. "I say, "I must say it's very nice apart from that strange lady who met me in the transporter room, "

"O-oh that's S-seven of Nine "says Lieutenant Barclay," Y-you get used to her."

I thought that personally I didn't want to get used to Seven, but I smile politely at the Lieutenant not wanting to seem impolite.

We come to a doorway, "T-this is T-ten Forward." says Lieutenant Barclay, "I- will leave you here".

"Thank you Mr Barclay" I say.

"N-not at all, it was a pleasure." he says and leaves me.

I approach the door, it makes a swishing noise and opens; Lieutenant Worf is by the door.

"Your invitation please." he says. I hand him the invitation which is still covered in marmalade. Worf tries to read it, finally he gives up.

"Very good" he says, "You may enter." "Thank you" I say.

I enter the room, it is simply enormous with a large window at one end looking out into space, at one end there is a bar, where Guinan is serving drinks, at the other end is a large table absolutely groaning with food. I was feeling a little peckish, so I approach the food table, and take a look at what is there. In one section there was lots of food that appeared to be moving around some what. I avoided that section and went to the deserts. There was all kinds of sweet foods including some rather strange cakes, that looked suspiciously like Borg cubes, I load my plate with some of the cubes and some more cakes.

There was a drone behind the counter.

" 'ere excuse me." I say. He looks at me.

"Are there any marmalade sandwiches?" I ask, The drone shakes his head and points to the sandwiches that are on the table.

"Ah well." I thought, and I help myself to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the next best thing to marmalade that I can find. I make my way to the bar.

"What can I get you sir?" asks Guinan.

"Do you have any cocoa?"I ask.

"Yes of course." says Guinan, "I will make you my special version. Guinan disappears and comes back with a strange chocolaty drink that seems to be smoking somewhat.

"Drink it while it's hot." she says, "It' s got a kick to it". "Thank you" I say, I take a sip, It tastes lovely and chocolaty but my mouth feels like its on fire"

What is it I ask"," Its cocoa with a dash of whiskey my own special blend" says Guinan, "Do you like it, "Yes I do"but I don't know if its appropriate for bears to drink whiskey?". "Of course it is" says Guinan, "It's a party isn't it?"

Deanna Troi sits next to me. "Hello" she says, "What's your name?"

"I am Paddington Bear" I say and I bow politely; unfortunately I forget that I have a marmalade sandwich hidden under my hat and it falls out, Deanna catches it just in time before it falls in her lap.

"I am sorry" I say, "I forgot it was there". "Thats ok" says Deanna, "No harm done. What are you drinking Mr Bear?" "Hot Chocolate, with a dash of whiskey." I reply, "Guinan's own special recipe". "That sounds good" says Deanna" I will have the same".

When Deanna has her drink she asks me if I want to dance, "Of course I reply, though I may be a little small to dance with you". "Oh don't worry." says Deanna, "I am sure we will manage."

Deanna takes me to the dance floor, Lieutenant Riker is dancing withBeverly Crusher, "Hello" I say politely, "Hello" says Riker "Enjoy the party.".

The band The Strolling Drones strikes up another tune, "We-ll meet again, don't know where don't' know when..." Me and Deanna start dancing, unfortunately I only reach her middle so we do a kind of waltz at arms length. Deanna is a very good dancer. When the music ends, Lieutenant Riker comes up. "Excuse me " he says, "Can I have the next dance?" he says to Deanna. "Of course" she smiles. "Thank you Mr Bear "she says and goes off with Commander Riker.

I go back to the bar, when the music stops, the door opens and Captain Picard comes in, he goes up to the stage, "Welcome to the Enterprise Christmas Party" he says, "Help yourself to food and drink, and enjoy yourselves".

Everyone claps the band strikes up another tune everyone starts dancing again, Captain Picard is dancing with Beverly, Lieutenant Worf comes up, he has been relieved on the door by Lieutenant Data.

"Prune juice" he says to Guinan.

"Hello" I say politely. Worf looks a bit put out. "I do not like bears." he says, "Why not? "I ask.

" It's a long story" he says. "It has something to do with tribbles.". "What are tribbles?"I ask,

"Nasty horrible, creatures" says Lieutenant Worf.

Captain Picard approaches, "Hello everyone" he says, "Having a good time?"

"Yes sir" I say.

"Please call me John-Luc" he says, "Yes John-Luc, I am having a fantastic time, thank you for inviting me".

"Anytime. Have you got a drink?" "Yes, I must say it's delicious."

I had a fantastic time at the party, later I talk to Data about cats, I tell him I don't like cats much but he says he thinks they are fascinating creatures, then he offers to take me back to the transporter room, by this time I have had four of Guinan's super hot drinks and I feel tired so I thank him and he takes me to the transporter room.

"Goodbye Mr Bear" he says, "We hope to see you next year".

"Thank you. I had a fantastic time, Guinan kindly gave me some of this cocoa to take home so I'm all set."

I arrive back in my bed still clutching the thermos, I put it under my pillow for safe keeping and fall asleep.


The last guest today is Florence

It was so lovely of the Captain to met me at the Transporter, even though he must have been very busy attending to everyone, he took the time to show me into Ten Forward and introduce me to Data and Seven of Nine. Jean-Luc looked exceptional handsome and was a completely charming host, not wanting to tie him up too long I gently hinted to Data that I might like to dance and so excused ourselves to let the Captain catch up with some of the others that had been straining to catch his eye.

The Strolling Bones played "The Very Thought of You" and Data softly sang along much to my delight.

At the end of the number I spied my dear friend Merlyn Gabriel and went over to catch up. Thinking we were seeing double we were happy to see the Professor there and he looked to be enjoying the"extra attention" this identity mix up caused. AOC came over with some drinks and Erifia Apoc leaned in with a happy hello. Then we called to Jean-Luc and Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator to come over and share a glass.

The Romulan Ale flowed and the Band seem to play on and on.
It was a wonderful Christmas party.


And so Day Three ends, with lots more visitors to the party to come!


The Curmudgeon said...

Thank goodness Professor Xavier was able to thwart the Borg plot to ruin the party, eh Captain?

You'll have a lot of threads to pull together with all these posts.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Good job, Professor.

Professor Xavier said...

All in a day's work.

I didn't know Novy has a wand. Cool!

Nic said...

Lucky Captain? I'd say it would be very lucky if Bev doesn't come along at the moment you're being wished a Merry Christmas under the mistletoe.

Novy sure did make the atmosphere more festive!

Unknown said...

Of the CSI team only Marg Helgenberger is a synthoid. Koma got paid to make her in the third season.
The real Marg Helgenberger is in Germany where she runs a Bed and Breakfast.
They wanted her too look more younger and Jorja Fox wasn't going to wear a tank top.

Bobkat said...

It sure is one heck of a party!

Anonymous said...

You look very smart in your suit, but a little strict and stern too. I do like your santa hat though, very seasonal and partyish. Hope you are all having fun.

Anonymous said...

The professor saved the day and he never told us, what a guy :)


Miss Cellania said...

I love your party hat!

Anonymous said...

so HERE is the midnight buffet. i have been looking for it for some time now. where is the chocolate fountain if i may ask? nice party y'all......bee

November Rain said...

love the Party... and yes Xavier I have a wand... a small couldron a large couldron... lots of magic books and a broom

Shake shake shale
Shake your Hi-Nis

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Yes, Professor Xavier saved the day.

Nic, you might be right there; I'll get Worf to distract her when I'm under the mistletoe.

Synth-lin, that comment had me laughing out loud for two minutes!

Bee, if you wonder where the chocolate fountain is, look for Deanna Troi. She's bound to be there.

Novy, you have a good wand.

carmilevy said...

Deanna and a chocolate fountain...does it GET any better than THAT?

I don't think so. Life is good when I read your work, Captain.

Hi again from Michele's.

Anonymous said...

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