Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Recall To The Enterprise (Part One)

Who wants to get called back to the Enterprise at this time of year?

There I was, exchanging Christmas presents with Bev on the 25th and we suddenly get a message from Admiral Toxler, urging us to go back to the ship.

"This is at an inconvenient time, sir" I told him, "I was just opening my Christmas pressies."

"That's not important, Picard." he replied, "Get your senior staff together and go to Zama III; there is a lot of unrest going on there. Just take a skeleton staff. No need to recall the entire crew. Your senior staff should suffice."

I groan.


So here we are now, first hour the next day with the Enterprise ready to go off; we're just awaiting for the others to arrive.

Bev is with me; she was pleased with her new dancing shoes. I liked her present of a First Edition copy of A Christmas Carol.

Riker beams on with Deanna.

"...well I don't know why you are so keen to come here, Will." says Deanna, "I somehow suspect you were relieved, as we were about to go to Betazed to see my mother.".

"It's only orders, Deanna" he replies, "Of course I would have dearly loved to see Lwaxana, but duty calls."

Somehow, I sense Riker's reply was not entirely truthful. They walk out of the transporter room, still disputing their comments.

A few moments later, Geordi and his girlfriend, Ensign Trisha Lewis beam on.

"Thank you, Geordi for that wonderful present you got me." she tells him, "I enjoyed that holographic story of Casablanca; I never imagined you could take Humphrey Bogart's part so well."

"Here's looking at you, kid." Geordi replies, in a Bogart style. I raise my eyebrows. Ah well, whatever people like.

Ensign Ro Laren comes on next, along with Seven.

"I could well have obliterated a few Cardassians, Seven" says Ro angrily, but got called back here."

"I would have gladly helped you assimilate a few, Ro." comments Seven, "But you know how touchy Locutus is about that. He says I'm just supposed to observ.."

She stops when they notice I'm in the room; neither of them carry on speaking as they hurriedly leave the room.

Data and his girlfriend Ensign Jennifer Baxter beam in.

"Our trip to Quasa II was a mess, Data." says Jennifer, "We were due to see the triple sunset and there was there turned out to be a baggage controller's strike by those that run the nearby shuttles."

"Such a manouvre caused a lot of hold-ups, Jennifer." states Data.

"Only because the baggage handlers knew what time of year it was!" Jennifer quickly says, in a sharp manner."

"It was a little awkward Jennifer, when you hit that baggage handler in the eye." comments Data, "I had to remove you quickly, otherwise there would have been a riot at the Shuttle Bay. Some of the the messages they gave to you were less than complimentary."

Ensign Baxter laughs as Data looks worried, and the two leave the transporter room.

Jadzia Dax and Lieutenant Worf are the last to beam on. Dax is laughing.

"Worfie." she says with a smile, "There is no need to protest just because I beat you with my bat'leth. I just happen to be good with Klingon weapons."

"I am a Klingon warrior!" replies Worf with a huff, "I am not supposed to be beaten in such a manner."

"You're a sore loser, Worfie." Jadzia says as she kisses him, "We are both experts with Klingon weapons and make a good team."

"Agreed." comments Worf, "No one shall beat us,"

Let's see whether this group can pilot the Enterprise as we head towards Zama III.

I'd better get some Christmas mince pies to hand out.

To be continued...


Author's note:

Another meme? What's going on? This is from Gopher

My Christmas Wishes:

1. To visit all my blogfriends in person
2. That the "Politically Correct" Idiots that are ruining things because "it might offend!" to get lost somewhere, especially those who centre on Christmas.
3. Politicians be able to act properly.

My Christmas Don't Wants

1. No more newspapers full of loose adverts
2. No More SPAM E-Mail!
3. No overpaid unintelligent soccer players


UngaMan said...

So sorry to read about your Xmas celebration ending this way. But perhaps on the time you get to Zama III you managed to have a dinner with Bev on your quarters and... well... some soft music... and well... carry on... ;)

Anonymous said...

Too bad your Christmas with Bev was cut short! But a Captains job is never done!

Gordon said...

Hello,Jean-Luc, Michele sent me. If I were you'd I'd have told starfleet where to stick those orders after all your the captain of the Flagship of the Entire Federation Fleet, you deserve every bit of R n R you can get..
I guess like they say a captain is never off duty, only off watch.. Oh and i'd have the lateral array recalibrated I think it's a little out of sync...

dragonflyfilly said...

where DID you get that hat? - very Kool!

oh, by the way, your server is refusing my communiation.

Belizegial said...

Hello Captain,

Greetings from Michelle!

Can I get one of those Christmas mince pies, please? :)


Anonymous said...


I guess Starfleet was very angry with poor Worf on account of Sloan getting away....

The Mistress of the Dark said...

It's stinks when Christmas celebrations are interrupted by life :(

Gordon said...

Sorry Jean Luc but this ones on a bit of a time delay...
"you’ve been Christmas tagged!" now go read my Blog

Anonymous said...

captain is there chocolate in here? i am still looking. and lost. so lost..... sigh. bee

Jean-Luc Picard said...

We all seem to rnd up coming back too esrly.

Curmudgeon, that was a blooper! Worf has been restored to his rightful rank.

Dragonflyfilly, Blogger does seem petulant at times.

Belizegial, wecome to my Journal.

Gopher...another meme?

Jim McKee said...

Amen about the PC idiots. I think everyone should just go with the unspoken, but understood, footnote: "...unless such greetings do not apply to your belief system, or lack of same; in which case, please disregard, and have a nice day."

Also, at first glance, I thought your #1 wish said "To visit all my blogfriends in PRISON"... I thought to myself, "Huh? Is there something I don't know?"


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the Enterprise, Captain. A first edition of "A Christmas Carol" sounds wonderful. I'm rather amused by Worf's upset at Jadzia's skill. It sounds like you're surrounded by tough ladies on the Enterprise... Ro, Seven, Baxter and all!

Incidentally, my favourite present this year was a 9 inch Jean-luc Picard figure. Ahh, happiness

Professor Xavier said...

Worfie? That chick's got guts.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Those party crashers from the Enterprise.

Be well, and wishing you a healthy and happy new year.

Free to Be said...

Merry Christmas Captain, even if it was a short one.

Unrest huh? Hope that's not a politically correct word for maybe, "War"?

Good luck with your current mission Captain.

Carli N. Wendell said...

That Worf is too sensitive. Didn't he try to end his life after an accident left him paralyzed? I believe it had something to do with species pride?

My Christmas wish: To go back in time and have watched Star Trek. As it stands, I remember:

A) Tribbles
B) The kid from DALLAS playing a kid who imitates DATA in an attempt to suppress his emotions.
C) Wasn't Whoopi Goldberg in a couple of episodes?
D) I know, in the Voyage home, there was some trouble with whales.

Perhaps you've inspired me to watch the original series now that it's back on TV. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

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