Friday, December 08, 2006

Enterprise Christmas Party (Part Five)

It's Day Five of Seven, and the party is still going on in Ten Forward...

Firstly, here is Summer Dawn O'Ciardha ....

It was going to be a rough trip. The Starship Enterprise, a ship of the future sent me an invitation from the future, and somehow I received it. Time travel is a concept that is utterly ridiculous to me.

The last time I was invited to the Enterprise I was getting ready for school, and I vanished, and arrived in the 'Transporter room' as they called it. It was an interesting party, and they returned me to the exact time in which I vanished.

School went by long and painful this time. They said they were going to transport me to the Enterprise tomorrow evening at six. Rather then question, I called and Invited my boyfriend, Chris.

I dressed to scare, like always, black fishnets, short black skirt, black tank top with a silken black over shirt, and I did my makeup in Egyptian style only using black and white however.

When Chris arrived he was dressed to match wearing all black, which was very unlike him; but he wore a crimson red tie. I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Hey… This feels a little weird at first." He looked confused. "Where are we going again?" He asked me. I responded with, "The future. It is very confusing." He nodded, "Okay, I'll play this game, Summer." he said.

I grabbed my present for him. It was wrapped in black wrapping paper, and tied with a black silken bow. I held Chris' hand tightly, "Any moment now," I said softly to him.

That's when a feeling welled up beneath my feet happened, and I held onto Chris' hand tightly; When I opened my eyes we were onboard the Enterprise. Chris was in shock. I held his hand.

"It's okay, we are here," he was frightened. I was too the first time I was on the Enterprise. Not only were there aliens, there was so much technology I was taken back. He stared in awe.

"Summer," he said submissively, "Summer you weren't joking." I spoke into his ear, "We've got to go see the Captain." "Summer… This is the Enterprise . From… Star Trek?" I raised my eyebrow, "What are you going on about?" He shook his head, "Nothing. This is a dream, right?"

"Well, the Captain is Captain Picard. So be respectful," I warned. He nodded, and I walked towards the door, and it opened. Inside there was a table of presents, and I set mine on it. It was a bottle of holy-water taken from Jerusalem and blessed by a priest and a shaman.

I held his hand as we walked forward, "Don't look down to any beings on this ship. It's a sign of disrespect on most of their planets." I learned that last time I was here. Once inside the bar area I looked around for the Captain.

Chris seemed shocked by the whole thing. So much so I was leading him, and he was keeping quiet. As we passed people he spoke their name under his breath, and when we finally arrived to Captain Picard; Chris stared.

"Hello Summer, I hope the trip through time went well," Captain Picard said turning from a guest, "It did Captain. Thank you for inviting me."

"And who is this handsome young man?" He spoke motioning towards Chris, "This is my boyfriend, Captain, Chris." Chris held his hand forward. Captain took his hand and shook it heavily.

He took my hand and kissed it, "As always, it's a pleasure to see you." I blushed, "Merry Christmas Captain." "Merry Christmas you two! Enjoy the Party, if you need anything come and get me, okay?"

"Thank you, Sir," Chris said. Finally he seemed to snap from his daze and I sat him down on the couch, and I went to get us punch. When I returned Chris was dozing off, probably still thinking this was some kind of dream.

"Chris… Wake up," he nodded, "I am up. Thanks for bringing me Summer." I handed him his punch and I drank my gently. That's when a woman with pale skin walked up.

"I am Seven of Nine," she spoke, "I noticed you and your life mate were alone." I responded quickly, "He's not my life mate; we are just dating." "Dating?" she asked, "What is this dating?"

"It's a courtship to find a life mate. Seven, are you Borg?" I asked. "Yes," she responded, "Locutus was sure to include us heavily this year." That got me started, "How do you work? You are vampires right? Vampires that make other vampires through technology right? Try and explain it."

"You're very energetic," she responded, "The Borg are supreme. Resistance of them is Futile. We assimilate other species and cultures into our own, take their strength and lose their weaknesses, we change assimilate through technology, and vats, which make you into a productive member of the Borg."

"That's interesting, is it a DNA reconfiguration or cyborg technology that make the brain a changeable hard drive?" She looked taken back, "You're intelligent for a human, it's a little of both. The vats make you look and have the strength of those assimilated in the Borg, and the technology makes you part of the Borg overmind, to be lead by a Queen."

"Are you dead or alive?" "Alive." "Only females are made into Queens, or is there Borg Kings?" "Only women, There are Borg who act as emissaries between two peoples, such as Locutus." "This is interesting. And how do you assimilate abilities?" "You're a magician, are you not? That's why I came to speak to you. You use Magic."

"Not so much a Magician." "See, if we were to assimilate you, we would all be able to use your magic." These people were very interesting; scary; but interesting.

"I see, and you wanted me to become Borg?" "I could speak to the Queen to get you to become a high Borg, no useless drone." "I'm sorry Seven, I have to go home. I have school." "If you ever wanted to…" "I will come to you. I promise."

She stood, and walked away. Chris was very asleep. I kissed his cheek, "Chris. We have to go; You're very tired." He nodded and I had to guide him to the Transporter Room, "Thank Captain Picard for me. It was a wonderful party." We arrived at home, and I made sure Chris got to Brendan's.


Coming in with Private Hudson and Queen Galacta is Jon, Intergalactic Gladiator

With Queen Galacta, Private Hudson and I set to go, I shot the Danger Sled into space. I punched up the coordinates into the controls and the ship leapt into warp. Time bent around us as we flew to the future towards the Enterprise and its Christmas party.

“Remember last year?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Hudson answered. “That was fun.”

“You spent most of the party avoiding Lt. Worf.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve got a plan for that.”

“Really?” I asked. “What are you going to do?”

“I can’t say,” he replied mysteriously. “It’s top secret. Tippy top top secret!”

My space plane exited the time warp and I quickly found the Enterprise on the scanners. I then returned the starship’s hail and received instructions to land in the shuttle bay. The Danger Sled nudged to a halt and I dropped the ramp for your exit. Lt Worf was standing on the deck, ready to meet us.

“Welcome to the Enterprise and,” Worf paused and clenched his jaws. “Happy holidays. It is good to see you again, Jon.”

“Good to see you again, Worf.” I shook his hand. “Allow me to present Galacta, Queen of the Galaxy.”

The Queen regally stepped off my ship. Worf bowed curtly towards her and she returned his show of respect with a nod.

“It is my honor to meet you, Warrior,” she said to him. “I have heard many tales of your greatness and you are a credit to your captain and your ship.”

“Thank you, your Majesty,” Worf replied. “It is a true honor to have you aboard.”

Private Hudson stepped off the ship next. He looked nervous.

“DaHjaj ghaH QaQ jaj Daq Hegh,” the private blurted towards the security officer.

“SoH quv jIH tlhej Hegh,” Worf replied. “You honor me with your knowledge of the Klingon language.”

“Th-thank you,” Hudson managed to respond.

As we walked through the corridors towards the Ten Forward, I leaned towards Hudson.

“How did you learn Klingon?” I asked in a hushed tone.

“Oh, I found it on the InterN.E.T,” he whispered back.

“You should be careful, though,” I responded. “If a Klingon smells flop sweat, he’ll go into a battle rage.”

“Really?” Hudson squeaked. “Uh, oh, uh, really? That’s interesting.”

We stepped into the lounge and I announced the Queen’s entrance. She exchanged pleasant greetings with Captain Picard, and then stepped over to a table where Professor Xavier was sitting.

“Hey, there’s Cyclops over by the buffet table!” Hudson said excitedly. “He’s talkin’ to a couple of green girls!”

Before I could respond, Hudson darted over towards the group. Shortly thereafter I heard Cyclops and Hudson yell “We are… the Wyld Stallions!” together.

I grabbed a beer from off the bar and made my way back towards the Queen and Xavier. I made small talk with the two and we recalled our recent first contact mission together where we met the living ship Sargon. As we talked, Galacta and Xavier engaged each other more and more, which in short order made me feel like the third wheel. Deciding to leave these two alone to talk, I excused myself to mingle with some of the other party goers.

“Aa-are y-you J-Jon the Inter-guh-galactic Gladiator?” I heard from behind me.

“Yes I am,” I replied as I turned and stuck out my hand. “And you are?”

“R-R-Ruh-Reg B-Barclay,” he stammered as he tried to shake my hand. “I-I’m j-just such a huge f-fan!”

“Really?” I smiled. “I’m flattered. It’s always great to meet a fan.”

“Y-y-y-y-y you remember that one time y-y-y-y-you fought the Megataur? Th-th-that was cool.”

“Wait a minute, you’re Reg Barclay? The Reg Barclay?”

“Y-y-y-yah, er, yes I am.”

“Wow, I didn’t realize!” I pumped his hand excitedly. “I’m a huge fan of your work!”


“You bet,” I answered. “Your work is instrumental in getting Voyager back to the Alpha Quadrant.”

“It w-w-wuh-wuh-was?”

“Wait,” I stopped to think. “Maybe that didn’t happen yet. All this crazy time traveling is getting me confused.”


“If you didn’t get them back, then just forget I told you this,” I said.


“That way it’ll be a surprise!”

“Er, I, uh…”

“You don’t sound so good,” I looked him up and down. He was getting kind of pale. “You need a drink.”

“I-I-I-I, w-w-w-w-w-w--- N-n-n-n-n-n-n.” Reg took a gulp from his glass. “Y-you’re right. Hey, I feel better now!”

“Great. Well, keep up the good work,” I looked towards the buffet table and saw that Hudson was getting into some sort of altercation with a green woman.

I rushed over and tried to intervene. It quickly devolved into them pushing into me.

“Filthy pig!” she spat at him. “How dare you insult me and my people!”

“OK OK, hold it,” I tried to reason as I held them apart. “What happened?”

“You tell him, you son of an antenna-less Andonian!” she spat again.

“I just asked if I could lick all the green paint off,” Hudson said innocently. “What’s wrong with that?”

She yelled at him again in a language I couldn’t understand. I’ll just assume it was an insult in her native tongue.

“Well geez, don’t get yer tubes in an uproar,” the marine shrugged.

That was the proverbial final straw for the Orion. She took an angry, wild swing our direction. I ducked out of the way and crashed into a Borg drone caterer, who fell over and sent a tray full of appetizers into the air.

The Orion woman took another wild swipe at Hudson, he dodged it and she spun around and crashed into a conveniently-placed cake on the buffet table. From out of nowhere, a large Orion male flew into Hudson and they both smashed into the table, which collapsed to the ground, covering the two with its contents.

Orions and security personnel converged on the scene. Hudson stood up and punched the nearest person, which turned out to be a Starfleet officer, unfortunately. Meanwhile, I too was swamped with angry aliens. I was able to fight off the first two, but then I was quickly overwhelmed by a pile of them. I tried to fight my way out, but then I heard an electronic whining sound and my senses overloaded.

Later, Hudson and I were sitting in our very own cell in the brig. He sat in a corner scowling to himself while I spent the time bouncing a rubber ball against the forcefield door. I have no idea how long we were there; my wristcomm was confiscated and I could not see any control panels or readouts.

“Well Merry Christmas to me,” Hudson grumbled.


The brig seems to be filling up rapidly again.


Here, in a rather pretty dress, is Nic

Well, I didn't think that anything the Borg put together for the Enterprise Christmas Party could top last year's Christmas party, but I was completely mistaken. I was a little taken aback by the delivery method chosen for the invitations. Em was with her daddy for the weekend and I was taking a lovely little bubble bath, enjoying the relaxing hot water and reading a book. I took a drink of heavy red wine from the glass that was on a tray next to the tub when all of the sudden there was a flash followed by a Borg drone standing in my bathroom.

'Scuse me? The hell?

Thankfully the wine had already gone down or I would have been choking and the Borg are the last "things" I would want performing the Heimlich or CPR on me.

"You are Nic B.?" came the emotionless words of steel from it's mouth.

"Um, who wants to know?" Like I was really going to answer in the affirmative to this thing? Who knows what it was asking for? After all, I lived 3 centuries in the past from this species and I wasn't about to become a "new breed" of American ahead of time.

The drone looked at me with an air of quizzical annoyance. Great, just great. My heart pounded like I'd run a 4 minute mile – and I don't work out – as it whipped its nasty little hand toward me and stopped a hair's breath from my nose. In its hand was something white or cream colored but I had to cross my eyes to even try and focus on what it was.

My head started to throb as I took the thing and uncrossed my eyes to see what it was. It was the invitation. Surprisingly it was rather nice - done on a heavy, cream colored, silk cardstock and engraved rather nicely with a swirling script font. Very unusual for the Borg, I must say.

"You will come to the Enterprise Christmas party", the drone commanded in its imperious manner. The "or else" was unspoken but there nonetheless.

It looked at me once again for a disconcerting moment and then spoke once more. "You would be a good addition to – ".

"Hush your mouth right there! You will not finish that thought. I have no interest whatsoever in becoming an emotionless, cold machine." That it would even deign to try and utter that phrase to me really ticked me off and now the nervousness vanished in a flash of anger.

"You DARE interrupt the Borg?" it said in a hollow voice laden with steel.


Ok, the nervousness was back now, but I was determined to not let it get the best of me, especially because all of my lovely bubbles were starting to evaporate and being nekkid in front of the Borg was not something that I wanted to live to tell about. I looked levelly at it and with my hardest "quiet" voice replied, "YES, I dare."

Might as well go out with attitude. SIGH!

"Interesting", the drone replied and then flashed out again.

I gulped down the rest of my wine and refilled my glass. After that encounter I needed it!


Last year, there were a lot of people who came on PJ's for the occasion. I envy them their sense of comfort. For me, there is nothing like dressing for the occasion. Plus, I never get to dress up but maybe once a year, if even that, so I jump at every opportunity to do so!

I arrived at the party, not so fashionably late again this year and not so hungry – having learned my lesson about food from last year. I wasn't exactly sure WHAT to expect with the Borg having taken over the whole shebang this year. They weren't content to just do the catering and the entertainment – no, they had to do the decorating as well.

I had a big grin on my face at the prospect of seeing my friends again, though I hadn't seen them since last year's party. As I stepped out of the hallway into the Christmas party I expected to see the décor as something out of the Cube world. Dark, dismal, depressing, dank and just a wee bit scary. Instead, what I saw as I came out was a gorgeous Winter Wonderland atmosphere complete with falling holographic "snow", starlight and the soft glow of candles. I stopped in my tracks, my jaw just about hitting the ground.

What in the world?

At that point Seven walked by and I grabbed her. Surprisingly she was warm and not cold as I thought she would be.

"How–? What–? Who–?" I was so stunned that I couldn't even form coherent questions.

Seven apparently understood my shock, either that or there were a LOT of people who had already asked her the same thing. "The Borg want people to know that we are not...unfeeling as our reputation leads others to believe. We understand the need have the whole Christmas experience."

"Ah, recruiting are we? Trying to put a 'kinder, gentler' spin on the Borg?"

Seven apparently missed the sarcasm in my voice as she answered "Yes" and was then grabbed by another arrival who was obviously having the same problem with shock as I was.

I needed a drink to try and help get my shock under control. This called for tequila. One, two, three mas tequila.

As I walked further in, I saw Deanna in this astoundingly small micro-mini dress in glittering green practically wrapped around Riker while glaring daggers at Jadzia in her slinky sparkly backless black dress and Worf who were busy laughing (well as much as a Klingon can laugh) while grabbing a drink over by the bar. At the bar I saw the same bartender from last year, Isaac of the cheesy grin and finger point. Groan! Maybe I'll just wait for a while for that drink. I wasn't in the mood to put up with his 1970's mannerisms.

Just past the bar, the catering was set up in grand style on a massive buffet table. There were huge turkeys and roasts and hams, candied yams, mashed potatoes (still not as good as mine), all kinds of vegetables, fresh baked breads and desserts of every sort. I quickly grabbed some of the roast, mashed potatoes and some sourdough bread and made quick work of finishing it before there was no more left – like last year. The food was surprisingly good, perfect temperature and taste. I wondered what the Borg ate, or did they even require food? How many "recruits" would they get out of tonight with this façade?

As I listened to the Borg band, The Strolling Bones, playing I tried to remember who they reminded me of. It wasn't until a few songs later that it hit me. They sounded like the Blue Man Group. Kind of futuristic, but still recognizable beat and music. Surprisingly, they did justice to the slower songs they played as well.

Walking around the edge of the dance floor I saw Bev dancing in a stunning blue velvet dress with glittering rhinestone accents. It looked demure enough from the back until she turned around. Whoa! Unlike last year's silvery dress that plunged in the back, this one plunged to her navel. The poor Captain's eyes were bugging out as he struggled valiantly to not blatantly stare at the expanse of skin that the dress exposed. He also kept looking at all the Borg drones with concern. It was almost like he didn't trust them to not attempt something. After all, the guests were a prime target for assimilation. There was nowhere for the guests to run if it came to that.

I should have told him what Seven had said, but I became too busy watching the crowd gather at the spectacle happening out on the dance floor between Jadzia and Deanna. Oh my good Lord, it was a dance-off, hip-hop style. I don't understand how in the world Deanna was able to make some of those moves in her micro mini-dress without exposing certain attributes that were better off remaining covered at all times. An audible gasp arose from the assembled crowd as Deanna slipped on the liquid from a spilled drink and fell into Jadzia. Apparently that was all it took for a full-on girl fight, but this was no girlish slap fight, it was a knock-down, hair-pulling, fist-flying fight.

With sensibilities heightened by the various alcohols that had been consumed, the blood fever spilled over into certain areas of the crowd until a full-fledged brawl broke out. The poor Captain looked horrified and even Seven and the Borg Queen had looks of distaste on their faces, as much as their emotionless visages would allow anyway. The Captain was trying to calm everyone, but unfortunately his voice was drowned out by the cacophony. I knew then that there was only one thing to do.

I marched to the stage and grabbed the microphone from the hands of the lead for the Strolling Bones and decided to wage my own war against the insanity – vocal style. There is the old saying, music doth soothe the savage beast, so I pulled out the old Christmas standard, "Silent Night" and started to sing a cappella. Thank God for the acoustics in there because there was no problem hearing me up there on the stage.

It was like someone had pulled the rug out from the feet of everyone on the dance floor and they stopped. I looked out among the crowd and saw Deanna limping toward Riker with a broken heel on one of her shoes, her dress torn at the shoulder, hair in a tangled mess and her chest heaving almost hard enough to pop the seams on her dress. Jadzia walked over to Worf, head held high and with what appeared to be the beginnings of a massive shiner forming.

The Curmudgeon was griping about the fight being over – just to be contrary. Vampirella and Jon, Intergalactic Gladiator, were nursing their wounds from the fight that they had engaged in – with each other. Vampirella was licking the blood from a cut she had given Jon above his right eye. Ok, that was "ewww", even though Jon looked strangely turned on by it. I looked elsewhere and saw that M C Pearson, Shelley, Friday's Child, Ciera and Tammy were busy whispering to each other and shaking their heads in disbelief at the disarray surrounding them.

Lois Lane, Craziequeen, Panthergirl, Mrs. Mogul and Michele were on the edge of the floor laughing and replaying some of the more truly hideous moves that were displayed in the dance-off. Leave it to them to provide the snark!

No Average Girl and her mom Radical One, both of them dear friends of mine, along with Ellee, Trinity and Heather Nicole, the resident earth nurse, were helping some of the more unfortunate parties with their first aid needs.

As my gaze traveled to an area closest to where the fracas had been, I saw the Captain and Bev were snuggled close and he flashed a grateful smile in my direction. I nodded my head in acknowledgement and finished the rest of the verses in the song.

The room was absolutely quiet after the song was finished and everyone was looking at the stage. Not a word was spoken. Ok, so maybe that was really bad? I started to exit the stage when the room erupted in applause and requests for an encore. I was surprised but declined – after all I didn't think my nerves could hold up to any more songs or scrutiny.

As I headed for the bar, Lord knows I needed a drink pretty badly at this point ( note to self: remember to ask Isaac for the BIG glass this time ), I was brought up short by the Borg Queen who had stepped in front of me.

This was sooooo not what I needed! Can you say nerves...shot?

"So, you're the little human who gave Eleven attitude when she dropped off your invitation." It was said as a statement and not a question, even so, as I inspected my nails, I answered with a bored nonchalance that I didn't feel.

SIGH! "Yes, that was me." I stood there in my heels and dress trying not to shake as I did my best to stare her down. Surprisingly it wasn't that hard. She was shorter than me when I was in my 4" heels – they made me almost 6' tall.

"Interesting that you even dare to give me, Queen of the Borg, attitude. You do not fear us." Again it was a statement.

"No, I do not fear you." Liar!

"Why?" It was the first and only question the Queen asked me.

"Why should I? You live centuries ahead of my time. The only time I'll see you again is next year when the Captain brings me forward for the party and I could care less about seeing you then" and with that I turned my back to her and headed toward the bar. Please don't assimilate me!

As I looked down to pick up the front of my dress to keep me from tripping on the hem I bumped into something hard.

"OOF!" That deep grunt did not come from me.

I gasped, "Oh, I am so – ...sorry" as I looked up into the warmest pair of hazel brown eyes I had ever seen. Now my knees were quaking for a different reason. I really needed that drink right now because my mouth went dry. Hmmmm, I wonder why.

Standing there, looking amazingly dapper in a tux was a very nice looking man about 6'3" with short, dark blonde hair, broad shoulders and dimples when he smiled. Oh my! I started to fan myself. Was it getting warm in there?

"I've been watching you since you came in earlier. Your smile caught my attention, your command of the near riot held my attention and the way you turned your back on the Borg Queen, well, that was an extremely gutsy move. I was wondering if you might like to dance." Oh heaven help me, I could barely think, much less concentrate on dancing after hearing the deep richness of his voice. Guys like him did not come on to girls like me, they went for the cute little cheerleader chicks.

"Me? Dance? With you?" I managed to squeak. Oh just brilliant! I sounded like the village idiot. He smiled even bigger and the beating of my heart doubled as butterflies danced in my stomach. The rest tumbled out on a breathless rush before he could change his mind, "YesIwouldlikethatverymuch."

His eyes sparkled mischievously – Lord save me from hot men with twinkles in their eyes! – and laughter rumbled from his very well-defined chest.

"So, are you going to tell me your name?" I at least wanted to know who would be haunting my dreams that night.

"You can call me RW" he said as he held out his arm for me to take.

I looped my arm through his (tried not to swoon as I felt the solid muscles in that arm bunch and flex under my hands) and looked up into those dazzling eyes. "Well RW, it's very nice to meet you. You can call me Nic."

We walked off arm in arm to the dance floor and danced far into the night, talking and laughing for several hours and in general, enjoying each other's company. Thankfully there were no more mishaps or brawls and I finally had a happy ending. I never did get my drink, but then again, that was just fine since I was preoccupied with other things, er, people.


After Stopped the party turning into a riot, we now have Bob-kat

It really is an honour to be invited to Christmas Party. When I am arrive I am greeted by Klingon Security. I don’t speak Klingon which seems to anger them but then I remember that just about anything angers them. I flash them my best smile which shows my teeth. Big mistake! The guards share their smile which doesn’t seem nearly as sunny and looks like they have sharpened their teeth. Luckily Worf is on hand.

“Why did you issue the security guards a challenge?” he asks.

I explain that the effect I was hoping for was more friendly and that my ‘challenge’ was in fact my best smile. Thank God Worf works with humans and understands these things so I get admitted but I am sure I heard one of the guards growl as I passed!

As I enter I am struck by the lengths that people have gone to and “is that a real Christmas tree?” I ask.

“Yes”, says Deanna “but don’t talk about it to Dax as she is still pulling needles from her hair and is now pine scented but she makes a wonderful room freshener”.

The Borg band are playing and I notice that they have perhaps made some interesting assimilations on the musical front. I ask Seven about this.

“Yes”, she says, “in order to prepare for this party we went back in time and assimilated Michael Jackson and Glenn Miller who were both noted musicians of their time”. Well, that explains an awful lot I think! I notice a friend is here and wave. Crazie Queen is in her best purple frock and tiara and is causing quite a stir on the dance floor with the Captain.

Suddenly Father Christmas appears in the middle of the room which seems like a wonderful touch and a tad unlikely what with being a fictional character.

“Merry Christmas” says Q with his false beard a little on the askew side. “You mortals are a funny lot with your little traditions. I find you curious, hic, but I love you all. Hic, I really mean that, honest, I love every, hic, single one of you, hic”. Q spots the Captain and gives him a big hug. “You’re my best friend you are” he says to the bemused Captain and slides onto the floor. I realise that this is going to be one heck of a party and order a large brandy with a champagne chaser. When in Rome…


Lastly today, we have Pantha

I share a very small flat with Carol Danvers aka Warbird… (as well as my blog)
Because this was the season to be jolly I was trying to be nice…. Since it is kind of hard to avoid someone that you live with… Since the only place I can get any peace and quiet is in the tub I had just drawn me up a bubble bath….

Just thing I began to tingle…
"Welcome aboard the Enterprise. I …am…. Um…" This tall dark skinned alien said…
The female standing next to him nudged him and the man behind some controls to turn around….

I stood dripping bubbles covering the appropriate places… "You know you could give someone warning first make sure they are ready…"

"I am sorry we thought you got the invitation to the party…" She said with a friendly smile…

"I did but I thought I had some time for a nice bubble bath first.." I shrugged, I was always messing times up…

"Well if you like we can transport you to guess quarters and you can continue. There is no rush. Your bath and when you are ready I can send an escort for you." She nodded…

"Just one?" I grinned.

She returned the grin, "Well we do have some Klingons visiting I could request one of them to escort you."

"just one?" I repeated…

"One is enough." The Lieutenant growled…

I giggled, "You obviously don't know Drakulonian Shape shifters real well."

"Shapeshifter!" he yelled as he turned around sharply…

"Worf! Be nice… " She slapped at his arm, "Enjoy the Christmas Party."

Once again I was tingling… My accommodations were excellent… it was so nice to have a little peace and quiet…. After having my cat suit delivered I was ready to attend a party…

My escorts arrived… 3 very tall and strong Klingons with a muscular body…. Well I guess the Party can wait… after all she did say there was no rush….

Finally when I arrived at the Party, I saw several familiar faces… Vampi and her brood… I even saw Carol ….

I said hello to the Captain and thanked him for inviting me… He then introduced me to the woman I met earlier… "This is Lt. Cmd Dax… "

"We have met, Miss Pantha you know we could have provided you with a dress so you didn’t have to wear a bathing suit." She smiled…

"Oh this is how she normally dresses. " The Captain answered…

The Captain walked off and with a wide grin the Lt. asked, "I thought I sent you 3 escorts."

"They are resting," I smiled, "I am sorry about the condition of the room though." Then I lowered my voice, "and the noise."

Now for some nice delicious eggnog….


More guests to appear tomorrow.....


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Nic, I don't know what you're trying to suggest with that comment about me enjoying that fight with Vampirella, I am a happily married man. Since the day I put this ring on, I made a solemn oath to ---

Hey, where's my ring?

Summer Dawn O'Ciardha said...

Thanks for the invite. It meant a lot to me to be included.

The Curmudgeon said...

Ah nothing like a little fightin' at a party just to show that everyone is taking an active interest in the proceedings.

But... I'm certain that I enjoyed it more the further I was away from it....

Anonymous said...

You know it's a good party if there's a few tiffs and a couple of bruises to prove the night before ;)
At least, that's my explanation on the occassional Sunday morn..

Nepharia said...

Oh my aching head.....I know they have to let me out of the brig sometime.....

Anonymous said...

now look y'all, i AM an empress after all and i want a little respect. that's r-e-s-p-e-c-t... deanna? just because you broke your heel and tore your dress doesn't mean you don't have to share the chocolate. i know there's a fountain somewhere. curmy? you help me find it, okay? cause i don't understand any other freakin' thing going on in here and i am getting a little light headed, and i may faint, oh, i feel a spell coming on, sigh..... beam me to the fountain................... bee

Anonymous said...

now look y'all, i AM an empress after all and i want a little respect. that's r-e-s-p-e-c-t... deanna? just because you broke your heel and tore your dress doesn't mean you don't have to share the chocolate. i know there's a fountain somewhere. curmy? you help me find it, okay? cause i don't understand any other freakin' thing going on in here and i am getting a little light headed, and i may faint, oh, i feel a spell coming on, sigh..... beam me to the fountain................... bee

Anonymous said...

now look y'all, i AM an empress after all and i want a little respect. that's r-e-s-p-e-c-t... deanna? just because you broke your heel and tore your dress doesn't mean you don't have to share the chocolate. i know there's a fountain somewhere. curmy? you help me find it, okay? cause i don't understand any other freakin' thing going on in here and i am getting a little light headed, and i may faint, oh, i feel a spell coming on, sigh..... beam me to the fountain................... bee

Anonymous said...

now look y'all, i AM an empress after all and i want a little respect. that's r-e-s-p-e-c-t... deanna? just because you broke your heel and tore your dress doesn't mean you don't have to share the chocolate. i know there's a fountain somewhere. curmy? you help me find it, okay? cause i don't understand any other freakin' thing going on in here and i am getting a little light headed, and i may faint, oh, i feel a spell coming on, sigh..... beam me to the fountain................... bee

Anonymous said...

now look y'all, i AM an empress after all and i want a little respect. that's r-e-s-p-e-c-t... deanna? just because you broke your heel and tore your dress doesn't mean you don't have to share the chocolate. i know there's a fountain somewhere. curmy? you help me find it, okay? cause i don't understand any other freakin' thing going on in here and i am getting a little light headed, and i may faint, oh, i feel a spell coming on, sigh..... beam me to the fountain................... bee

Nic said...

Now Jon, I never said that you actually did anything other than kind of get turned on by a hot woman licking your face. Take it back to your wife and enjoy. :) But not without your ring. I think I saw it hanging from the tree where someone hung it for an extra ornament. You might try looking over there for it.

It's not a party until a punch is thrown after some spiked punch is tossed back in large quantities.

This has been so much fun I can't wait for next year to get here!

Admin said...

ah fantastic time take me along.. and i love the black dress.. come over to my blog we will celebrate together..

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Everybody look again! I have managed to properly insert Nic singing 'Silent Night'.

Bobkat said...

Thanks for the invitation again! It really is a great party with so much going on :-)

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is going to be very upset when this party finishes, you could easily have made it last another week...

Anonymous said...

Jon, next time lets let Miari and Hudson kill each other and not draw us into a fight

Anonymous said...

People getting thrown in the brig, Nic singing... My goodness this is turning out to be a wild and crazy party!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Oh, here's my ring. It was on my other finger!

And Vampi, I concur. Getting all caught up insomeone else's fight and thrown in the brig for it ain't fun.

UngaMan said...

oooow... really nice solo Nic


A good thing for me, being among this Strolling Bones... * sigh *

Anonymous said...

my invitation must have gotten lost in starfleet's mail. :(

michele sent me over for a visit anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I just couldn't read all that! Here from Michele's.

caramaena said...

I'm loving this party :)

Hello from Michele's

carmilevy said... Say no more.

Michele would be proud.

angela marie said...

Wow, you have alot of good friends at this party!

Michele sent me!!

Panthergirl said...

I'm such a non-Trekkie that I'm the resident wallflower at this party...

Here via michele's!

Lois Lane said...

I'm really glad you served up such great booze last year. I hardly remember any of my snarky behavior. :D
Thanks for assing Nic's rendition of Silent Night. This savage beast certainly was soothed. She sings like an angel.
Thanks for including me in the fun! Have a great weekend.

Lois Lane said...

Not assing Nic's, passing Nic's... hoo boy, I must still be drunk. LOL!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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