Saturday, December 30, 2006

TWQ: Easy & Tough Resolutions

At this time of year, TWQ (The Weekend Question) looks at New Years Resolutions.

What New Years resolutions would you find it easy to keep and which would you find virtually impossible?

My answers are:

Easy to keep: Saying what I think if something comes up I don't like. (I already do that)

Tough to keep: Giving up cheese and not watching Smallville, 24 and Lost!

Now it's over to you...

But before I go, here are some resolutions of familiar characters. Taken from New Years Resolutions , which I found. There are two or three of my own additions below.

Wesley Crusher:

Stop saving the ship.

Stop doing the ironing for Karena


Find a better way of expressing myself than just growling

Take singing lessons

Seven of Nine:

Cut back on "that is irrelevant" phrase.

Stop calling Picard 'Locutus'.

Beverly Crusher:

Remember to let Picard's next mystery woman die on the table.

Captain Kirk:

Redecorate the Nexus

Ezri Dax:

Get rid of Jadzia's Klingon pain stick collection

Admiral Uhura (retired):

Find out about maybe copywriting "Hailing frequencies open, sir."

Try to get guest shot on "Good Morning, Federation"

Commander Riker:

Lose weight

Remember Lwaxana's birthday

Stand up straighter

Bite the bullet and get own ship

Get Baldy to stop calling me "Number One."

Ambassador Spock:

Lead Romulans into a new era of peace and wisdom

Purge myself of all emotion

Find out just where that Nexus thing is right now

Ensign Kim:

Remember to breathe normally around Seven, even when she's asking about mating rituals

Avoid dying


Annoy Picard

Say something really sexist to Janeway

Clean gutters

Captain Janeway:

Cut back on the coffee

Stop saying "Do it!"


Find that *&^%$% Spock and kill him!

Torture at least one small animal a day

New hairdo?

Admiral Chekov (retired):

Read War and Peace all the way through this time

Replace batteries in smoke detectors

Try to get guest shot on "Good Morning, Federation"

Admiral McCoy (retired):

Stop telling current Vulcan Ambassador to Earth, "I knew Spock. I worked with Spock. And you, sir, are no Spock."

Finish novel

See if they'll let me do the weather on "Good Morning, Federation"

Mrs. Caretaker:

Find time to look up those Voyager people

Get better dress

Constable Odo:

Turn myself into chair, then pull myself out from under Quark when he goes to sit down

Incarcerate at least one serial killer a month

Really concentrate on getting the nose thing down

Captain Picard:

Make that "Riker, you should get your own ship" speech sound at least halfway sincere this time.

Finish Ulysses

Stop taking late night communications dressed in chest-revealing PJs

Try some new varieties of Tea


To all Journal readers...

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, I would ind it very hard to stop watching movies!

And, I would find it easy to keep eating chocolate...
Not exactly resolutions, but I'm trying to stay in the spirit of the idea more than anything else. You didn't say they had to make total sense! (lol)

A Very Very Happy New Year To You, Jean-Luc!

kenju said...

Good morning, Jean-Luc. I never make resolutions because I never keep them. It would be easy to keep eating too much and very difficult to stop!

Nichele sent me and I want to wish you a very Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Captain Picard.

No resolutions here either... I quit smoking 9 months ago - that's enough!

from Michele's,


Anonymous said...

walk the dog more often.

here via michele - hny

carmilevy said...

Hi from Michele's today.

I don't make new year's resolutions. I like to make resolutions every day of the year: I don't believe in saving them up for a special day.

Every day, in fact, is special. Like this one, because I got to read you again.

Carli N. Wendell said...

I make that resolution about eating cheese pretty much every day. Why does something that tastes so good treat our bodies so bad?

Anonymous said...

Easy to keep: Prioritizing my family.

Hard to keep: Giving up chocolate.

Janus said...

Easy to Keep: Spend five more minutes a day with my daughter.

Hard to Keep: Drink less Maiden's Blood.

Happy Julian Calender New Years, Captain.

Mykol said...

I don't make new years resolutions because if you are to make a resolution, why must it be at the new year?

Susan said...

Really need to do something about the weight, ie loose it :)

The annoying thing is I've done it before, but put it back on again due to a thyroid problem - I did not even have the enjoyment of eating all the naughty yummy stuff!

An easy one would be to keep knitting socks - it's my own fault - I knitted socks for son for Christmas and he wants another pair, and he has size 11 feet!

srp said...

Oh, Riker is married to Laura of General Hospital fame.... he should remember her birthday!

Easy to keep: Avoid all conversation about ex-husband.
Hard to keep: Avoid all conversation about anything with daughter.

Sometimes you get along better with your child if you can avoid all conversation period. ;)

Oh, almost forgot.... here from Michele.

Anonymous said...

To keep on blogging, and keep off the weight I lose. Cheese is also a weakness of mine.

utenzi said...

Michele sent me over, Captain Picard.

I've got the normal two resolutions and they're both difficult to keep: more exercise and lose weight. Easy to keep resolutions are a contradiction, in my book. If it's easy, there's no need to make a resolution about it.

kenju said...

I have decided that I should make one resolution, and that is to use fewer exclamation points when I write! Lol

Michele sent me; again, Happy New Year!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Easy: Listen to more music.
Hard: Stop listening to WPKL at work.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Captain Picard,

Easy: Read more books
Hard: Vist the gym

Happy New Year and all things good!

Anonymous said...

EASY: Reading more books
HARD: Not writing

Here's wishing you a very Happy New Year, Jean-Luc. All the best in '07.
Michele sent me....

Anonymous said...

Dearest friend, I wish you the most wonderful of New Years. May this coming year exceed your expecations far more than you ever dreamed! Thank you for being such a good friend. :) Hugs and love to you!

carmilevy said...

I resolve to drink more.

LOTS more!

Bonne annee, mon ami!

Anonymous said...

I too should finish Ulysses (James Joyce) but not this year.

Cut down on exclaimation points like Kenju.

as to hard resolutions...I think not watching this year's Lost would be up there but that's just between us and The Journal ;)


Anonymous said...

I don't generally make NYRs at all, but if I were to I suppose it would be find a way to solve the global warming problem, make peace a priority not war, save the dying out polarbears, and dust the house on a more regular basis...

somehow I don't think these goals are all that attainable :)

so instead I'll just wish everyone a happy new year. Do the best that you can to be the best that you can be.

ps. Merlyn's new years resolutions include no more pinging elastic bands at Lord Vader's head.

Anonymous said...

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