Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Slight Tiff

Guest Poster: Deanna Troi

I'm in Ten Forward with Will, enjoying my daily chocolate sundae. I'm in a good mood (giggle!), after he had to leave the Enterprise for a few days last week. I'm keen to make amends for having him miss the Valentine Dance.

"Will." I tell him, "How about we recreate the Valentine Dance in the holodeck? We'll be the only living people there. It'll be even better than the real one!"

"Deanna, that's a great idea." he replies, "That sounds perfect."

"Well, I am keen to make it up, imzadi." I whisper to him softly, "The Cappy will let us have the time off. It will make up for Valentine's Day, where you didn't have a single kiss; after all, you were only with Ro Laren, and I know you don't like her!"

My Betazoid empathic senses start ringing bells, as if the Enterprise is under an attack from alien invaders. Will is avoiding something, and I touched a raw nerve of his.

"WHAT!"I exclaim, almost dropping my sundae, "Don't tell me you actually DID kiss her?"

"Err..yes, Deanna, but let's not get too hasty." he tells me, "It was just one kiss, and it was for Valentine's Day. Ro and I agreed that it won't happen again."

"Too right it won't, Will Riker!" I shout, "There won't be any kissing between us as well."

People start looking around and whispering to those they are with, and also pretending that they are not overhearing.

"Shh, Deanna, calm down." Will says, "Others are listening, let's go and discuss this amicably in your quarters."

"End of discussion! You and I are through!" I state promptly, and pour the sundae in his lap.

I'm sorry I had to do that, as I was enjoying that sundae. I order another one, then go to my quarters and have a weep.

That Laren woman! Why is it I seem to have so many rivals? I fought a lot of tussles in the past with Jadzia Dax over Worf. Is it a Bajoran I'm having trouble with now?


After a while, when the evening is about to start, I walk down to Ten Forward. Guinan is there, getting everything ready.

"I heard what happened, Deanna." she says, "Well, EVERYBODY did, come to think of it."

"Yes," I sniff, "Will and I are through." I use a tissue to wipe my eyes.

"Do you really want that to happen?" she asks me.

"No!!!!" I weep, "I want my Will, and I don't want her to have him!".

She passes me another tissue and I blow my nose. My mascara is running down my face and I look very scary in the mirror.

"Look, Deanna." says Guinan, "If you want Commander Riker, build yourself up and go get him!"

I know she's right; I'll go back to my quarters for a costume change.


An hour later, I am marching down the Enterprise corridors. I see Will; he happens to be talking to Ro Laren. I have my best outfit on.

"Aren't you supposed to be on the Bridge, Ensign?" I say to Ro in my best superior tone, then grab Will, who is still staring wide-eyed at my dress.

"Come on, Commander!" I tell Will, "You and I have an appointment in the holodeck. There is a belated Valentine party going on."

"Thanks for forgiving me, Deanna." he tells me as we walk there.

"That's alright, Will." I reply, "Just remember that there are plenty of other chocolate sundaes on the ship."


Warbird said...

hmm chocolate sundaes

Anonymous said...

I'm sure given enough science, chocolate can be used as a band aid as it seems to help in any situation...

SQT said...

Chocolate might make Deanna feel better, but the cleavage is what's on Riker's mind.

Jana said...

I'm not sure it was your dress he was staring at, Deanna!

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Will was just thinging that maybe he should not have eaten that Sunday you dumped on him. It was a little sad and gross.

Have fun on the holo deck.

Tawnya Shields said...

Way to go Deanna. All's fair in love and war! I would have done the same.

Anonymous said...

Deanna Troi looks a little like Nigelia Lawson (the famous chef), don't you think?? In that lovely picture she certainly looks as delicious as any of Nigelia's best creations (especially the chocolate ones).

Gyrobo said...

I smell an impending holodeck-characters-coming-to-life thing coming on.

Linda said...

That Guinan sure knows what she's talking about sometimes, doesn't she? Glad you heeded her words of wisdom!

Jaime said...

You go, girl!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

finally chocolate! ahhhhhh.....

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

You have some very beautiful girls on your spaceship today, lucky you...

Anonymous said...

Good job Deanna! You really know how to keep a man!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Bee, I thought you might like the chocolate!

Jana, you might be right there!

The Curmudgeon said...

Deanna said, "there are plenty of other chocolate sundaes on the ship" -- and Will would probably like to sample all of them... but I'm thinking it's a little unprofessional of her to refer to her fellow female crewmates as "chocolate sundaes."

Or am I just confused again?

Smalltown RN said...

hey thanks for dropping by....chocolate sundae!!! oh ok if I have too.....

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Dumping a sundae in your boyfriend's lap is a highly illogical behavior.

Anonymous said...

Scary Mascara, definitely know that one - especially on a cold winter windy day when your eyes water!

Susan from Celadon Pool

Blog ger is being gerrrr again!

Anonymous said...



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