Thursday, February 15, 2007

Deleted (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Ro Laren

Since Will Riker and I have been deleted to the Starfleet memory banks, the two of us have decided to sort things out for ourselves.

Picard was no help; he even wanted us confined to quarters as we were technically civilians. That's Starfleet officialdom for you!

I've persuaded Riker to use a little Maquis trickery; we are going to break into the main computer room on Earth and put the matter right. It was easy to get through Earth's defences; they were more interested in their Valentine parties!


As we have landed near Starfleet Headquarters, we start to head in that direction. We still hear noise in the darkness.

"Surely the parties have ended by now." I ask.

"You haven't been to a Valentine Party at Starfleet HQ, have you Ro?" comments Riker, "They can last for quite a few days. Fortunately, it's useful for us."

Some people are coming out; we hide behind the bushes.

I see Boothby, the Head Gardener of Starfleet Academy Gardens come out laughing. He has a gorgeous young blonde woman with him, and a brunette on his other side. They all look like they are enjoying themselves.

"How is he so popular?" I ask Riker.

"Oh, Boothby is very popular with the female cadets." Riker tells me, "It's probably why he likes working in the Academy Gardens.

After they've gone, we start to move, but there is more noise; a teenager is coming out with an amazonian woman who prods him with a spear every so often.

"It's Beverly's son Wesley" Riker tells me, "With him is Karena, the amazonian princess from Wondawowman. He has to look after her by orders of the Academy."

I roll my eyes. What a place.


At last, all is quiet, and we head into the Computer Building. All is silent and dark.

We see a sign marked 'Database Terminal' and head there. A light is on. As we enter, we see one person in a white coat. He turns round in surprise.

"Oh...who are you?" he exclaims.

This man has dark glasses, looks like a Starfleet nerd and is looking at a video screen with lots of names.

"I'm Ro Laren and this is Will Riker." I tell him.

"Oh dear" he says quietly, "I thought you might show up, but I was hoping no one would notice."
"What do you mean?" Riker asks.

"My name is Varda" he tells us, "I was given the job of transferring the the B-LOGAR File from the old to the new version on the database. I didn't do too good a job and the first two names disappeared completely."

"Which were us!" I sigh.

"Errr....that's right." admits Varda.

"Well put us back!" Riker yells at him, "I want to get back to the Enterprise."

"Errr...I had just figured out how to do that." Varda says hesitatingly, "Now give me a moment....don't rush me....there! You're on! Sorry about that. Hope it wasn't too inconvenient."

Riker has to restrain me from saying just how inconvemient it was, although I think he agrees.


Hours later, we are both back on the Enterprise. In his Ready Room, Captain Picard admits that he actually let us escape so that we would solve the problem.

"Sorry that you've missed the Valentine Dance, Number One." he tells Riker, then turns to me; "There was a Bajoran Ambassador asking for you, Ensign Ro."

Deanna Troi enters and sees Riker. She kisses him.

"Welcome back, imzadi." she says softly, "That was your belated valentine kiss."

Riker and I keep it to ourselves that he had already had a kiss on Valentine's Day.


Authors note: This is all based on the fact that I lost Ro and Riker when changing to BetaBlogger, and they had to be completely re-installed.


The Lazy Canadian said...

Computers are tricky like that. Too bad the database couldn't have lost Wesley instead ... *cough* Did I say that out loud?

Brand-new reader to your blog, Cap, and am enjoying it immensely. Keep up the good work!

The Curmudgeon said...

You finally lost Riker and you went and put him back?

Captain, you're getting soft!

(And ditto what the lazy canadian said about Wesley....)

Merlyn said...

Captain, I am so glad you have your crew all reassembled again! That delete trick is kinda smooth though, can you teach me how to do that to the Emperor?

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

LOL. B-LOGER 2 has been causing all sorts of problem in all quadrants, even in a Galaxy a long time ago and far, far away. My sympathies.

Anonymous said...

Very funny! I hate this new blogger!

Anonymous said...

Ro Laren musn't kiss and tell...she seems to have struck up something of tenuous friendship with Riker and probably wouldn't want to get on Deanna's bad side.

Sunny said...

I agree with the Lazy Canadian's comment! Never did like Wesley much...he was always such a no-it-all little brat. This was a great serial. You may want to keep going with it. I enjoyed it so much. Very creative!
Great story, well written. I'll be back...doh...wrong Sci-Fi character...Energize
mmmm..that's better.

Florence Forrest said...

A harrowing experience no doubt. Glad to see Ro and Riker are back on board :)


as to new loading seems to be extremely slow lately or is it just me?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Both the new Blogger and Wesley don't seem very popular.

I must admit, had I lost Wesley in the transfer, I might have been very reluctant to put him back in.

Lazy Canadian, welcome to my Journal.

Merlyn, I think it might be hard to do that with the Emperor.

Curmudgeon, maybe I was hasty in putting Riker back!

Papa Wolfgang said...

yes we lost HS for a while
the new blogger is B-A-D-

and evil....

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Very interesting inspiration, Captain. I was guessing that it was an old rival of theirs looking for revenge 'cuz that kind of stuff happens too often.

I'm glad they're both back though safe and sound.

Word verification -- batmrl. When Batman doesn't have enough time for dinner, he's sure to grab a delicious Batmrl.

chrysalis said...

I love this site!

Hi from Michele's.

Michael K. Althouse said...

Hey JLP!

You must've got in just under me over at Michele's who sent me, indirectly.


Gyrobo said...

Of course the BORG profiles assimilated perfectly.

True Jersey Girl said...

New blogger is causing all kinds of chaos isn't it???

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Yay! So glad you got it sorted :)

Justice said...

yes I lost my ability to link to others because the link field dont work like it did for old blogger

Tawnya Shields said...

All's well that ends well. Glad it bloody well got sorted out! :o)

Anonymous said...

If they are ever smart enough to bring that show back, you SOOOO need to write for them!

'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Great story!

Ya, there are some minor things with Beta I find irritating....for the most part though, I've been OK with it. Probably a large part of it is my somewhat lacking ability to manipulate html code. :D

Anonymous said...

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