Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Q & Y (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Q

I musr admit, at this moment, I'd rather be in the cinema cuddling my girlfriend Q.

Instead, I find myself doing battle with a member of the Y Continuum. If I lose, the Q Continuum, plus those in the carbon universe, where Picard and the others come from will be obliterated.

So no pressure there, then.


Y and I appear on the plain of a bare planet. We face each other.

"COMMENCE!" Y commands boldly.

Promptly I turn myself into a giant waterpipe and douse the flames emitting from Y. In a second, all the flames are restored.


It looks like I've got to stop being Mr Charming. All these years with Jean-Luc and Kathryn must have softened me up.

"I can take anything you throw at me." I tell Y firmly, although inside my knees are quaking like coconut shells being put together. Y marces forward, waving his sword, about to split me in two.

I sidestep quickly and change shape.

"NOT VERY ORIGINAL." Y comments to me.

"Maybe not." I reply, "But it will put paid to you, "I learned how to swordfight when taking part in the All-Comers Gladiator competition in the days of the Roman Empire on Earth. The winner doesn't get fed to the lions."

I lunge forward with my sword, but Y sweeps it aside with his. I run over to grab it. Y towers over me, but I grab the sword andquickly lunge my blade into his body.

"ARRRGHHH!!!!" Y screams, as he totters around. I have to be careful he doesn't fall on top of me. That would do enough damage by itself.

Y continues to totter around, holding on to his wound, like a ham actor in a bad movie making sure his dying sequence will be remembered.

Eventually he slumps to the ground, dead, and the whole planet starts to shake.


I appear back on the Bridge of the Enterprise.

"Well done, Q." Picard says, "You've saved the universe, and your own Continuum. Thank you."

"Did my ears hear that correctly, Jean-Luc?" I say, "Did you actually thank me? This is indeed a red-letter day. As much as I'd like to stay around, I have a girlfriend to date in the back row of the Q Continuum cinema. Bye for now."

With that, I vanish, leaving the Bridge crew weating Mexican sombreros...and nothing else!


The Curmudgeon said...

Oh my! As if interpersonal relations among the bridge crew aren't complicated enough....

Susan said...

Good job they all spend time in the holodeck gym then :)

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Yay Q!!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I'm sure they used the sombreros to cover anything they wanted to!

Linda said...

Ole! Nicely done, Q! Now go enjoy the cinema and don't forget to buy a box of Goobers to enjoy during the show!

Fly Girl said...

Yes, I hope they were big sombreos! And congrats to the Captain on his knighthood!

Unknown said...

Jean Luc-Picard: Being Captain really is a full-time job! So many power struggles, odd behaviors, twists and turns. How do you manage?

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