Monday, June 14, 2010

Jadzia's Wedding Dress (Part One)

Guest Poster: Jadzia Dax

Ro Laren and I are in the Starfleet Mall, looking for a ship where I can choose a wedding dress from. Soon, I'll be getting married to Worf, and I want something that looks good. All right, the Dax symbiont I carry may well have been married before, but I'm Jadzia, and I want this to be a good one!

"Look!" exclaims Ro suddenly, which stops me reading my copy of Galactic Bride magazine, "That might be what we are looking for."

We see a shop that says Wedding Dresses by Alanis: We have dresses for all types of women in Starfleet.

"That does look promising." I say in agreement, "Let's take a look."

As we enter the shop, we are greeted by an overfriendly woman.

"Greetings, ladies." she beams, "I am Alanis, and have been employed by Starfleet to cater for all tastes in the Federation. Now which of you two women are getting married? Unless it's to each other?"

"No!" I reply firmly, "I'm the one getting married. I am Jadzia Dax. My friend Ro Laren is here to help me in my choice."

"Of course." Alanis replies, "I have some models in the back who will try on some ideas. Felicity will show you our Grecian dress."

"Very pretty." I say, "But rather samey. I want something different."

"Well, Jadzia." muses Alanis, "How about this?"

Ro tries not to laugh, and barely supresses her giggles.

"I'm not wearing that!" I exclaim angrily, "What do you think everyone would say?"

"Ensign Britney would probably like it." comments Ro, "And would choose it if she and T'Pol got married."

"You might be right, there, Ro." I say, "But it's not for me. Alanis, find something better than this!"

"Very well, Jadzia." she replies, and goes scurrying off into the dress room to find some more dresses.

"We could be here some time, Ro." I commrnt to my friend, "I had no idea that choosing a wedding dress would be this difficult."

To be continued...


The Mistress of the Dark said...

I rather like the Grecian dress :)

Nic said...

She should go to the bridal barn in New England, I think. Something like thousands of designer dresses at like 80-90% off. Of course, the sale is only once a year, but I think she would have no problem going in there to get one. Though if she didn't get there super early, the only one probably still available to her would be the hillbilly deluxe wedding dress in a size 32. LOL!

Nic said...
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Unknown said...

Now THAT is a Galactic Wedding Dress! :)

Fly Girl said...

That's not a dress. It's an invitation to a wild party. Oh my, oh my.

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