Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Data & Jennifer On Vacation (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Jennifer Baxter

My boyfriend Data and I are on the planet Solaris. We had a slightly odd look from Raymond the receptionist when he found out that Data was an android, and scurried off.

Now, a few hours later, Data and I have been having fun in the pool when three people, obviosly hotel managers confront us and ask me to follow them.


"I wonder what it is they want?" Data says to me as he hands me the towel to dry off.

"Dry your emotion chip out, sweetie!" I say in exasperation, "It's obvious. They are objecting to me, a human woman being in the same suite as an android and having a relationship with him."

"Do you think so, Jenny?" he asks, "I thought that the Federation had evolved from that."

"Yeah, so did I." I say, agressively, "Leave this to me. Let me talk to them.

We both stride off to the hotel office, my hands in fists, ready to use them!

When we get there, the three managers are facing us. They all have placid looks, as if emotion has been drained from them at the Hotel Training Course.

"Hello, Miss Baxter." says the woman, ignoring Data, "I'm Mariana, the Manager of the Solara Hotel, and these are my associates, Jeff and John. A matter of some delicacy has arisen concerning you and err...your android friend."

"Oh yes?" I comment, urging Data to keep quiet at the moment.

"May I ask." continues Mariana, "What sort of relationship you have with your android friend?"

This gets me very annoyed, but I stay in sarcastic mode.

"Perfectly normal, Mariana." I erespind, "The sort any normal boyfriend and girlfriend might have, just like you probably have with Jeff....or John....or both."

Mariana blushes bright red, and Jeff and John look at each other.

"Miss Baxter!" she exclaims, "But I'm sorry. The Solara cannot allow relations between and android and a human to go on. You must both leave now!"

I'm just about to go into a fist fight with Mariana when Data holds me back and steps forward.

"That is not permissable." he says flatly, "This is a Federation planet, and one of the main rules if you study the Articles of Association is that citizens must respect ALL lifeforms. Since I was declared to be a lifeform some years ago, you must respect my wishes."

Mariana stops in her tracks and urges Jeff to check the Articles of Association on the computer. He comes back a few moments later to confirm everything Data said.

"We could issue a formal complaint." I say to Mariana, "But I have a better idea how you can pay for your actions."


Some hours later, Data and I are lounging by the pool.

"Would you like another drink, Jenny?" he asks me.

"Sure I would." I reply, "Ring the bell."

He rings the bell, and Mariana runs up.

"Is there something you need, sir, madam?"

We order our drinks, and she scurries off.


Gordon said...

Never mess with a woman when it comes to love, it's will get nasty, so Data best watch out

Linda said...

Never mess with an android who knows his rules either!

The Curmudgeon said...

Didn't Jeff know about John?

Fly Girl said...

Ahh the intrigue!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Hotel managership romance is very complex!

Unknown said...

Perhaps I should have considered hotel management more closely as a career! :)