Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sheena's Naming Day (Part One)

Guest Poster: Karena

The video screen in our quarters start to buzz. I rush out of bed, kicking a sleeping Wesley out at the same time.

"Go look after Sheena!" I tell him, "That noise will wake her up. Sing a few tunes, but not too loud, as it only makes her cry more."

While Wes runs off to the next room where the cradle is, and falling over in the process, I get the the video screen.

"Greetings, blessed daughter." says my mother Queen Diana, "Are you aware that it is Sheena's Naming Day shortly. The time when your daughter is officially named?"

"Of course, mother." I reply, "Captain Hernandez has agreed to take to to Wondawowman as it is on the path the Rhode Island is going. Beverly and the rest of the Enterprise crew will be coming."

"You know that no men can come to the Naming Day Ceremony, Karena?"

I pluck up my nerves.

"What about Wesley?" I ask, "Surely as the father he is..."

"NO!" my mother replies firmly, "Neither he nor Captain Picard can come. You know what happens in the ceremony..."

"Yes." I answer, "But surely..."

"Don't let the human males weaken you, Daughter." my mother rells me, "You are an Amazonian Warrior Princess, and stand head and shoulders above any man."

"Very well." I say glumly, as wse say our goodbyes and switch the viewer off.

"I heard most of that." says a voice behind me.

"Pumpkin..." I start.

"I know the Naming Day is coming up, honeybunch, but I thought I'd be part of it."

"I tried to get my mother to change her mind, Wes." I say, "Even though I'm an Amazon and you're my Life Servant, I wanted you to be part of it."

"So just what happens in the Ceremony?" Wes inquires.

"I can't say." I reply, "The event is a very closed one that we don't let outsiders see."

"Maybe my mom will be able to convince her, honeybunch?" he suggests.

"She's got a tough job on her hands." I comment.

To be continued....


Linda said...

Okay, nuthin' for nuthin' here but if the Amazonians don't want a man at their naming ceremonies then I think there's probably a pretty good reason for it. Not that Wes is much of a man, mind you, but still!

The Curmudgeon said...

I hope that Wes and the Captain will recall my awkward experience at the Christmas party and decide not to try and crash the affair in drag.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Linda, when you see Part Three, you'll know why the Ceremony is a woman-only one.