Monday, June 21, 2010

The Photographer (Part One)

"I'm surprised you let this photographer come on board, sir." Riker tells me as we go to meet our arrival, "You never usually like meeting with the media."

"That's true, Number One," I reply, "But I thought as Captain, I ought to allow myself to be seen in the pages of Galactic Picture Magazine. After all, it's circulation runs throughout the Federation."

"So that's why you've got your dress uniform on." Riker comments rather slyly. I ignore this, and we proceed to the Transporter Room, whwere a figure beams in.

"Hello." says the figure, "I'm Aaron Nace, and I've come to do a picture spread on the Enterprise and...."

"Greetings Mr Nace." I say rather hurriedly, "I'm Captain Jean-Luc Picard. now I haven't too much time, so we we go to the holodeck, you can take your various shots of me in any environment, so shall we go?"

"Err..." stutters Aaron, "Hasn't anyone told you?"

"Told me what Mr Nace?"

"That I'm not here to do a spread about you, but of the women on the Enterprise?"

"What!" I say, noticing that Riker has a slight grin.

"Well, you see, Captain Picard." Aaron explains, "Galactic Picture Magazine sells well with a pretty girl on the cover. We want more inside as well."

"And it would sell more than one with me on the cover, you are saying?"

"Err...yes, Captain." he tells me, "Sorry for any confusion."

Jennifer Baxter and Beverly come in. Aaron gets his cameras ready.

"Thanks, Doc." he calls out, "That was great."

"Jenny, you look super. The Enterprise women are real winners."

Both women giggle and leave the room.

"I don't know about you, Number One." I say irritatingly, "But this photographer is getting me very annoyed!"


The Curmudgeon said...

Vanity, Jean-Luc? Tsk, tsk. And jealousy besides. Tsk, tsk again.

Linda said...

Perhaps you should have nicely suggested that the photos be taken of the women along with you - after all, you ARE the Captain!

Unknown said...

"...a picture spread on the Enterprise and".... Jennifer Baxter!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Perhaps I should have hired a proper photographer like Linda to do it!

Anonymous said...

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