Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ensign Britney's Parents (Part Six)

Now all the diplomatic problems on Ensign Britney's home planet of Delta have been sorted out, and I have got out of that awkward situation with Natalia, we are all ready to return to the Enterprise. T'Pol has met Britney's parents.

There is still one awkward problem.

As we have to say goodbye to the Ambassadors Yul and Natalia, there is the risk that something might happen when Bev collects us. As Natalia is so forward, anything could happen.


The shuttlecraft touches down and Bev emerges. It's good to see her again.

"Jean-Luc!" she calls enthusiastically, and kisses me firmly, "It's so good to see you again."

Bev then whispers quietly in my ear, "There's lots more of that for you when we get back on board."

I try to look as pleased as possible, but can hear the twin footsteps of Yul and Natalia approaching.

Natalia sits down and reveals her long legs. She has decided to wear that short white dress again when she tried to seduce me the other night.

"Ambassador Natalia." Bev says somewhat icily, looking at her shapely figure.

"Doctor Crusher." replies Natalia, "We have being showing your Captain EVERY hospitality while he has been here. It will be sad to see him go."

Natalia really skates around her words; the emphasis on every that she used is not lost on Bev. The beads of sweat on my brow start to increase.

"Oh, really." Bev comments, "Well that's what I'll be doing from now on."

Bev grabs my arm, and the two of us get on the shuttle, along with Britney and T'Pol.


Once back on the Enterprise, Bev and I are walking along the corridors together.

"Ambassador Natalia was very beautiful, don't you think, Jean-Luc." she asks.

This is like a hand grenade thrown in. I know there is only one way out.

"Yes she was." I reply, "In fact she tried to seduce me on one night, but I turned her down, saying I had someone else."

Bev smiles.

"Well said, Jean-Luc." she laughs, "I pressed Britney and T'Pol to tell me the truth and that's what they said. Britnery even said how amorous Natalia is. You did well to survive."

I did indeed, especially from Bev!



How grateful ye should be to conquer the woman of thy dreams, Picard.

Amanda said...

Ah....honesty is always the best policy...

Fly Girl said...

So glad that Jean-Luc played that well!

Melody said...

My goodness - that Natalia DOES have long legs - they go all the way up to her bum! *heehee*

I'm here via NetChick today Jean-Luc. I must say, it has been a while since I popped by here...


Picard, whilst I thank thee for the visit, I surely realize tis not Yuletide yet. Ah, the male of the species dost not understand that in order for the Captain's Christmas Day festivities to be merry, the female of the species must indeed prepare many months ahead. Dost thou understand now, Jean-Luc? I canst expound further if thou deem it necessary...

Linda said...

As Amanda said, honesty IS always the best policy - especially when there's chance that someone else has already told the truth ahead of you!