Saturday, September 19, 2009

TWQ: What Can You See?

This week's TWQ (The Weekend Question) does not ask you to do a lot. Just to look around the room from where you are.

List about five items you can see from where you are right now. They must not have any relation to computers at all.

My answers are:

* A clock that also shows temperature, sent as a present from Australia.

* A 'New Yorker' daily cartoon calendar.

* Dining room table.

* My writing desk

* The portrait of me I commissioned an artist to paint.

Now it's over to you...


rashbre said...

Greetings today, from around Netchick's way.

From where I am sitting, see :

2 '62 Chevrolet Corvettes (they are not full size)
A photograph of the rock n roll rollercoaster
Some mont blanc ink in a bottle
A black PRS guitar
An olympus OM2 film camera

(& a lot of computer stuff)

Best, rashbre

Linda said...

My view from the dining room table gives me:

1. Amanda's Poe painting hung on the wall.
2. Evra the lizard in his habitat.
3. Demise the hamster in her habitat.
4. A lovely orchid that was given to me for my birthday recently.
5. Amanda's paint supplies spread out all over the place!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

new red wall in living room
foxnews on tv
flat jeter
sarge on the balcony looking over
rain in the distance but sun here

smiles, bee

Unknown said...

1.) A framed David DeVary print
2.) My front door
3.) My refrigerator
4.) The Coffee pot
5.) Into my Bedroom


My bed. A blue gown. A candle. A bouquet of dried flowers I can't bear to throw away. A mirror with the reflection of a tired, but smiling Lady.

gillymay said...

Big oak table cluttered with sewing paraphernalia.
Rossetti sketch of Jane Burden.
6 handbags! & a Leonard Cohen book
(my obsessions)
Lamplight on the falling autumn leaves.

Heather Dugan Creative / Footsteps said...

A photo of 4-year old me sitting on my dad's lap by a birthday cake.

Bubble wrap from a birthday gift I received in the mail today.

My microphone.

A note from my youngest son.

A dangling clay man made by one of my kids.