Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ensign Britney's Parents (Part Five)

Guest Poster: Mirror T'Pol

Now that Brit and I have sorted out the problem Captain Picard had with Brit's mother Natalia, who tried to seduce him while we were all on her home planet of Delta, I have a problem of my own to face.

Britney's parents, Ambassadors Yul and Natalia have invited their daughter and me for a dinner party. Doubtless it's a 'getting to know you' event, and they want to find out all about me.


"Relax, sugar." Brit tells me as we prepare for the dinner, "They'll love you. Say, what do you think of this?"

"It looks great on you, honey." I reply, "But it's hardly dinner-party wear. Do you think you ought to look a little formal?"

"Nah." she laughs, "They love little old me just the way I am. I'll take the wig off, though. Mom and Dad like to see me as Deltans look.

I choose a more sober black outfit, and we set off in the direction of the Ambassadors' apartments.

"Mom! Dad!" shouts Britney as we go in, as Natalia and Yul hug her, and warmly say hello.

"I know we've met, T'Pol." Natalia says, "But I hope with this little dinner we can all be friends."

"Quite so." Yul pipes up from behind, "Britney, we have had the finest chefs prepare your favourite meal this evening...Deltan sea bass together with potato fragments."

"Yay!" Brit yells, "Fish and chips."

We all settle down, and Britney eats her food at a rate of knots. As she does, I feel the eyes of her parents turn round to me...here it comes....

"So, T'Pol." Natalia asks, "My daughter mentioned that you're over two hundred years old and from a parallel universe?"

"Err...yes." I reply, "I escaped from Captain Jonathan Archer in the 22nd century and went into suspended animation until the Enterprise woke me up."

"It was then you met Britney?" Yul chimes in.

"Err right..." I say, making sure I don't trip up and say the wrong thing, "Yes, that's right. Theb universe I came from was bent on galactic domination. I tried to return with Britney once,, but found they saw me as a fugitive. I realised that she and I were better off in this world."

I wonder if I said too much, but look at Brit, who winks at me and eats another chip.

"You and my daughter managed to get banned out of most of the nightclubs in the galaxy." Natalia asks, "That's quite a feat."

I'm a little stuck now, as I don't know how they want me to answer.

"Err..yes." I continue, "Britney and I are very much alike like that. We believe in enjoying ourselves."

A big smile appears on Natalia's face.

"I'm sure you both do, T'Pol." she says with a laugh, "When I was young, I only managed to get banned from half the nightclubs in the galaxy! Keep on going. You two are good together."

I heave a sigh of relief. It seems like I've been 'approved' by Britney's parents. As the whole family is so unorthodox, I should have realised nothing on Delta is like it is anywhere else!


"There you go, sistah." says Brit as we head back to our apartment, "I told you it would be a breeze. It will be time to head back to the Enterprise tomorrow."

We meet Captain Picard on the way back, who has a worried frown. Actually he tends to most times. He informs us that Doctor Crusher will be meeting us to take us back.

Normally the Captain would be pleased at that, but I think he is concerned in case Natalia shows up at the same time!

To be continued...


Editor's Note:

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Linda said...

I'm not at all surprised that T'Pol got Britney's parents' stamp of approval - they are like two peas in a very rowdy pod!

Gee, you don't think Bev heard about what went on, do you? That could be bad ... !

The Mistress of the Dark said...

LOL :)

Unknown said...

YUL! I knew it was Bryner!! He didn't care too much for Steve McQueen, as you may know. Ha! I love this plot line, Jean-Luc!!!:D)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Linda, have you been guessing Part Six?


Such woman problems for such a man as thou be, Jean-Luc.

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