Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ensign Britney's Parents (Part One)

Guest Poster: Mirror T'Pol

Brit runs into the quarters we share, all excited, as if she has just received the latest Dr Martens boots in the spacepost.

"T'Pol!" she exclaims, "I've just been talking to Captain Picard. He's given us time off to go to Delta for our vacation!"

"Sorry, sweetie." I say, a little puzzled, "Can you explain what's happened?"

Britney sighs, as she knows she has to explain it all patiently to me.

"Sistah, as the Enterprise is going on a mission not far from my home planet of Delta, I asked if the two of us could go in a shuttle there. As we've been together for quite a while, I want to introduce you to my parents."

"You've never mentioned them before, Brit." I tell her.

"Well, I thought now the time was right." she tells me, "The ship doesn't often go near Delta. As the entire race live in baldness, you will look unusual to them."

"Err...I won't need to lose any hair, will I?" I ask in a slightly worried voice.

"Naw, sistah." she laughs, "Us Deltans might well like to enjoy life, but there is not mandatory head shaving when we disembark."


In the shuttlebay, Commander Riker is there to see us off.

"Now I know you're on vacation, Britney and T'Pol." he starts, "But remember you represent Starfleet and the Federation. Be sure to behave yourselves."

The Captain comes in very quickly, with a concerned look, as if the replicators are not producing Earl Grey tea.

"Number One." he says, "You're going to have to look after the Enterprise. I'm going to have to go with Ensign Britney and T'Pol as there is a diplomatic crisis on Delta."

We all walk on to the shuttlecraft. I'm sure I heard Riker say to himself, "That's them out of the way for a while." I'm not sure if he was referring to Brit and myself, or the Captain as well.

"Yay, sistah!" exclaims Britney to me, "Now for a fun time on Delta. I can't wait for you to meet my parents."

I must admit I'm curious as well. I wonder what they are like?

To be continued...


Editor's Note:

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David Edward said...

some day soon the UK will need a Glenn Beck. You must save what you have: freedom.

David Edward said...

Fly Girl said...

HMMM, two bald old fogies for parents? This will be interesting..

colleen said...

I knew Britteny Spears would show up here. Is she from France?

Linda said...

This is either going to be really amusing or really bad or both!

Amanda said...

Will the Captain get to meet her parents too?

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I wonder if they'll be anything like her "real" parents. Will they bring her sister?

Gordon said...

Interesting.... A Diplomatic crisis on Delta just happens as the Enterprise is "near" hmm most interesting indeed. Well T'Pol will be the odd one out as it were since Cptn Picard could easily pass for Deltan.

Unknown said...

I think the Earl Grey Tea was more than a subtle hint, Captain! :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A lot of good theories'll have to see what happens!