Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trouble On Wondawowman (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Wesley Crusher

When I'm on the USS Rhode Island with my honeybunch wife Karena, I like thinks just to be tranquil and calm. That's not what they are right now.

She and I, along with Captain Erika Hernandez, Commander Mark Hathaway and Karena's friend Juliana are going through the forest of her home planet Wondawowman to the main city. It seems that Karena's mischievous sister Nexa has been persuaded to try and take the throne of her mother Queen Diana, who is under house arrest. We are here to put things right.


"How much further is it?" groans Commander Hatherway, "My feet are killing me. These Starfleet boots were not designed to walk through this sort of terrain."

"Stop whining, Mark." replies the Captain, "You're always complaining about something, just like you did last week when the bedspring broke."

She goes slightly red in the face when she mentions this, and the Commander smiles.

"Nearly there, pumpkin." Karena says as she turns to me, "We will have to decide what to do."

"Well, I'll have my spear ready." Juliana declares firmly.

"As will I." Karena confirms.

I get concerned.

"Now then, ladies." I say, "Hopefully we can solve this diplomatically."

Juliana snorts with derision, and we walk on, with the Commander still eyeing the amazon in her skimpy outfit. Every so often, Captain Hernandez gives him a kick.

We reach the outskirts of the city and we are met by a hostile force led by one woman.

"Felicia." sneers Karena, "I never liked you. Even when we were growing up, you were the class bully in amazon school. You were jealous that I was a Princess."

"That's true, Karena." she replies, "You never had the qualities of a real Royal Amazon."

"She's more royal than anyone." Juliana tells Felicia.

Felicia looks pityingly at her.

"Juliana." she comments dismissively, "You were always simpering with Karena. Trying to be her friend. Yalana and I always ruled amazon school with Nexa."

"There seems to be a lot of past resentments boiling up." whispers the Captain to Hathaway.

We hear an approaching sound.

"Greetings, sister." says Nexa, "You are looking at the next Queen of Wondawowman."

To be continued...


Unknown said...

Still impressing Jean-Luc

Here via Tanya's :)

Jason Todd said...

Wow she looks tough.

The Curmudgeon said...

I don't know if I'm looking at the next Queen or not... but I kind of like the view.........

Oh, I hope I didn't say that out loud......

Linda said...

Ah Curmudgeon, spoken like a true man!

She does look to be one tough cookie, though, Jean Luc!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Curmy, I'm sure no one heard you...except for every blog viewer here!

Belle Epoque said...

Wesley Crusher is secretly wishing the author would rewrite this plotline to place him and Felicia in the den of the love goddess...if you catch my drift Captain.

Merlyn said...

wow lots and lots to catch up on.... hope all is well with you Cptn.


Unknown said...

Hugh Hefner has to be among your readers, Captain! :D)