Sunday, August 02, 2009

Body Swap (Part One)

Bev always tells me that I like to look at old ruins becuse I'm one myself!

You've got to admit, the lady has a sense of humour. I guess that's why the two of us have been together for so long.

"What are you smiling at, Captain?" asks Deanna as we beam down to the planet Arkos IV.

"Nothing, Counselor." I reply, just thinking of something someone told me."

Deanna are here because of the discovery of an unknown artifact. As the Enterprise was nearby, and due to the fact that I tend to boast about my archaeological skills at parties, I was summoned to take a look.

Perhaps I should keep my mouth quiet?

We beam down and are greeted by an Arkonian


We do the usual boring introductions, where he tells me his name is Kalan.

"We found this artifact in a cave, Captain." Kalan tells us, "We believe it is a remnant from an earlier civilisation here."

He points the way. Deanna and I enter the cave to see what it looks like.

"It looks like a giant machine." Deanna says in awe, "I wonder what it does?"

"Don't go touching anything!" I warn her, "This machine might still be active."

Deanna goes up to the machine.

"Captain." she informs me, "There's a large red button here. I wonder if...."

Before I can stop the silly woman, a ray of light beams over us.

I start to feel a little shaky, turn to look at Deanna, but instead...I'm looking at myself! I now have Deanna's body!

"What's happened?" the figure says with my voice in horror, "I was Deanna...and now I'm the Captain!"

A voice booms out from the machine.

"You have sucessfully used the Body Swap O-Matic!" it booms out, "As always this will wear off in time, but if you discuss the situation with anyone but the person you have swapped with, the beam in your mind will cause you to stay permanantly in your new bodies."

Deanna starts to cry. I have to give her the tissue that I'm carrying in my err...female uniform."

"Let's examine the machine." I decide. "There must be a reverse option."

"I've just had a call from Will." Deanna says in her new deep masculine voice, "We've been called back to the Enterprise on an emergency.

We both groan.

To be continued...


Ciera said...

what an intriguing complication!

Linda said...

Deanna reminds me a bit of that pain-in-the-behind companion of Doctor Who - Rose - who never listened when he told her not to do something either.

Good luck with this predicament!

Amanda said...

Oh Deanna! Haven't you been on enough away missions to know not to simply press red buttons?

Unknown said...

That photo reminds me of the old Batman Television series here in the United States from 1966-1968! The Bat Cave and so forth. :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's a good job Deanna wasn't the President. She'd be pressing the nuclear button to see what it does. the Batcave!!!!!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Uh oh.

eda said...