Thursday, December 22, 2005

In Space Dock

The Enterprise is in space dock over Earth so that the crew can all go on their shore leave over the Christmas holidays.

Besides that, the ship needs a little renovating, especially Ten Forward. It's looked a mess ever since we had the party. Have you ever tried getting a Klingon Bloodwine stain out off the carpet? The simplest procedure is to buy a new carpet.

The EMH is being switched off for the duration. He particularly objects to this.

"Why can't I enjoy the procedings like everybody else?" he demands.

I try to explain that as the entire ship was been cleaned and checked out, the EMH was part of the programming, and needs to be closed down until it was done.

"After all, a holographic Santa Claus isn't going to visit you." I say with a smile.

This was a mistake, as he clearly doesn't have a sense of humour. Perhaps one ought to be programmed into the EMH?

"Is that supposed to be funny?" he says.

"Err....Computer...deactivate EMH"

He disappears just as he is about to say something I'm glad I didn't hear.

Data is taking Jennifer Baxter to the Vega Gambling Resort, run by the Ferengi. She thinks that with his positronic brain, they may be able to get a massive amount of credits.

I'm a little worried at that; we may find we're at war with the Ferengi when we come back. For a gambler to get so many credits from them is hardly on their Laws of Acquisitions.

Worf is going to the Klingon homeworld. There is a special holiday that takes place there. According to tradition, the great warrior Kahless is supposed to visit all Klingon children and leave a weapon to maim somebody with overnight. He will be going with Alexander. Worf tells me he will be giving him his first mekleth.

Deanna has gone with Riker to Betazed, so they can have dinner with her mother Lwaxana. He wasn't too keen, but has grudgingly gone. Before she left, Deanna said goodbye and looks forward to seeing us again after the holidays. She and Worf spent a long time saying goodbye in his quarters.

Lwaxana asked if I would like to come along, but I said how my Christmas vacation was all set up; at the time, I wasn't sure how, though. I knew Christmas with Lwaxana could be one of the trickiest ways to spend the time.

Trisha Lewis has taken Geordi to the Disco-A-Go-Go complex on the planet Travolta. In there, non-stop disco goes round the clock. There will be lots of Christmas hits like 'Grooving With Santa' and 'Reindeer Rock'

Beverly is having Christmas dinner with Wes. The Academy is closed for the Christmas term, and also so that it can be repaired after all the accidents that have happened there. They have invited me to join them there.

"Wes really wants us to have a super dinner together, and be just like a family" She says.

"I don't think so, Beverly" I regretfully say, "I have to go to the Captains' Christmas Dinner on Vulcan. It may not be the cheeriest place to be, but you know what Starfleet are like if I don't go."

"Perhaps we can have dinner just by ourselves sometimes afterwards." she suggests, with a slight hint.

"Now THAT is a dinner I WOULD look forward to, Bev"

"Have a lovely Christmas Jean-Luc."

"You, too, Beverly." I say, as I get the mistletoe poised.


And I wish you ALL a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year.


Jen said...

I hope the dinner on Vulcan isn't too dreary, and your make-up dinner with Beverly is worth the wait!

Merry Christmas to a VERY fun blog!

MarkD60 said...

Happy Holidays Capn!

craziequeen said...

Merry Christmas, Jean-Luc - and thank you for a most entertaining blog!


Nic said...

Woohoo! Makin' headway Captain Picard and even taking some initiative there with the mistletoe. Good for you!

On a personal note, have a very Merry Christmas dear Captain and please tell your father the same as well. May your Christmas be filled with the love and warmth of friends and family - after the dinner on Vulcan, of course.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! You know who would be good at cleaning the deck?

The munchkins from Wiz of Oz...I hear they're around.

Minerva said...

Merry Christmas dear Jean-Luc and thank you for all the smiles this year...


Jaime said...

"planet Travolta..." LOL!

Merry Christmas, Captain! Love the blog, as always!

Jardena said...

Yes, I'm impressed with the miseltoe maneuver as well, very suave Captain. Happy Holidays :)

R.A. Slater said...

We can call it the New and Improved Picard Maneuver!

Ciera said...

Merry Christmas Captain! ;-)

Running2Ks said...

Planet Travolta, LOL! And that counselor is playing with 2 "santas", hmmm. Enjoy the dinner with Bev, and Merry Christmas, Captain!


I agree with you there what you said about the carpet. Better buy a new one than slave yourself in cleaning the carpet. But in the country where I live in, doing that would be very expensive. A little sacrifice for a penny saved would be better than buying a new carpet.

Vegeta said...

you know Saiyans used to have a holiday like like the klingons except for Kahless it was the first supersaiyan and he would give saibamen to saiyan children these are viscious little plant like monsters in the morning, the children would fight them I wonder why my human wife would never let me celebrate do this for our children?

Lori said...

"After all, a holographic Santa Claus isn't going to visit you." I say with a smile."....LOL....Very good!!

Same to you Captain!!!

Cheers to the New Year!!!!

Jedi Katt said...

Merrry Christmas!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Merry Christmas to you all. I'll put a special festive TWQ in tomorrow (Saturday)

Everyone should carry some mistletote with them; one never knows when they will need it.

Trinity13 said...

Looking forward to your TWQ Capt!

And a merry Christmas to you as well!!!

Unknown said...

Just a reminder. Captain Kirk and Mr Spock: Both Jewish!

Here via Michele.

craziequeen said...

Me again Captain, just checking in while Enterprise is in Space Dock.
Can't wait for the seasonal TWQ - my seasonal game for this weekend is now posted :-)


dddragon said...

Ah, yes, the Mistletoe Maneuver! I hope that you are able to pull it off successfully and Wesley-less-ly!

Merry Holidays, Happy Christmas, and a Wonderful New Year!

Jana said...

Happy Christmas, Captain!

M. C. Pearson said...

Yeah, and Klingon firewater doesn't clean up well afterwards either...

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!

Heather said...

Merry Christmas, Jean-Luc!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thank you, all. It's been a pleasure knowing you all this year.

Happy Christmas!

Plain Jane said...

Oh my! I nearly lost a valuable mouthful of coffee at the sight of poor Picard up there with a hat and beard spray painted on! *grin*

Here form Michele's!

Anonymous said...

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