Monday, December 12, 2005

After The Party

I feel like like got an enormous headache.

Every sound seems amplified a hundred times, and my body feels like it's got a ton weight on it, making it unable to move.

It's the day after the Christmas Party.

I stagger out of bed and fall on the floor; eventually I crawl in to have a sonic shower. It has no effect, and my eyesight is blurred and fuzzy.

The next thing I decide to do is call Riker; maybe he'll be in better condition than I am.

After repeated attempts, I finally hear a sound.

"Urrgggh? Who's that?"

"Number One...urrr..Is that you?" I ask haltingly.

"Urr..yes, Captain."

"Are you all right?"

"I think so, Captain...who am I?"

"You're Commander Riker; get ready to be on the Bridge in 30 minutes. We'll start off then."

"All right; Riker out." I think I hear Deanna mumbling in the background as he signs off.

Next I ask the computer to locate Data.

"Commander Data is on the Bridge."

He would be; I call him.

"Good morning, Captain." he tells me in that clear voice of voice, that increases my headache, "I hope you had a good night's sleep. I have been loking after the Enterprise, and all systems are functioning at optimum parameters."

That's too much to swallow right now. I tell him groggily we will start in 30 minutes.

When I have my uniform on, I stumble along to SickBay. Various members of the crew are wandering in a daze, lying against the wall with their eyes closed or unconscious on the floor.

Eventually I reach there. A long queue is outside. I walk in and find the EMH is treating all the patients. Beverly is unconscious on one of the beds.

"Disgusting!" the EMH tells me, "You solids can't look after yourselves properly. I'm having to look after a shipful of drunken people. Even Dr Crusher cannot look after herself properly."

"What can you give me to help, Doctor?" I ask.

"Even here in the 24th Century, there is not a cure for a hangover. You are meant to be able to look after your bodies. This pill may help you slightly. It is called a Placebo Drug."

I take it, and the EMH smiles to himself. Then I head for the Bridge.

When I eventually find it, the senior staff are there, all looking the worse for wear. Worf staggers around slowly, Riker is holding his head in his hand. Deanna is wearing dark glasses. Geordi comes in, and sits down, helped to his chair by Data.

We set off; after about twenty minutes we get an unusual video signal hailing us. A large ship approaches.

"We are The Drell." it announces, "We are about to invade your Quadrant, eliminate the Federation and destroy your Starship."

Not now, please!!

A very agressive alien looks at us all.

"Why are you all looking so tired?" he asks.

I tell him that we just had a big party last night, and that we haven't recovered from the effects of it yet.

"You have my sympathes." he informs us, "We are often like that the morning after a Drell Victory Party. We cannot move for days when that happens. Is there a convenient day we can invade?"

"We should be free sometime next week." I tell him.

"Fine", he says, "I'll mark that down in my diary then."

The Drell battleship. moves away at high warp.

There are days when one just doesn't feel like a lengthy battle.

Has someone got some black coffee?


Jardena said...

It's always nice to have considereate foes.

And next theme party we have, I'll be sure you get an invite.

Running2Ks said...

The Drell are so darned polite! I thought synthehol was supposed to have no ill effects--guess Guinan gave you the good stuff. My sympathies--have some hair of the dog.

Trinity13 said...

Bev didn't wake up in your room Capt?! Awwww, too bad...heehee!

Anonymous said...

the day after is usually a good day for dim lights and soft music to lull you to sleep. tylenol can be your friend, remember that.

Ciera said...

How very polite of them.

Professor Xavier said...

Those are definitely the most considerate alien invaders I've ever heard of. I bet their bombs don't make a lot of noise and their energy weapons cauterize any wounds they cause.

Jen said...

Wow, if the Drell reign and considerately as they battle, I say let them take over!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Jen said...

*as considerately, I meant. I'm not quite back to normal, either...

dddragon said...

Q says to invite the Drell to the next party.

M. C. Pearson said...

I'd make an alliance with them; they sound most understanding!

Oh, and Jean-Luc, here is my answer to your comment on my post:

Jean-Luc~ I know you were the culprit. It took forever to get that frog out of my top! Some lab partner! But I bet you never guessed who it was that put the jar of worms you know where?

Anonymous said...

Earl Grey won't help at all? Oh, you poor thing!

Jamie Dawn said...

Collective Cosmic Hangovers.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Did the placebo help any?

Vegeta said...

Your Lucky you didn't run into Saiyans. our race is not known for being nice But we tend to warn Planets we invade a year ahead of time so they can get ready.

Lori said...

How polite of them to move on till next week!!!

Have a great day!!!

Captain Berk said...

I had a great time. Or so I am told.

These Drell aliens are fantastically accomodating. I probably would have blasted them into the netherworld as they departed, just for fun.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

The Drell formally apologised for invading at an inopportune moment. I am told their bombs don't cause any damage or kill anyone.

M.C., I never recovered from the worm incident at school!

Trin, Bev staggered off to her own quarters at the end of the party.

Marj said...

But what the Captain didn't tell us is that he stumbled out of bed because Bev. was in the way... ^_~

While he was taking a shower, she went to sick bay and passed out.

Poor Captain! Ally with the Drell and go take someone else over... it sounds like they'd make for great drinking partners:

"...We are often like that the morning after a Drell Victory Party. We cannot move for days when that happens.... "


Natsthename said...

I'm MommaK Today, so let me know how great I look in my new evening gown!

craziequeen said...

[belatedly hands over cup of black coffee - and large glass of water]

feeling a bit better now, Captain?

btw - can you ask Data if he still has a piece of intimate clothing that belongs to me?


poopie said... of the dog??

Mike said...

Hey Captain, data stole my underwear.. What should I do? BTW, great blog!

Raehan said...

Hope your recovery is coming along!

November Rain said...

capt picard
they say the best thing for a hang over is taking a little of the dog that bit you

nice of the drell to postpone the invasion

Nic said...

LOLOL! This gave me a much needed laugh! :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

The Drell have been very apologetic about disturbing us.

CQ, Deanna found the clothing that you are talking about. She says it is just her size.

Lady Wyntir, if Bev was in my room, neither of us remember it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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