Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Enterprise Christmas Party (Part Two)

Welcome back to the Enterprise Christmas Party.

We have some more entries for you to enjoy; they will be changed on Wednesday 7th at 6pm English time (1pm EST)


Firstly, we have Running2Ks with:

As I entered the party, I quickly fussed with my hair. My earring dropped to the floor and Riker picked it up. He smiled and said, "A beautiful trinket for an even more lovely vision."
I blushed and mumbled something incoherent.
"Save me a dance, later...Ensign?"
My face reddened further. I squeaked. He chuckled and moved away.
I mentally slapped my palm to my forehead, "Stupid! Let a schoolgirl crush just walk away thinking you are mute. Good going, Runyon!"

I recovered, and headed over for a drink. The bartender handed me something blue and fizzy. Probably to match my dress and my ditzy performance before. As I sipped it, I scanned the room. Food? Check. Personal facilities? Somewhere--I always seem to have trouble finding them. I seriously felt like a nerdy girl at an Academy dance. Too bad Wesley wasn't here. He was always so nice to me…

Suddenly a voice came from behind me, “Hey Running2Ks! Runyon! Hello?” I snapped out of my dreamy musings and turned around. It was Wesley Crusher, in the flesh. I lit up brighter than the anti-matter core at Warp 9.
“Hey, Wes, I thought you were traveling around. I had no idea you’d be here.”
“Just visiting my mom for the party.”
“I see, Dr. Crusher is looking beautiful. I wonder how the Captain feels about that.”
“Yeah…and *you* look fantastic. The Enterprise sure agrees with you.”
“I love it here. Although I feel so out-of-place at these gatherings. I am really happy to see you again.”
“Mutual, R2Ks. Listen, want to put that fizzy drink down and dance?”
“Yes!” I may have said too loudly, but I was just feeling very giddy at that moment. And for several moments later. We, quite literally, danced all night. Because, quite technically, I went home after midnight. And when I was alone, in my quarters, we danced in my dreams.


Now we have this from Better Safe Than Sorry :

I was lucky enough to have snagged an invite to the Christmas party of the season, that’s right, The Enterprise bash. I’ve spent the last week or so getting ready for it, pedicure, manicure and had my hair done. I’ve also got the perfect dress, fits like a glove, I’ll show those Klingons what a real kling on is all about! The place looks amazing. I’m doing a quick scan, for that special someone I’m hoping to cozy up to. Geordi’s here, at least I think that’s him, under that lampshade. He sure must have got an early start. There seems to be quite a crowd huddled just past the bar, strange, it seems to be all women. Just look at them all gathered around, what in the world? Ahhhh, no wonder, it’s him right in the middle of all those women and he looks so dreamy. Captain Jean Luc Picard. Now all I need to find is my mistletoe!


Lastly today, there is this from Captain Berk :

I was invited to a christmas party by a future captain of the enterprise.

I agonised over what I should wear. I spent hours trying on green tops with
silver collars and gold collars. Eventually I went with the greencoloured
top with the gold collar and my favourite skin tight leotard pants, just in
case space aliens chose to jeaopardise the party. In this attire, I could
look good and fight, which are the two most important things to do as a
starship captain.

Anyway, I beamed to the future ship by some unusual means known only to
scotty and this other captain.

It all looked strangely familiar, like I had a dream some months ago where
I woke up in the future, got extremely drunk and did some karaoke. I don't
remember much about it.

I walked into what they call 'ten forward' and I could not believe my eyes.
Man mixed with alien and alien-man mixed with man-alien alike. There were
species of every description mingling with each other, highlighting the
unified future that my superiors always strive for.

Now I understood why they always ask questions first then shoot later.
Imagine the amount of beautiful alien ladies I could meet in a unified,
undestroyed galaxy!!

Initially, I felt somewhat embarrased that I had not bought a partner. I
had asked Uhuru, but she was busy washing her ears, and all the other girls
on board were otherwise engaged. However, that embarassment soon passed
when I saw alien ladies of every kind gliding gracefully around the party.
I made straight for the bar and asked the female bartender for the
strongest liquor she could muster.

"This is blargg-raki from Romulus. They make it from old warp cores. No man
has ever drunk it and l survived" she said, one eyebrow raised.

"You remind me of an old friend" I said. "I'll take two."

I downed both shots quickly. They weren't 'all that'.

I don't remember much else. The band were terrible. I remember telling them
so, and getting up to sing some classics. I performed "I believe I can fly"
by the 20th century minstrel R Kelly. At the end of the song, I threw
myself into the crowd.

The last thing I remember is shouting drunken obscenities in a cell, and
laughing in pain as I bounced off the forcefield erected to detain me.

It must have been a great party.


That's it for today. More entries tomorrow!


Ciera said...

This is why I stick to non-alcholic beverages...LOL!!!!

Jen said...

Very sweet, R2K!

I always love a good "Kling On" joke, BSTS!

That's just how I pictured Captain uh Berk's night would go!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

That name sounds familiar. What does "Berk" rhyme with?


craziequeen said...

There would be some serious credits changing hands for photos of Berk's party outfit :-)


Anonymous said...

still looking for that mistletoe!!!

Professor Xavier said...

This is going to be the party to end all parties. It should more than make up for "Generations"

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'm crashing the party. BTW I'll send Kate over in the hover craft loaned by the Jetsons.

carmilevy said...

Why do I always miss the great parties?

M. C. Pearson said...

Running2ks~ Hmmm, crushes on both Riker and Wes? Yikes! I'd rather kiss a Wookie. Oops, wrong galaxy...but you know what I mean. Cute story.

BSTS~ I saw BSTS kissing Santa Claus underneath the mistle toe that night...fun! Woo woo!

Capain Berk~ Ya. You played your part just like I thought you would. Good job!

Lori said...

Pretty funny Captain Berk....""I believe I can fly""!!!...Good job all 3 of you!!!

Have a great day!!!

Running2Ks said...

As for me, Mimi, yes, I admit to a bit of a thing for Wesley. Riker was a mere pastime--who wouldn't fall for those lines, c'mon! My true fantasy was Picard, always, but I knew I couldn't handle him.

Better Safe can handle Picard!

And Berk, Funny, funny stuff. I wonder if it was videologged?

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

you guys are way to funny. This aught to be a series with pictures!

puremood said...

OK... I didn't get my entry in. I was away and moving and offline and all that horror. :( I'm so behind....


Raehan said...

Sniff. I'm always the wallflowr at these parties.

Captain Berk said...

I wondered where my log went for that day, and why I didn't remember it.

I will gladly pay good credits or trade a crew member for it.

There is no doubt that I would be fired should it ever fall into the hands of my superiors.

I could even get you one of my special uniforms..

Marj said...

R2Ks - nothing wrong with dancing all night with Wesley... ~insert dreamy sigh here~ Gotta love the intelligent ensign.

But you never danced with Riker? For Shame! hahahaha

BSTS - Now was Picard wearing his santa outfit giving all the "little girls" their wishes? hee hee

Capt. Berk - Make sure you practice safe sex with all the alien ladies... protect your ears/back/cheeks/hands/stomach/and toes to make sure you don't become preggers!!! hahahahahaha

This is just too much fun! You guys all did a great job!

~wyn ^_^

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Great comments and entries for this day.

Mrs Mogul, you can send Kate over here.

'Berk' also rhymes with 'lurk'.

PureMood, sorry that circumstances prevented you sending anything; I'm sure it would have been good.

Raehan, I'm sure you're never really the wallflower.

Nic said...

Is Berk short for Bizerk? What fun and enjoyable posts!

November Rain said...

sweet R2k,,, lovely story

Better... hey I found you LOL
maybe I should bring you some mistletoe (dont you know always bring your own to xmas parties )LOL

Capt Berk

those force feilds hurt LOL

Anonymous said...

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