Monday, May 30, 2011

Section 31 Meeting (Part One)

Guest Poster: Luther Sloan

A meeting between key members of Section 31 is never easy to set up. Just how do you alert those in a Secret Group within Starfleet that they should attend? After all, we can hardly send it on printed notepaper with 'Section 31' emblazoned on the top.

No, it has to be whispered through word of mouth for the attendees to get there. Woe betide if any of them has hearing difficulties. Then they don't turn up and apologies are mentioned in the minutes.

Yes, we actually have someone take the minutes. After he does, he has to eat the paper with the words on, then then we kill him just to make sure. It's not a position that is particularly sought after.

"We are gathered here today." I begin to the group around the table, "To discuss the weak links of the USS Enterprise. It has come to our attention, particularly when our agents J and K infiltrated. The noticed a number of people whose actions could be seen to be qustionable. J?"

Agent J stands up to speak, while I have a drink and a sticky bun.

"Firstly," begins Agent J, "Captain Jean-Luc Picard is the most questionable of all. He gets assimilated a few years ago, is supposedly cured a few days later, yet establishes an intriuging realationship with Earth's mortal enemy the Borg Queen, and allows a drone called Seven of Nine to stay on the ship."

"He claims it's to preserve a truce." comments an Agent, sarcastically.

"Precisely." answers J, "Are we supposed to believe this, or just let a Starship Captain go into collusion with the Borg?"

Disapproving murmurs come from all around the table.

"I agree, Agent J" I tell her, "It is a most serious turn of events. Agent K, do you want to list another incident?"

The brunette stands up, and starts to read off her list.

"I find great concern with the woman in Ten Forward, named Guinan.." K tells us, "She is an El-Aurian, and many hundreds of years old. It appears that she has the ear of Captain Picard and advises him on a lot of crucial matters."

Agent K holds up her picture and a lot of glum sounds are made.

"She could well be an enemy of the Federation planted in to influence Picard to make bad decisions...if he is already doing that deliberately as an agent of the Borg!"

Cheers go up at this comment.

"Agent J and I have found others we are not happy about." K tells me."

"Very well." I say, "We'll have a recess for now to have coffee and a sticky bun, then we'll hear more from you two."

To be continued......


Unknown said...

Live long and prosper

Linda said...

Oh bother, seems like there's always someone stirring the pot, isn't there?

The Curmudgeon said...

I'm sorry -- I can't take the notes at this meeting; my hands are all covered with frosting from the sticky buns.

Yes, a good plan -- and overwhelming incentive not to arrive late, after all the sticky buns are gone....

Gordon said...

Hmm time to just shoot J and K they are trouble.

Unknown said...

Your diplomacy will see you through!

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