Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle (Part Four)

Guest Poster: Sheena

What a difference a short time has made.

Not long ago, I was a one year old baby who accidentally pressed a few buttons of a strange obelisk placed by the Doolittle race hundreds of years ago on the jungle planet of Tarsus VI. I crawled in and a few flashing lights not only aged me to a seventeen year old, but gave be the ability to talk to all the animals here. My mom and dad, who are Karena and Wesley are with the others of the Enterprise and Rhode Island searching for me. For the moment, they have given up here for now. That's what Mac the monkey tells me. Until they return, I have agreed to help the animals here with their various disputes.


Several minutes later, I had fashioned my own spear, just like the sort my mother had. I was an Amazon Queen with a responsibility to all the creatures here.

"Let's go to the meeting place, Sheena." Mac advised me, "All of the representatives are there, with a few things to say. Stripey will take us there."

"Stripey?" I asked. "You'll see." the primate answered.

A few moments later, Stripey and I were going along. All I heard were complaints from him were about being persecuted and laughed at by the lions because of their appearance.

"A right moaner this one!" Mac whispered in my ear.

Soon, we reached a circle where representatives of all the species had gathered.

"Who is this, then?" demanded the lion, "I hardly think we can talk to a human!"

"That's just it, Lenny!" exclaimed Mac, "We can. Sheena here has the ability to talk to all animals. She can help us with disdputes and stop the alien hunters that come to this planet."

"Can you tell what I'm saying?" the lion asked me.

"Sure can." I replied.

"Interesting." commented a tiger, "Well we've been having a lot of territorial problems with the lions."

"Don't forget the agreement that meat eaters can only eat so many non-meat eaters per year." remarked a giraffe. "Don't think I haven't noticed how much more you predators have been having."

More and more issues kept piling up.

Mac groaned and put his fingers in his ears.

"It always gets like this!" he explained.

Suddenly the giraffe made a noise.

"Hold on, everybody!"

"What is it, Sky?" Lenny asked.

"I can see in the distance." Sky answered, "The humans are walking back."

To be continued after the TWQ.......


The Curmudgeon said...

I think Wes and Karena are in for a shock. And will Beverly feel old to have a granddaughter who is so, um, mature...?

Unknown said...

What a difference Sheena can make! :)