Monday, May 02, 2011

Queenie's Lecture (Part One)

"I have to what?" I tell the Admiral over the videoviewer.

"You have to attend a lecture on human/Borg relationships given by the Borg Queen of Cube 01" Bullock told me, "I understand you know this creature."

"Yes I do." I reminded him, "The first time we met, she assimulated me, had a love affair with me. After that, with me human again, she has been chasing after me."

"Well just watch your step, Picard." Admiral says, "We don't want to lose ant Captains, "They cost too much to train."

I pretend that I didn't hear that and switch the viewer off. I go and tell Bev what has happened.

"You're going to what?" Bev exclaims in astonishment, "You realise that Queenie has probably only concocted this lecture as a chance to get to see you?"

"You may be right." I tell her,  "What can I do?"

"I can come along with you." she suggested.

"What? As my chaperone?"

"You could say that, Jean-Luc." she smiled. "It would definately put a damper on her chances."

Several hours later, we are in the queue to meat the Borg Queen on Starbase 7.

"Hello, Locutus." Queenie says to me softly, "I hope we can find the time to have a quiet drink together."

"Sure, we'll love that." pipes up Bev who was standing behind me. The Borg Queen looks shocked.

"Beverly?" she says confusingly, "I didn't know you were on the Guest List?"

I kind of invited myself, Queenie." Bev sharply says, "Aren't you glad to see me?"

"Of course." an enraged Queen answers through her gritted teeth, "Let's go an have that drink."

I think Bev needs to be careful. The Borg Queen would like to keep her away from my side for a few hours so she can be with me.

To be continued.......


The Curmudgeon said...

Bev may find herself assimilated if she's not careful. And Chief Medical Officers cost a lot to train as well!

Linda said...

Oh dear ... wasn't there a problem awhile back with Bev's drink getting spiked or something? Sometimes I think standing up to the Borg Queen is really more a silly move than a bold one!