Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Enterprise Christmas Party (Part Two)

Editor's Note:

Captain Picard and Bev are planning to prevent the Borg Queen from dominating the Enterprise Christmas Party at The Pink Klingon and romancing the Captain by putting a knockout pill in her drink. The Queen has just arrived.

Guest Poster: The Borg Queen

I love to make a grand entrance!

Everyone turns to look at me, as I wear my little black dress with a low cut neckline. I know all will want to dance with me, but only the Captain is on myt dancecard tonight.

The Strolling Drones tune up and play the Borg song We Love The Queen.

Figure of beauty,
A leader not mean,
Our guiding light,
We love the Queen.

Jean-Luc and the Redhead both come up to greet me.

"Greetings, Queenie." Jean-Luc says, "I hope you will enjoy this year's Enterprise Christmas Party."

"I'm sure I will." I tell them, "I particularly love the Okey Cokey, Time Warp and all those smoochy dances....don't you, Jean-Luc?"

He looks a little nervous. I wonder why?

"Do you want a drink?" asks the Redhead, "There is a lovely drink right here."

"Maybe later, Bev." I reply, "I'll start at the bar."

I stride over there and order a Gargleblaster from Annette, who is serving. I suddenly become aware of someone who is stroking my shoulder. I turn round quickly.

"Hi there, beautiful!" says a reddish haired human female, who is eating a strawberry, "I'm Daisy, what's your name?"

"You may call me Queenie." I answer in a puzzled voice, "What is it you require?"

"What a gorgeous name. Do you wanna dance for a while, and maybe neck outside?" Daisy casually asks.

"Do you want to be assimuilated?" I tersely reply.

"What's that then?" Daisy says, "Is it the latest drug that's going around the clubs?"

I walk away in wonderment. The young today have no idea.

The Redhead pins me as I do, and guides me to where the punchbowl is. She gets two glasses of punch.

Let's toast to our friendship, Queenie." Bev says, and remarks on the fact that Worf and Jadzia married a few months ago, although I can see out of the corner of my eye her hand is doing something with the drinks.

"Indeed, Bev." I say, "It is good that we are friends, and tell her that she just needs to ask The Strolling Drones to play any song and they will.

I quickly switch the drinks around. We pick them up. "To friendship!"

The Redhead drinks some more, and in a few seconds, her eyerballs look like they are going all over the place. I ease her on the floor and roll her under the table, unconsious.

Jean-Luc is standing around, looking innocent. Doubtless he is involved in this as well.

As I approach, he starts to say, "Bev, did it work?" and he sees me.

"Yes, It did work." I say with a sly smiler, "Beverly is resting comfortably. Now we've got the Okey Cokey and ALL those smoochy slow dances to look forward to."

I grab him and take him to the dancefloor. This is going to be a fabulous Christmas Party!


Linda said...

Yep, I knew it! Seriously, Jean-Luc, don't you think it would have been better if YOU had been the one to offer the Queen her drink? She'd have been so distracted by the nearness of you that she wouldn't have noticed you slipping a pill into it. Men!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Always fun to see the Borg Queen and the trouble she causes!

The Curmudgeon said...

I suppose we're going to start having to call you Locutus again pretty soon the way this is shaping up.

Susan said...

Could you not have hid behind the sofa and not answered the door bell?

Fly Girl said...

The queen is too clever for them!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Hiding behind the sofa when the doorbell went might have been a good

Unknown said...

Let the party begin! You can't go wrong with Bev on your arm!! I feel honored to attend the festivities, and of course there's The Strolling Drones!!! :)