Monday, December 06, 2010

The Enterprise Christmas Party (Part One)

"I fail to see how the Enterprise Christmas Party ended up here." grumbles Lieutenant Worf to me, "To think it ended up in such an establishment as The Pink Klingon is beyond the pale."

"Quit complaining, Worfie." says his wife, Jadzia, "Actiually, it's quite a beautiful place. I've just heard from some of the regulars here that many Klingons actually visit, although they are discreet about it."

Worf snorts in derision, and says a true Klingon warrior would go to The Bloodaxe,  a wild place where people have to fight the doorman and win before being allowed to enter.

As Bev and I look around, we see that the Borg band The Strolling Drones are playing light music in the background, the tune I Wanna Be Assimilated wafting through the room.

Take me now to that Cube room,
Where it's all greeny decorated,
Slap that metal on me now,
Yeah, I wanna be assimilated

As Britney and T'Pol are the regulars here, they walk lightly to the owners Annette and Amanda and exchange kisses.

"Hiya, Brit, hiya T'Pol." says the blonde haired Annette, "Glad to see you both here again. You've bought quite a few people with you.."

"Yeah." agrees the dark haired Amanda, "The party is gonna be a blast. "Hiya Captain. Planning to dance with Commander Riker?"

"No, I'll stick with Bev." I tell her in a deep voice. They both giggle.

Deanna laughs, and takes Riker on to the dancefloor when the Drones play I'm A Pretty Betazoid.

I'm a pretty Betazoid,
I'll make you unwind,
You think that,
As I can read your mind.

Jennifer Baxter arrives in a daring dress, while Data has a tuxedo.

"Greetings, Captain." Data says in his usual voice, "I hope tonmight will be a most pleasant experience."

"For goodness sake." Jenny tells him, "Data, put your emotion chip in and let your hair down!"

"But Jennifer." Data replies, somewhat confused, my hair is not up."

Bev and I walk over to the drinks, where Amanda is serving out all the wine. We both have a Klingon Bloodwine, which makes us a little dozy..

"Jean-Luc." she asks, "What are we gonna do when the Borg Queen arrives? She will want to dominate the party and take over. More than likely, she will butt in between us. You know what her affections are towards you?"

"I've thought about this, Bev." I tell her, "When she comes, you offer her a drink. It'll have this special knockout pill. It will have her sleeping like a baby while the rest of us can enjoy the party."

"You are a clever Captain!" Bev laughs, and the two of us waltz off to enjoy Fly Me To The Moon being played.. After that, a rousing rock song, Sector 57 Blues brings Btritney and T'Pol dancing together.

No time to waste,
No time to lose,
Cos I tell ya, honey,
I got the Sector 57 Blues

"Yeah, baby!" yells Britney, "Let's rock n'roll!"

"I'm with ya all the way, sweetie!" T'Pol replies.

The song comes to an end, and an official suddenly runs to the Drones, who play a trumpeting welcome.

Everyone tuirns to the door.

"The Borg Queen has arrived!" I comment gloomily.

To be continued......


Linda said...

Well, either your plan is going to go brilliantly or backfire horribly - should be interesting to see which way it goes! Perhaps I'll have another glass of Klingon Bloodwine while I'm waiting to see what happens!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Bev looks stunning and Brit...oye!

Unknown said...

The Daring Jennifer Baxter. I LOVE THIS PARTY!!! ;D