Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Romulan Conference (Part Two)

Riker, Deanna, Worf and myself are in the conference room with two of the three Romulans that have come to the Enterprise to discuss border proposals. One of them, the female named Donatra seems keen to talk to me, and has whispered that everything is not all as it seems. As yet, I haven't had an opportunity to ask what she means. The leader of their delegation, Commander Toreth is watching everything closely


"So what we propose, Captain Picard," Torerth says, "Is that the Romulan Star Empire gives you access to the area you call the Warg Passageway, which will give you easy access to Sector 421. In return, you will give us the area of space known as Sector 28. It has no habitable planets and would not be a loss to you."

This Commander sounds like a real saleswoman. It wouldn't surprise me if you used to sell brushes on Romulus. I try not to smile at this thought.

"It looks a good proposal, Captain." Riker comments.

"I agree." Deanna says, "The advantage Starfleet ships would have in being able to use the Warg Passageway would be tremendous".

Worf, as head of Security, stands by the door, tactfully not saying anything about the race he dislikes.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Donatra shaking her head slightly at me, making sure Toreth does not see her.

"Incidentally, Commander." I ask, "Where is your associate Jarok today?"

"He is feeling rather ill." Toreth answers, "It seems Federation food does not agree with him, so he is in his quarters."

"Indeed." I answer neutrally, not believing that feeble excuse, "Let's have a break for 15 minutes and then we can finalise the details for the agreement."

Toreth seems pleased at this, and the two Romulans get up to leave. Donatra drops all her paperwork, and tells her superior that she will meet her in a moment.

Ah, that old trick!

"All right, Donatra." I say quickly, "We've only got a few seconds. What's going on?"

"All this is a ruse to get the border defence codes!" she exclaims, "Jarok is not ill, but is a computer genious who will be able to get into your computers without anyone being aware of it. She is not the timid Romulan he appears to be."

"So why are you telling us this?" Worf asks suspiciously, "You are betraying your own people."

"On the contrary." she answers, "My family history shows that I come from a Klingon background mainly, though I have a small amount of Romulan blood in me, and have been raised as such. I have honour and consider myself a closet Klingon warrior."

"Let's stop Jarok before he gets those codes!" I say, and we all head towards his quarters, Worf summoning his Security team at the same time.

We burst in, and see Jarok downloading the files on the computer, just as if he is trying to copy a film or music...only it's our border codes!

"Stop!" Worf says in his Security-mode voice, and beckons the team to get him. I rush to the computer and press 'cancel' before the copy is completed. I then extract the disc and crush it.

"What is going on?" Toreth exclaims, "I demand that you unhand my associate."

"Oh, we'll do that when we beam you and him back to the warbird." I say in my best authoritive voice, "In the meantime, this conference is over."

"You'll reget this." she replies, "Come on, Jarok and Donatra."

"I'm staying behind." Donatra says firmly, "I'm claiming asylum with the Federation, and now see myself as a Klingon."

Toreth looks horrified.

"You traitor!" the Commander exclaims, "You will be denounced in all parts of the Romulan Empire, your house will be burned down.."

"On your way, Commander." jeers Donatra.

As the two go out, Deanna hugs Donatra , I shake her hand, and Worf smiles.

"Welcome to the Federation." Worf tells her, "You are indeed a Klingon of honour."


The Curmudgeon said...

Knowing the Romulans, things are probably still not what they seem -- sure she exposes a clumsy attempt at espionage... but is that merely to gain your trust for something far more nefarious?

Either that, or she makes a play for Worf and makes Dax jealous.

Or maybe both?

Nic said...

I have given you the BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD for being such a wonderful friend who is always full of encouragement!

Linda said...

Normally I am the suspicious type but I'm going to say 'yay' for Donatra and welcome her to the Klingon race where she will hopefully remain as a woman of honour and valour rather than turn out to be nothing but a Romulan in Klingon's clothing!

Anonymous said...
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Fly Girl said...

A closet Klingon Warrior, OOh!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Curmy and Linda have different opinions about Donatra. Maybe she will reappear in the near future?

Nic, thanks for that fab Award!

Gordon said...

Time to beef up the security protocols again I think Jean-Luc

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

The Romulans are a new challenge, that's for sure!