Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bev & Picard's Valentine Vacation (Part Three)

 Guest Poster: Mirror T'Pol

Britney and I were just coming out of our hotel, the Romantica, on the planet Amora when who should we meet but Captain Picard and Beverly Crusher! The sly pair, sneaking off on a Valentine trip. Still, I guess I can't blame them. Britney and I were doing the same thing. They don't seem too pleased at seeing us here.

 "Isn't this just fabuloso!" Britney exclaims, "We can chat, have dinner, go on the beach..."

"So and T'Pol are one of the pair of 'Miss Smiths' at the Romantica." the Captain ask.

"Yeah." Britney replies, "Ain't it a hoot how everybody is called 'Smith' there so that people can't find our who is staying there? T'Pol and I love it there. Anyway, where shall we all go now?"

Beverly shuffles awkwardly.

"Brit." I say tactfully, "Maybe the two of them just want to be left alone? It is a Valentine vacation, after all."

"Maybe you're right, soulsistah." she replies, "The two us us came for that and to get some serious suntanning done as well."

A few minutes later, I am in my bikini, with Britney applying some lotion as we lie on the beach In a few hours, the twin suns will go down. An ideal time to catch some rays before bedtime.

"Britney! T'Pol!" someone exclaims. We turn around to see it was Beverly.

"What's happened?" I ask.

"It's Jean-Luc." she replies, "He's found out that one of the Smith pairs is Deanna Troi and Will Riker, another pair are Jennifer Baxter and Data, and lastly Worf and Jadzia Dax. He said it's more crowded than the Enterprise, and is rapidly packing our bags."

We try not to smile.

"Where are you going to go now, Beverly?" I ask.

"Back to the Enterprise." she replies, "Jean-Luc says he will programme this planet and hotel into the holodeck, but there won't be any visitors!"

"Okay." Brit says, and Beverly walks away.

We wait several moments then burst out laughing.


The Curmudgeon said...

Next year you should schedule a Valentine's Day party on the ship... and simply ditch it. Everyone else will be there... and you can go where you will.

susan said...

Can't you split the ship and zoom off on the bridge and then get the transporters to malfunction.

You'd have a bit of time to yourselves then.

Unknown said...

When Sir Richard Branson's Galactica Express runs a sale on tickets, I'll have to book a space fight to the hotel Romantica! :D)

Fly Girl said...

Poor Captain! Who wants to spens Valentine's Day surrounded by those pesky crew members?

Linda said...

I guess I can't blame the Captain on that one, he could have saved the money and the trip and just stayed on the Enterprise if he wanted to be with that whole lot!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Everyone has the same idea :)

Ellee Seymour said...

It'a good to know that romance is still alive.