Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bev & Picard's Valentine Vacation (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Beverly Crusher

Jean-Luc and I have arrived on the planet Amora for our Valentine break. We'll be at the Hotel Romantica, the top place to be here.

We enter the hotel, and are greeted by the receptionist.

"Ah, Mr & Mrs Smith." he says cheerily, "It's so good to see you. I'm sure you'll have a pleasant stay at the Hotel Romantica. My name is Simon"

"But my name's not Smi.." I start to protest.

"It is here." Simon tells us, "In order to maintain the utmost discretion, we give all our guests the same name. They find it most comforting that they will not be intruded upon by unwelcomne visitors, such as their marriage partners."

"So everyone here is known as Mr & Mrs Smith?" Jean-Luc asks.

"Err, not exactly." Simon says, "There are three sets of Miss Smith couples and one pair of Mr Smiths together."

Jean-Luc smiles at this, and the two of us go up to our room.

"This looks fabulous" I say when seeing it, "This vacation looks like being a really romantic one."

"Indeed it does, Bev" Jean-Luc replies, "Well away from those others in the Enterprise, we can really enjoy ourselves."


A couple of hours later, after enjoying ourselves, Jean-Luc and I go downstairs.

"Let's take a walk around." he says, "Then we can have dinner and later sit by the beach and watch the twin suns go down"

"Wonderful." I reply, "I'm loving this already."

The two of us take a carefree walk back to the hotel as two women start to walk out.

"Hey!" says one, "It's the Captain and Beverly Crusher."

"It sure is,Britney." replies T'Pol, "We never expected to see you two here!"

I wince.

"We didn't expect to see you, either." Jean-Luc comments glumly.

To be continued...


The Curmudgeon said...

I don't suppose they would have believed your names were really "Smith," would they? Still, too bad you didn't try that first --

"Oh, terribly sorry," you might have said, "you must have us mistaken for someone else. Our names are Smith...."

Linda said...

Oh dear ... of all the romantic hotels in all the world, they had to walk into yours!

Batman said...

So Spider-man is so broke he has to be a hotel receptiionist wait'll I tell evreyone.

Batman said...
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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Batman, yes...it makes it easier to get to hotel rooms if they want anything...he just climbs the walls.

Gordon said...

Of all the hotels in all the worlds they had to pick that one... Emergency transport off planet time I think.

Unknown said...

I would wince a bit myself, Captain!

Jessie said...

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