Monday, July 06, 2009

Deanna Counsels Ro Laren (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Ro Laren

Blackmail is a grubby business, even more so when I'm the one being blackmailed!

The Cardassian woman Malana has demanded that I give here twenty bars of the valuable latinum or she will reveal to the Federation, the Bajorans and to the Cardassian government that I have a secret boyfriend, who is Gul Vorak, the Cardassian Ambassador to Earth. Such a revelation would finish our careers and leave us ostricised from both our home worlds. I've been forced to reveal my problem to ship's Counselor Deanna Troi.


"Come on, Ro." says Deanna, "We've got to sort this problem out. I've done some research on Malana. Let's beam down to Realta IV and sort her out."

"What are we going to do." I ask, still sniffing on my Enterprise-embossed tissue."

"Let's play it by ear." Deanna answers, "Jenny has let me borrow her multi-phase disruptor for the occasion."

"We can't kill anyone!" I protest, "Besides, I can't imagine Jenny loaning ANYONE her disruptor. It's her favourite weapon."

"It's just for protection, Ro." Deanna tells me, and admits that Jenny didn't exactly lend it. She was booked for a long session in the holodeck, so tells me we would be back before Jenny Baxter knew.


We take the shuttlecraft down while most of the Enterprise is sleeping, telling the others that we are going out clubbing.

After emerging from the shuttle when it lands, we can see it's clearly not des res.

"What a dump!" I exclaim, "This planet really is trashy."

The two of us walk down the main street; everybody looks shady.

"Anybody on Skid Row would have moved out of this place as it's beneath their standing." Deanna says to herself, "Now where's the location in which Malana said to find her?"

"Just up here." I indicate, as we step over a few bodies lying in the road.

The two of us enter an alleyway, that barely has any light. We can't see if anyone is there. Suddenly a wall light is turned on, and I see a familar face.

"Hello, Bajoran." Malana says softly, looking at me, "So we meet again."

To be continued...


The Curmudgeon said...

Troi will use her empathic abilities to develop some counterbalancing dirt on the would-be blackmailer?

I don't think she'll just blast away... will she?

NiteSkyGirl said...

THIS is a cool blog.

Gordon said...

Hmm this could get interesting....

Anthony Stark Ironboy said...

Hmm What kind of dirt does deanna have?

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Hmmm very interesting

Amanda said...

I find it hard to believe that Deanna will use the multi-phase disruptor....we'll find out :)

Belle Epoque said...

This is a good time for the Avon lady to make an unexpected housecall...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You'll all find out!