Sunday, July 19, 2009

Borg Cultural Exchange (Part Three)

Guest Poster: The Borg Queen

It seems like it might have been bad timing to invite Beverly Crusher on a cultural exchange of my Cube, Unimatrix 01. We are under attack by hostiles!

The whole thing started very pleasantly with a tour of the Assimilation Chamber and the new feng shui decorating we are doing throughout the Cube. Then the alarm sounded.


"Who are they, Queenie?" Bev asks increduously, "Surely no race goes and attacks the Borg and expects to get away with it?"

"That is true, Beverly." I reply, "But when showing you around, we used our transwarp engines to travel to the Delta Quadrant where our home is. Unfortunately, we are having a lot of problems with a group called Species 8472. Believe me, they are not the sort of individuals you would wish to meet on a dark night."

"You mean..." she starts...

"Yes, there are a race more powerful than the Borg." I confess, "But in your view, far more dangerous."

Beverly looks worried, and looks like she rues the time she volunteered to come on board. Frankly, I'm wishing I hadn't either. I was due for a vacation soon.

A massive explosion hits the side of the Cube. It'll play havoc with all the decorating that I've done lately. Drones are running around trying to do everything I tell them.

"They've hit us with a bioweapon!" I tell Bev, "We've got to retreat...."

Another big explosion hits. Beverly and I are thrown to the floor, and I feel a seering pain. Lots of blood is on the floor....mine unfortunately!

"What's wrong, Queenie?" she asks, as she examines me.

"I'm badly injured." I tell her, "The drones are going to have to take me to the medical facilty on board and repair me. In the meantime, Beverly, you're going to have to take charge."

"What!" she replies in disbelief.

"You're our only chance." I say to Beverly, "The drones need instructing. Sit on the throne and talk into the microphone. With the earpice in your ear, you will be connencted to the Hive Mind. Get us out of here and back to the Alpha Quadrant where the Enterprise is."

With that, drone stretcher bearers carry me to the medical facilty, as Beverly looks around dazed, not sure what to do next.

To be continued...


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Hope they are nothing like the 456

Amanda said...

WOW! I've missed some exciting episodes these past few days.

I wonder how Beverly will get the Borg out of this one.

Fly Girl said...

Poor Beverly, this is a high stress situation that I'm afraid only Borg's can withstand!