Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Introducing Jadzia

I've got a right problem now; how do I tell my son Alexander about my new relationship with Jadzia Dax?

After some thinking, I've decided to chat with him and introduce Jadzia to Alexander so that we can all be happy together.

Why do I get the idea that this is not the right course of action?


I'm in my quarters right now, and have asked Alexander to see me. Jadzia will be waiting in the other room, coming in at the appropriate moment.

"Hello father, you wished to see me?" says Alexander as he walks in.

"Yes, Alexander." I reply in a calm Klingon way, "I wish to talk with you about a certain delicate matter."

"It's not the facts of life, is it, father?" he replies, "I know all about that from the biology class we had some time ago."

"No, it's not that" I patiently say, "It's about my friend Deanna."

"I had been thinking of Deanna" he tells me, "I haven't seen her around here very much now. Doesn't she like you anymore. I like Deanna."

I wince at what Jadzia must be thinking as she hears all this while waiting in the next room.

"Deanna was a pleasant lady" I explain carefully, "But your father has a new friend who I'd like to introduce to you".

Jadzia walks in from the other room.

"Hello, Alexander" she says pleasantly.

"This is my new friend Jadzia Dax" I tell him, 'Say 'hello' to Jadzia, Alexander."

"Hello" Alexander says, then looks up and down at her. He then looks back at me. I know what he's going to say.

"I prefer Deanna" he says clearly, "Can't we have her back instead. Deanna was always so kind and pleasant to me."

I could hear the grating of Jadzia's teeth as she struggled not to say anything. The tension in the air could have been cut with a bat'leth.

"No, Alexander" I firmly inform him, "Jadzia is your father's friend from now on, so I want you to get to like her so that we can all be friends together here on the Enterprise."

"That's what you said when you introduced me to Deanna." he protests, "Will you be having another friend when Jadzia goes?"

"NO!" both I and Jadzia tell him together.

"Can I still see Deanna?" he asks me.

I'll have to be tactful here, otherwise I'll have Jadzia walking out very soon.

"Err...you can see her in her Counselor role, Alexander" I inform in in my best fatherly tone, "But I don't think it would be a good idea if you saw her around here. Jadzia can help you if you have any problems here."

Alexander walks out apparently satisfied with the answer, although he gives Jadzia a suspicious look.

Jadzia gives me a kiss. I think I came through it all in one piece.

Why is it I would rather be facing a group of Romulans heavily armed than having a chat with my son?


no_average_girl said...

i think i like deanna better too, alexander!

Minerva said...

He'll come round........*grin*

Trinity13 said...

He had better start liking her soon! She's going to be around for a while!!!

Master Yoda said...

Perhaps if in a low-cut, body-hugging outfit Jadzia would dress too, prefer her, Alexander would.

Jen said...

Good for you!

Wedge Antillies said...

Hey, it ain't easy beign a father (or so I've heard).

Ciera said...

Deanna's ncie...but she's not a good match for Worf...Jadzia kicks butt...literally...

Anonymous said...

Well, he certainly has pleasant diction...

Vegeta said...

Well Worf you could have The son that wants to kill you like I do. Or the One that's two sons in one. or a daughter that is in love with Clownspawn I say your lucky Worf

Viamarie said...

Alexander will learn to like Jadzia in due time. He needs to know Jadzia better.

With you helping him make the adjustment, there should be no problem.

Hope things will work out well for the good of all.

Professor Xavier said...

I can understand your reluctance to talk to your son. After all, he is a Klingon.

Professor Xavier said...


Anonymous said...

Worf, I have the opposite problem Hotstuff wants a father so bad he is calling everyone daddy who he thinks is a potential friend...

Give Alex time... I would not totally isolate Deanne from Alex, it could be an emotional shock to Alex and if Jaz really cares for you she would want what is best for you and alex

so she shouldnt take Deanne away... (like a security blanket Alex might end up klinging on to her more if you did)

I know its hard for Klingons but Patients is the best way to handel this

love isnt learned but it isnt instant either

Nic said...

Why do I see Alexander causing problems with Jadzia and Deanna in some way?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I can see problems ahead, as well, Nic!

Master Yoda, a good solution, your's is

Professor Xavier said...

I liked Yoda's too. I think a low cut, body hugging dress is a good solution to most of life's problems.

Anonymous said...

Alaxander cant get over the time he walked in on deanna in the shower, a kid that age would be scar'd for life.

Wha am I kiddin, he been trying to do it again ever since.

Anonymous said...

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