Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Date With Beverly

This evening, Beverly and I are having a date by spending some time in the holodeck having a picnic as the twin suns of Sira set, creating a beautiful effect.

As we are Captain and Doctor, we don't usually do this; rather discreetly, I have told Riker that Dr Crusher and I are studying various route options for the Enterprise to travel in the Osarka System.

"If you say so." Riker had said in a sly voice, followed by a wink.

Anyway, Beverly and I are sitting on a grass hilltop within the holodeck eating our sandwiches; the twin suns are lowering.

"Oh, Jean-Luc" says Beverly, "This is so romantic; we should have done this before."

The holodeck door opens and Data walks in.

"I am very sorry, Captain" he declares, "But I understood that you and the Doctor were studying routes for the Enterprise to go; I wanted to see if you needed my help."

"We've already done that, Data." I tell him, "Dr Crusher and I are just err...relaxing before we go back."

"I see; I could stay with you if you wish, Captain."

"That won't be necessary, Data! " I snap, "You can go back to the Bridge."

Data leaves, and Beverly starts chatting.

"Sira is such a beautiful place, Jean-Luc. Maybe we'd like to see it for real somet.."

Geordi walks in.

"Hi Captain," he states eagerly, "I heard that there were some routes that you were planning; maybe I could help by calculating the engine's optimum performance."

"I don't think we need your input Mr La Forge" I irritatingly say, "The Doctor and I have it all worked out between us."

Geordi takes a look at Beverly and I.

"Err, yes, I see what you mean." he stammers, and hurriedly leaves.

The twin suns start to sink even further; Beverly and I eat our sandwiches, and afterwards put my arm round her shoulder.

"Beverly," I tell her, "I really want to say..."

Deanna walks in.

"Captain, can I have a word with Bev?" she inquires, "I want to see if she's free for the next girlie night out."

Beverly sighs and gets up to talk with Deanna; they whisper in each other's ear. Deanna looks at me, has a fit of giggles amd leaves.

"All sorted out?" I ask Beverly.

"Err, yes" she replies.

We sit down again; the twin suns have almost set. We move close together, and we start to kiss.

Worf enters.

"Captain!" he barks out, "There is a security disturbance; one of the prisoners we have been escorting has escaped."

"Can't Commander Riker handle it?" I say.

"He has ensured teams are seaching for him, but wanted you and Doctor Crusher to be aware of the situation."

"Thank you, Mr Worf!" I say with a resigned voice before he leaves.

"I'm sorry, Beverly" I say to her, "But it seems our date was doomed from the start."

"Don't worry, Jean-Luc." she replies, "We'll have our date another time."

"It's maddened me though." I angrily declare, "If someone else comes through that door, they will regret it!"

The door opens.

I turn round and without seeing I run and grab the person, knocking him unconsious.

"Why can't you leave us alone!!" I yell out.

When I look, I see I've got my hands round the neck of the escaped prisoner.

Worf and the security team quickly follow.

"Well done, Captain!" he says, "You managed to capture him; it would have required great strength to to that."

As they take him away, Beverly kisses me.

"Very good, Jean-Luc" she whispers, "Our date turned out well, after all."


no_average_girl said...

wow, the captain impressed dr. crusher! glad to hear the date went well...keep us updated, captain picard!

Anonymous said...

Captian next time locked the holodeck door or maybe have someone program it so you two cant be bothered

Nic said...

Oh! The Cappy had a date. :) At least even before you impressed her she was willing to go on another date with you and seemingly eager too! Good for you Captain! :)

Simon Smith said...

Oh dear... Next time, let everyone know that interruptions will be punishable by a ticket to a black hole. That'll stop 'em.

Son Goku said...

in the Holodeck ? , but you'll be attacked by Gehnis Khan, Attila the Hun, JAck the ripper , and evil Lincon Or has that stoppped happening?

Professor Xavier said...

Using the holo-deck for a date? Interesting idea. My Danger Room incorporates holo-technology but I just use to have the X-Men get beaten up.

Trucker Pete said...

At the rate things are going with Beverly, you'll need that strong grip! ;)

M. C. Pearson said...

Kissy kiss kiss. How very sweet...I like the name of the place with the twin suns. Reminds me of another name...hmmmm.

Nettie said...

Oh, I like that!


That's soooo romantic and plus the view. Perfect date.

Trinity13 said...

What a hero you are Capt!!! They should promote you for that.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I fear the crew will forever keep pestering Beverly and myself.

Marianne, I don't know what you mean!

Star Kindler, you might be right.

Anonymous said...

"Seize the time, Meribor. Live now; make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again" -- Picard (The Inner Light)

This is a blog to return to.

Here via Michele's.

Have a great Friday!

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

A day of fun and romance! How delightful for all.

You must keep the crew at their proper distance.

Have a good weekend!

Suzanne said...

just wait till you two have children....sheesh!

Rowan said...

There's a reason that honesty is so highly regarded. It keeps the interlopers at bay!

Perhaps next time you should either let everyone know what's going on...or just not tell anyone anything at all -- such as the location of your date.
I do hope it goes better next time.

Oh, and congrats on the capture.

Simon Smith said...

Suzanne, I think Wesley is enough for these two starcrossed lovers...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Star Kindler, you could be right; a child like Wes would be scary!

Welcome, Jordan's Grandma.

carmilevy said...

Hmm, does 10-Forward offer some sort of private area?

Anonymous said...

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