Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Deanna Troi: Borg Queen (Part Two)

"What are we going to do, Captain?" I ask the Cappy as he takes me down to SickBay, "The Borg are going to invade in a few minutes, and that awful Borg Queen replica of myself is going to assimilate us all!"

"Don't panic, Deanna," he says, "We are going to have to dress you up a little."

I'm worried here, as it looks like I've got some work with me to do. How I wish I was shopping at the Starfleet Mall with Bev right now.

The Cappy gets me to SickBay; he goes over to Bev and whispers to her; she looks at me. Somehow I don't think they were talking about a date with each other.

"Come here, Deanna," says Bev, "This won't take long"


After a couple of minutes, Bev looks at the Cappy and nods.

I look in the mirror.

"I look just like that awful Queen" I shriek.

"Yes" says the Cappy, "Now I'll tell you what to do; we need one volunteer for you to take over to the Cube."

"I'll go!" pipes up a female voice.

It's the awful Jadzia Dax.

"I'll be more than happy to take on Deanna Troi...I mean the Borg Queen" she proudly tells the Cappy.

"And Counselor", he whispers, "We would like Lieutenant Dax back as well; don't leave her there."

What a pity.

I get instructed on the full mission, which makes me ever longful for the Ferengi Fishnets shop and the Betazoid Beauty Store.

"Two drones are on the Bridge!" shouts Will over the Com.

Dax and I run up to the Bridge with heavy disruptors and enter, The drones turn round and look puzzled.

"You will not assimilate these people, but will come back to the Cube with myself and this Trill woman." I tell them.

Will looks amazed, but has a smile on his face; I'm not surprised while I'm wearing this outfit.

Jadzia Dax & I beam back with the drones. I am allowed easy access around the Cube because of who I am. We go to the Central Complex where we see the Borg Queen.

"Well, well, Deanna" she says, "Eager to start your life the Borg, it seems? We'll take the Trill woman."

The two of us suddenly blast away with our disruptors, and the Queen is injured before her body shields prevent further damage.

"Here is the self-destruct" shouts Dax. She activates it. The drones are still too confused to move agaiinst us.

That's it. I've had enough danger for one day. The Cappy had better let me spend a week in the Mall as a reward for all this!

"Two to beam out!" I call, and we are back on the Enterprise.

There is a loud blast as the Cube explodes,

"Warp engines offline!" says Geordi.

"One lifesign still remaining!" Data tells us.

A Borg escape pod has jettisoned, but goes at transwarp speed. With warp engines offline, we can't catch it."

"We are being hailed" Data tells us.

I just wonder who it's gonna be?

The image of the wounded Troi Borg Queen appears.

"You got away this time" she tells us, as she nurses her wounds, "But I'll get my revenge...especially on you, Deanna!"

Her image fades.


"I'm off to the SickBay to get fixed up" I say, when looking at myself.

"You could keep the outfit on if you like, Deanna!" grins a satisfied Riker as if he has a plateful of donuts in front of him.

I give him a glare and walk out....although I did laugh to myself as well.


no_average_girl said...

you go girl! that's the way to destroy your evil twin sis out to get you! :-)

Anonymous said...

uh oh sounds like she is going to be back I would go after her as soon as it deems possible

Viamarie said...

A beautiful Wednesday morning to you Jean Luc!

Ciera said...

Hmm, I know someone else who likes "donuts"....

Simon Smith said...

Well Picard, take my advice for next time with Borg-Troi.

Have her meet the Borg Queen here in our universe. If we're lucky, they'll argue over who gets to be Queen and kill each other...

Professor Xavier said...

Captain, I truly hope that you include that picture of the Borg/Troi in each and every post from now on.

Anonymous said...

this is very intersting! i'd like to thank you for stopping by my blog. i hope to see you again some time. come drop by anytime. God bless you! =)

Kimberly said...

Stopping by your starship to say hello! :)

Unknown said...

Deanna was my favorite character in TNG

xtessa said...

i wonder how'd deanna get out of that outfit if she had to pee really bad... heehee.

Master Yoda said...

Wow. Something useful, Counselor Troi found to do. Amazing that is.

Trinity13 said...

You glared at Riker, but did you go find Worf? :-P

Professor Xavier said...

And by the way Captain, thank you for your timely intervention. Your gift basket from Williams & Sonoma is on its way.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Professor, It might well increase traffic if I keep that picture of Deanna the Borg Queen on!

Xtessa, you have a wicked humour!

Ciera, that's a puzzler!

Master Yoda, a dry wit, you have.

Nic said...

Well, as the Spice Girls (was that their name?) would say..."Girl Power"! Just goes to show you what can happen when even two women who can't stand each other put their heads together and come up with a solution to save those they hold near and dear. Good show D and J. I'm proud of you!

Rowan said...

Perhaps you should have the back of your head fitted with eyes...I think you'll be needing them.

Jaime said...

As someone else said, "You go, girl!"

Great read, Captain!

Captain Berk said...


Deanna dressed as a Borg queen.

I think i'm going to go and have a word with Uhura.

Anonymous said...

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