Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Weekend Question: Quick Questions:

As I've answered the questions on Nina's page, I thought I'd reciprocate by putting the questions up this weekend on mine. If you wish, post the same questions on your blog. I've deleted three questions that were originally on hers. Have fun!

I've just changed the questions slightly after the first four comments.

1: Who are you?
2:When and how did we meet?
3:What brings you here?
4:Why do you keep coming back?
5:Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
6:Describe me in one word.
7:What was your first impresssion of me?
8: Do you still think that now?
9:What reminds you of me?
10:If you could give me a present, what would it be?
11:Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?


Sandy said...

1. mother, wife, daughter!
2. Just now
3. Michele's, hello!
4. n/a
5. Trekkie
6. male
7. I thought, cool, I can see a Frenchman's blog! lol
8. not sure
9. ?
10. hmmm, I don't know the answers to 10, 11, 12

xtessa said...

ok, i'm gonna give this a go...

1. xtessa
2. last month (i think) thru michele's weekend meet 'n' greet
3. you're one of my blogfriends!
4. i'm a trekkie, well, partly 'coz i never saw Deep Space Nine;)
5. hmmm... i'll have to give this some thought
6. stalwart. hehe.
7. i actually thought you were a teenager!
8. LOL!
9. star trek, of course.
10. USS Enterprise
11. As Picard, not as well as i know Janeway...
12. i never saw Nemesis in its entirety... yet!

InterstellarLass said...

1. InterstellarLass
2. Don't remember...maybe MommaK's blog?
3. This time? You invited me to answer this post! :)
4. Your creativity.
5. hmmm...dunno!
6. Interesting
7. Um...what is this?
8. Nope, now that I think I finally 'get it'. :)
9. Aliens
10. A new communicator! :P
11. Not very
12. Um...I had a major crush on Riker, so if you could hook me up there...yeah. Much appreciated. :)

Pieces of Me said...

1. mom, daughter, wife, student.
2. Just now through Michele
3. you were above me on meet n greet
4. I will tell you next time I come!
5. I dont know!
6. I am stealing from above..interesting
7. you would go well with my family...a whole lot of trekkies (except me!)
8. yep
9. star trek
10. I dont like star trek
11. not well at all!
12. lol um no!

Panthergirl said...

1. Panthergirl Extraordinaire ;)
2. A few Meet & Greet's ago.
3. Usually Michele!
4. Ditto!
5. That''s too easy.
6. Trekomaniac
7. I, too, thought you were a teenager.
8. Nope. I've seen the pictures.
9. Too easy, again.
10. A lifesized poster of Seven of Nine.
11. Er, no!

Anonymous said...

1. Claire
2. Today via Michele's Meet'n'Greet
3. Your comment on my blog
4. It's my first time!
5. Trekkie...first impressions!
6. See last question!
7. See last 2 questions!
8. Yep!
9. Star Trek
10. A part in a Star Trek episode
11. Give me a few more visits!

True Jersey Girl said...

1. True Jersey Girl, of course
2. I think we met on my blog, right?
3. Constant source of humor and excellent writing
4. Same as number 3
5. I think I usually call you Cap'n, because, well, you are the Captain.
6. Intelligent
7. Wow, this is the oddest blog I have ever read
8. Yep, in a good way
9. Anything Star Trek related
10. One of my homemade Ya Ya helmets with some kind of special insulation made specifically for drinking in space.
11. I don't think so, I think I usually pretty much say what I think.

Robin said...

1. Robin
2. You left a comment on my blog about 2 months ago I think.
3. Your invite.
4. I like trying to figure out the meaning behind your posts.
5. I always call you Captain, because, well, you're the captain!
6. Kind.
7. I thought you were playful.
8. Yes.
9. Bald heads.
10. Another trip to Portugal, this time alone with Beverly.
11. Nope.


Minerva said...

1. Minerva
2. Through meet and greet 30 seconds ago
3. Michele
4. First time today honey *wink*
5. Monsieur...
6. Sympa
7. As above
8. 10 seconds later yes..*smiling*
9. 1964 Latour
10. A model of the star ship enterprise
11. Not yet...


Michele sent me...

Erin said...

i don't think i know you well enough to do the questions seeing as this is my first time here!
but, i'll poke around and see what kind of trouble i can get into on your site!
Hi! Michele sent me!

Heather said...

1: Who are you? Heather
2:When and how did we meet? I think I followed a link from another blog to this blog.
3:What brings you here?I was invited by you in a comment on my blog!
4:Why do you keep coming back? I like reading about life on The Enterprise
5:Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. JLP. Cause it is hard to type out Jean-Luc Picard all the time!
6:Describe me in one word. Trekkie
7:What was your first impresssion of me? That you really like Star Trek!
8: Do you still think that now? Absolutely
9:What reminds you of me? The Borg Invasion and The Klingon Encounter rides at the Hilton in Las Vegas
10:If you could give me a present, what would it be? To ride the above-mentioned rides.
11:Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? nope

Unknown said...

1. Nina
2. Through someone else's blog
3. I love how artistic you are in your writing (even though i don't know much about star trek)
4. because i love all things artistic
5. i'm not good with nicknames
6. creative
7. that you were a big star trek fan
8. sure
9. star trek
10. anything that would put a smile on your face
11. nope ~ i'm a to the point person. i'll tell ya when it's on my mind

Anonymous said...

1. better safe than sorry
2. right now, came via true jersey
(though i have seen your pic on some other blogs)
3. your invitation on true jersey's blog
4. ummmmmm, i guess i'll bookmark you and keep coming back???????
5. i'm just meeting you, so it's hard to come up with a nickname cuz i don't know anything about you as yet
7. neat
8. yes
9. star trek
10. a personal tour of NASA with several of the stars of "your show"
11. not yet

Anonymous said...

1. Chatty
2. We haven't
3. Michele
4. I haven't been here before
5. Chatty...I tawk too much.
6. I will get back to you on that.
7. Interesting
8. I think so.
9. Space, the final frontier
10. A different blod design
11. Hi, Michele sent me.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sandy, as you can see, I'm not French

Xtessa & PantherGirl, as you can see, I'm not a teenager, though I am in heart.

InterstellarLass, but your namr forward to Riker.

Diane, you're forgiven

Claire, hope you'll return.

Jersey, love the answers!

Robin, number 10 is ideal.

Minerva, very Frenchfied...great.

Erin, welcome aboard. hope you'll return.

Heather Nicole, I didn't know about the Klingon Rides at the Hilton. Beam me there RIGHT NOW.

Nina, you give some great answers there. Thanks for reciprocating.

Better Safe, thanks for dropping in; hope you come back.

Chatty, you're right, I would love a different design.

dddragon said...

1. dddragon
2. mmm... 'bout a month ago. I was looking for science fiction-related blogs. I've been a trekker for a long time.
3. Because you have an interesting and imaginative blog.
4. To see what you've been up to!
5. I cannot imagine giving you a nickname. You strike me as one of those people that has just enough formality about them all the time that would keep me from shorting Jean-Luc. In fact, I'm not sure I could call you anything other than Captain!
6. Trustworthy
7. You are an impressive person: intelligent, trustworthy and caring.
8. Yes
9. Coffee and a cinnamon bun (sorry, I don't care for hot tea)
10. A way to get rid of Wesley
11. Beam me up!!

Carnealian said...

1. Carnealian
2. Just now, just when you read this
3. Curiosity
4. First time for me
5. Carnealian, combination of names of people close to me
6. mystery
7. oh gosh not another trekkie
8. same
9. jean-luc picard?
10. a real live space ship
11. nope, this is the first time i've ever told you anything!

Anonymous said...

1.Who are you?
I am princess Leia. Don;t you remember we had a date tonight?

2:When and how did we meet?
Mars last year

3:What brings you here?
I wanted to borrow a six pack of green libations.

4:Why do you keep coming back?
The Kling Ons Keep dragging me there!

5:Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.

6:Describe me in one word.
Stooge in the play, How did you play all those characters?

7:What was your first impresssion of me?
Far out man!

8: Do you still think that now?
Oh well give me those libations first, I am thirsty!

9:What reminds you of me?
A coffee maker. You know, if you take the jug out, it looks like a beam machine?

10:If you could give me a present, what would it be?
A brand new fleet, boy is your crew lazy! I saw them laying out tanning out on port side!

11:Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
No..Umm I'll get back to you.

Trinity13 said...

1. Trinity13
2. We meet a few months ago. I noticed that you left a comment on Robin's blog, and I had to look you up!
3. Love the theme!
4. You're a great blogger!
5. The Capt! Because you are the man!
6. Dependable
7. Loved ya and your stories!
8. Of course!
9. Anyone straightening/pulling down on their shirt/uniform.
10. A life free of Wesley...but full of his mom!
11. Yes...everyone needs a secret!

Free to Be said...

2. Michele's I think
3. Captain Picard was my favorite.
4. To reminisce
5. See #1, I believe it's self explanatory.
6. Imaginative
7. I try not to make first impressions of people because they are usually not right.
8. Now, I just think you're cool.
9. A fantasy vacation with the Doc (w/o Wesley)!
10. Not yet.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

dddragon, thanks for those brilliant answers.

Carnealian, glad you dropped in. Hope you'll return.

Mrs Mogul; sorry about the date; it won't happen again.

Trinity, wonderful many seem to the same answers for number know how I think.

Free To Be, hope you enjoyed your vacation; thanks for those answers.

Grateful thanks to all who contributed to this fun session.

PractiGal said...

1. Marie, aka PractiGal
2. Why today, via Michele's Meet & Greet!
3. Michele
4. Don't think I've been here before, but I'd visit again.
5. M, cuz it's my initial
6. Mystery, at this point
7. Trekky
8. Yes
9. Star Trek
10. A book
11. No, I'm just meeting you!

Anonymous said...

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Bernard said...

It won't succeed as a matter of fact, that's what I believe.