Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dixon Hill (Part One)

When there is nothing happening on the Enterprise, and are just waiting to meet with another starship, what better to to than relax on the holodeck?

I'm setting up the program to be my favourite detective from the 1940's, Dixon Hill, and giving him a case to solve.

I've invited Data, Geordi La Forge, Beverly and Deanna along as well, while Riker and Worf look after ther ship.

We're all dressed up; I've got my trenchcoat, Data & Geordi looks like gangsters, and Beverly and Deanna look like a couple of molls in their fishnet stockings.

I enter my office with the others to see my secretary. She is a dozy blonde who is polishing her nails.

"Any calls for me, Lola?"

"Errr, no, Dixon...I mean Mr Hill." she says in a squeakily high voice. She then looks at the four others with me, strangely, especially Beverly and Deanna.

"Who are the skoits?" she whispers.

"Just some business acquaintancies."

Once we are in the office, Data begins to shuffle his feet a little and pulls his hand out of pocket suddenly.

"What are you doing, Data?"

"I am trying to enact my part; am I not what you call 'a missile'.?"

"Don't you mean 'torpedo'?" asks Geordi.

"Data." I say, "With your pale skin, you are a foreigner from abroad, probably a Frenchman."

Beverly says, 'These clothes ache, and these five inch stilettoes are impossible to walk in: however did women wear them?".

She falls on to the floor as she tries to walk.

Deanna agrees, "And these girdles are torture devices."

We get a call from Riker.

"Trouble, Captain; we're passing through a very strange cloud. I don't know whether you ought to know."

"You were wise to tell me, Number One, keep me informed."

There is a sudden flash everywhere, and the program carries on.

I try and get in contact with Riker, but can't.

"Computer. Cancel program."

Nothing happens.

That's the golden rule; never be in a holodeck program when passing through a cloud. Everyone knows what will happen.

Lola's voice comes through the intercom,

"Two men to see you, Mr Hill. They say they've got a score to settle."

I hear a shot and run outside. Lola is slumped over the desk, dead.

Two tough villains are there. One is a greasy sort with a trilby and striped suit. The other is extremely wide and looks the size of a truck. neither are the sort I would like to meet on a dark night.

"Time to meet your maker, Hill!" says the greasy one.

He shoots his gun and hits my shoulder. Blood trickles out.

I run into the office.

"The safety procedures are off in the program."

"The only thing we can do is let the program play through." says Geordi, "And try to stay alive!"
That's easy for him to say when it's me they want to fill full of lead with their gats.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Michele sent me! Even though I've watch next-to-no Star Trek, you have something very unique here! Good luck with it!

R.A. Slater said...

Remember Captain - - - if all else fails, you can always use Data as a shield because he's bulletproof and even if a vital circuit got hit...well, the Chief's right there and could fix him if needed!

I agree with the gals about the heels, btw...anything higher than 1 or 2 inches should be sent to a BORG cube to do them in!

R.A. Slater said...
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Anonymous said...

HI, I'm here via Michele this time...

Cleavers said...

Hi there, Michele sent me

Not a Trekky in the slightest, but I like your style!

Unknown said...

Hello, Michele sent me!

I enjoyed the blog!

Anonymous said...

what, lola's dead???????????????

Carmen said...

Michele sent me! Hi again!

dddragon said...

Hang in there, Captain! And using Data as a shield isn't a bad idea!

Trinity13 said...

Ahhh, I hate it when that happens!!!

Anonymous said...

That's quite a PIC-kle you got yourself into PIC-ard! I agree...grab Data!!! :) Hey, anybody seen Doctor McCoy lately? That old southern redneck must be somewhere complaining about all the new fangled contraptions around here! Watch out!

Ashlee said...

Stopped by to make a note on your blog. I simply liked it..yeah....make a comment on my postings too! Enjoy!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Things running amok on the holodeck? Not again! Although I'd say it would be worth it just to see Deanna and Bev dressed in fishnets and high heels.

Anonymous said...

JLP looks fine in his 1940s outfit. *sigh* What a cutie.

Free to Be said...

This is what keeps you on your toes Captain. You'll make it outta here one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

You have blood? I thought it would be green goop oozing out!!

La Bona said...

Uhmmm got me thinking about that huh?

Nice blog … Keep it up.

By the way, do you think Christianity is a cult?

If you have an opinion on the subject, please do email me. Alternately, you may want to check it out at the forum


Helen Louise said...

You know, you really ought to see if you can get a holodeck upgrade. They just can't cope with any kind of external pressure. You haven't got a Windows 95 Holodeck running, have you?

InterstellarLass said...

Perhaps the holodeck isn't Y2K compliant?

InterstellarLass said...

Oh, and I'll only wear up to 3 inch heels.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

One or two of you might have been reading tomorrows script....

Mrs Mogul, I'm not a Vulcan!

Helen Louise, I don't think it's even Windows 95 compliant, let alone anything else.

Ms Autumn, I'm a Captain, not a Doctor!

cyouincourt007 said...

Data is a mackdaddy... : )

Anonymous said...

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