Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Enterprise Enquirer

I'm in my office right now, reading the latest issue of The Enterprise Enquirer. It's the scandal-full publication that circulates the ship.

Let's see what's in it this week:

'JLP 4 BC?' Rumours are around that JLP, an important member of the crew has a 'CRUSH' on BC. He can't get to know her enough because of her annoying son WC.

'WR's Secret Girl' It's strongly thought that WR has been enjoying secret assignations with DT whenever possible. What WR, who has an overwhelming ambition to have JLP's position doesn't know is that whenever he goes for a conference, DT spends a lot of time with W!

'GLF's Vacation' GLF, who had a recent vacation on Rigel IV, has been 'selling things' in the area where his hotel was. It was noted that his large suitcase had a lot of Latium on his return.

'D's Dress Code' One of the members of the crew, D has been dressing very oddly lately. He dresses in a 19th Century deerstalker hat, smokes a pipe and says "Elementary". His friend GLF joins him a lot; he may be dressing up just to humour him.

'Men beware..LT is around!' LT, an Ambassador for her home planet B, is using her role to hunt down for a new husband. She is the mother of DT, and once considered JLP as a prospective candidate. If the person she she's doesn't suit herself, she will introduce him to her daughter.

'JLP's Vacation With WC' It's been thought that JLP, who was forced to go on a boat vacation with WC tried to drill holes in WC's cabin! He later realised he was drilling into his own cabin and nearly flooded it out.

Who wries these pieces in 'The Enterprise Enquirer?'

These are all lurid stories, that are completely untrue. Who are the paper referring to in their stories; they never say.

A group of initials will never help!

I guess I'll never know who the stories are talking about.


Trinity13 said...

Since he wasn't mentioned, I think W wrote them along with his son A.

Anonymous said...

ok, i can barely follow what's going on without initials, so this is like reading a foreign language to me

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

All those stories are just too wild to be true.

Pirate Princess said...

I hate rumors. You should set the editors down in front of Veggie Tale's the Rumor Weed - might "squeeze" it out of them... lol.

I really enjoy your blog! You're very creative!

True Jersey Girl said...

Whew, as long as there are no rumors about TJG, then its all good.

puremood said...

Sadly, I don't have a clue about any of this so I don't have a lot to say :( I'm here from Michele's.

Kimberly said...

Oh good! A mystery for Data to solve! He can wear his Sherlock outfit and everything. That will make him very happy:-)

Lu said...

use to watch ST all the time - it comes on so late on the sci-fi channel...

i'm sure all the trekkies are deeply sadden over "Scottie's" death.

hi from michele

InterstellarLass said...

I'm with TJG. Any rumors about IL will be promptly ignored. I can neither confirm nor deny... ;)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

T, W is mentioned if you look carefully.

BSTS, it can be a little foggy sometimes!

J, truth is stranger than fiction.

AOM there are no rumours about you...yet.

TJG, you're all clear from rumours!

P, it can be a little complex!

MK, Data may be the writer, who knows?

M, I agree with you.

IL,is that a 'no comment?'

Anonymous said...

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