Saturday, May 26, 2012

TWQ: Summer Days

Now that summer is with us (in the northern hemisphere), it's time for TWQ (the Weekend Question) to see what you are doing.

What do you do when it gets very warm in the summer? List as many answers as you like.

My answers are:

*Though it's good to see blue skies for a change, excessive heat takes all energy out of me. A trip to the city had to be cancelled as it would be too tiring to walk around.

* I tend to stay pale and be in the coolest room in the house. A pleasant day with a good breeze would be far more welcome.

* Something I DON'T do in the heat is sleep very well!

Now it's over to you...


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

go down to the pool

enjoy the summer florida without the snowbirds!

smiles, bee

Ciera said...

I try to stay in the cool as much as possible...heat wears me down too. I have a picnic on Monday, maybe two, and I'll be staying in the shade as much as possible, and not because of my short hairdo! lol

Linda said...

Hope that it's not hideously humid so that I can out and take pictures!

Either that or stay inside where there's some air-conditioning!

Susan said...

Try and stay cool too.

We have dunked the cats in the bath to try and cool them down too as it's been too hot for them.

If I go out lots of sunblock and a hat for hubby as the heat really gets to him.

A warm day with a breeze is better for him too.

We are Brits we just aren't used to it!

Unknown said...

-Hydration every 15 minutes.
-Stay out of the Arizona sun.
-set ehe air conditioner and fan to 70 degrees all night to sleep well.
-Dream of spending a vacation on a beach (deserted if possible) with Jennifer Love-Hewitt.

rashbre said...