Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Jean-Luc And Natalia (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Beverly Crusher

With the arrival of Ambassador Natalia on the Enterprise, things are a little tense. She is Ensign Britney's mother who is attracted to Jean-Luc. Though she is married to Yul, they both believe in 'open' relationships, which is trouble for anyone else. Natalia has already started as soon as she beamed on, by making straight for the Captain and kissing him in front of everyone, including her own daughter!


"Isn't Ambassador Yul with you, Natalia?" I ask sharply, as soon as Jean-Luc manages to prise himself away from her.

"No, Beverly, he isn't." Natalia answers, "While you are taking me to Starbase VI, he has decided to take his young female secretary Valeria on a trip to the beach planet of Paradiso. I'm sure they will have a lovely time."

She grabs a bewildered Jean-Luc's arm after saying a brief hello to Britney and T'Pol, saying she will chat with them later.

We follow the two of them to the Captain's Ready Room. I am about to enter when Natalia starts to close the door in my face.

"Sorry, Doctor." Natalia says to me, "Jean-Luc and I need to go over some official business. Captain to Ambassador matters, I'm sure you understand."

The door promptly slams shut and all I can think of is Jean-Luc at the mercy of those endless legs, that white mini-dress and a gorgeous body.

"Beverly!" exclaims Britney, as she run up to the door with T'Pol, "You've got to stop it. My mother will try and have her way with....."

"Easy, Brit." T'Pol tells her, "I'm sure Captain Picard will be able to resist your mother's charms."

"What if he can't?" protests Britney, "Mother!!! Put your clothes back on and come out of there!"


Nearly an hour later, Natalia comes out of the Ready Room, and adjusts her dress slightly.

"Wel, that WAS fun, Jean-Luc!" she says to him, "We'll have to do that again sometime. Hello Britney, hello T'Pol. Shall we go for a drink in Ten Forward?"

"Mother!" Britney exclaims, "What have you and Captain Picard been doing in the Ready Room?"

"Just chatting, dear daughter." Natalia laughs, "I pretended to adjust my dress just to tease you all. If I WAS going to seduce Jean-Luc, it would have been in a better place than that cramped Ready Room."

We all laugh at this, including an embarassed Jean-Luc. Natalia comes up to me.

"And I would have succeeded, Beverly." she whispers, "No man can resist me."

"Unless when they have me with them, Natalia." I whisper back, and grab Jean-Luc's arm and take him down the corridor while Natalia, Britney and T'Pol head towards Ten Forward.

To be continued after the TWQ........


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The Mistress of the Dark said...

O..o wonder what went on behind those closed doors :-)

Unknown said...

I started laughing when I read..."Though she is married to Yul"! I love it!!! :D)

Ellee Seymour said...

Lucky Beverley!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Ambassador Yul was in an earlier story, Michael.

eastcoastlife said...

The Captain is hot!!

Why were they in there for an hour if the room is cramped?