Monday, March 29, 2010

T'Pol's Temptation (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Mirror T'Pol

I've been given quite a shock. Intendant Kira Nerys, from the same mirror universe as I am is visiting the Enterprise. Britney doesn't like the look of her, and has told me not to trust her, as there is a bounty for me in the other universe. Nevertheless, when Kira and I have private chat together in her guest quarters, she tells me that after studying my records, and now meeting me, she has fallen in love with me!


"Err...Kira..." I say haltingly, rather lost for words, as if I am about to make a speech and has forgotten to bring along the script, "I don't know what to say."

"Sure, it's a bit of a shock." she replies, "But we are so alike, we are not a natural couple."

"Maybe." I answer, "But I have..."

"Yes, I know that Britney is your friend." she says annoyingly, "But if you think about it, you'll realise that I'm the right person for you. I tell you what, go and take a walk and think about it. While you do, I'll take a sonic shower and change. Then you can return in about twenty minutes and tell me your decision. After you do, I'll be on my way in my ship...hopefully with you wanting to join me."

"Okay, Kira." I say, happy to get the chance to get away from the awkward situation, "I'll be back in twenty minutes."

I leave the guest room,  and walk down the corridor where Britney is there waiting for me.

"Well, sistah?" she asks eagerly, "How did it go?"

"Not too well, Brit." I answer, "Kira says she loves me."

"WHAT!!" Britney shrieks in shock. I haven't seen her do that since the time the replicator failed to produce her favourite chewing gum.

After recovering from the shock of it, Briitney asks if I am in love with Kira.

"No, of course, not, Brit." I answer, "You know that I'm with you. I'll go back in there, let her down lightly, and then she can leave and go back to her own universe."

Britney seems contented at this.

"Alright, sistah." she says, "Just be careful."

After waiting the agreed time, I knock on Kira's guest quarters. She asks me to come in. As I do, I look in shock.

"Do you like it, T'Pol?" she asks me seductively, "I thought you might be intererested in....seeing more of me, so to speak."

I'm lost for words again!

"Err...Kira." I stutter, "You're really attractive and good looking...but....I'm sorry to say..."

Kira sighs, a little disappointed.

"It doesn't surprise me, T'Pol." she says, "I knew that Britney woman had a hold on you. Still, no hard feelings, let's have a farewell drink together before we part for good."

Relieved at this outcome, I pour two glasses of Andorian wine as Kira dresses again. Then we drink together. Kira sips very slightly at hers while a drink an entire glass.

A few moments later, I feel aching all over my body, and unable to move, and can hardly speak.

"You're coming with me, T'Pol." she says, "And I'm going to get that bounty that was on your head."

"So Britney was right." I croak, "It was all about the money, never love."

"Not quite." Kira replies, "I came here to kidnap you, but did have intense feelings for you. Had you reciprocated, then, I wouldn't have bothered with the bounty, and be happy to have you with me."

"You won't get away." I croak.

"Yes I will." she says, "My ship is fitted with an advanced cloak. Your Enterprise will never be able to detect it as it leaves no ion trail. It also has a shield, that when activated. prevents people beaming on and off."

With that, Kira activates a device on her wrist and we appear on her ship.

It looks like I'm in the soup!


The Curmudgeon said...

Farewell drinks often lead to different farewells than originally intended.

dragonflyfilly said...

eu, sorry but i think that is an awful photo of the girl in the pink zebra playboy bunny suit....

X-23 said...

She don't look too bad...