Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Kidnapping Of Karena (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Karena

My husband Wesley Crusher and I have been part of an Away Team surveying the planet Laxos VI. Wes consistantly reminds me not to take on duties like this as I am due to give birth to my daughter Sheena in a few days. However, I remind him that as I am an amazon, we have greater resiliance to such matters than the average homan woman.

The five of us in the Party have just beamed back to our ship, the USS Rhode Island. The only trouble is, I seem to have beamed somewhere else.


I'm in a cell that is barred by a forcefield. Wherever I am, it's a small ship that must be cloaked, otherwise the Rhode Island would have seen it. From what I can imagine, I've been abducted.

A door opens, and a female figure steps in.

"Felicia!" I exclaim, "So you're doing this?"

"Yes, Karena." the amazon replies , "With Vorga, and my leader Yalana, the three of us will have our revenge on your family for exiling us from Wondawowman."

"You tried to stage a coup and bring down our royal family." I retort, "You're lucky you were not executed."

She laughs, like the mad professor in a bad horror film.

Two other amazons walk in. The muscular Vorga, and the graceful Yalana, their leader.

She looks at my expanded stomach and smiles.

"Well." Yalana comments wryly, "It's easy to see what you and that weedy husband of yours has been up to since our last encounter. Trying to further the Royal Family line on Wondawowman? Well we'll take care of that!"

"What do you mean?" I snap back defensively, "I won't let you harm Sheena."

"Don't worry." she answers, "Your daughter won't be harmed, although we won't give her that name. We intend to see she is born on this ship, then the three of us will look after her, instilling our values into her as she grows up."

"You mean brainwashing." I say angrily, coming against the forcefield and getting a nasty shock.

"It means that Zyra, which is our name for your daughter will have claim to the throne." Yalana tells me, "Though your mother might try and put your sister Nexa on the throne, your daughter Zyra will be ahead of her....under our imfluence. We will rule the planet!"

"I'll stop you..." I say..

"Oh, I don't think you will, Karena." Vorga snarls, "Many mothers can have an accident while giving birth." She snorts and gives a manic laugh.

The three amazons walk out of the room I am held captive. My stomach is starting to ache. The time of delivery can't be too far away. I want to give birth to Sheena, not Zyra!

To be continued after the TWQ.....


The Curmudgeon said...

Uh oh.

This plan sounds pretty good... this is basically what happened to James VI of Scotland (James I of England)... without the transporters and the cloaked ships, of course. But I thought Nexa was the elder sister and the heir to the throne anyway.

And where's Karena's phaser? I mean, she was along as muscle on an away mission so I'd guess she was packing when she was beamed up. I assume they're jamming her comm badge... and maybe they can suppress her phaser, too... but doesn't she always carry a spear? I'd suppose that energy dampening fields wouldn't do much to spears....

Ellee Seymour said...

Let's hope she has a smooth delivery captain.

Anonymous said...
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The Mistress of the Dark said...

Now that's a nefarious plot if I ever heard one.

Jannie Funster said...

HEY, the one on the long flowing dress -- do i sup a tribble at the hem.

What a fun palce! I came here from Paige's recommendation.

Fun stuff!

Jannie Funster said...

shoot, what a typo.

see - not sup.



Linda said...

Oh dear, this doesn't sound good at all though I'm sure that Karena has already gone missing and a search party has been sent out. Though how they'll know where to search is beyond me!

Kon-El said...

i just love amazons...