Wednesday, March 31, 2010

T'Pol's Temptation (Part Four)

I thought things were awkward when I left Intendant Kira Nerys' guest quarters on the Enterprise, but now they are even worse! She was visiting the ship after coming through from the mirror universe, the same as I came from. Kira tells me in a private conversation that she is in love with me. When I left the room, I told my friend Britney , who was livid. I assured her that I would let Kira down gently. When I did, she drugged me with muscle paralysis ands said that if if she can't have me, then she will collect the bounty that is on my head in that universe...which was her intention in the first place.

We have beamed over to her ship, where she has activated an advanced shield and cloak that prevents the ship being detected and me being beamed off.

I wonder how much the bounty is?


"Well, T'Pol." says Kira, "It looks like the Enterprise is in a panic. They're looking in all places, but can't see us. We'll be in our universe before you know it. The muscle drug will be wearing off in a moment, so I'll just put these cuffs on you."

"You won't get far, Kira" I say weakly, "You'll be found."

"That's an optimisic view." shw laughs, "Why don't we just sit, relax, and chat over what could have been?"

Kira lies back in her black figure-hugging outfit, and drinks away, giving me a few sips at the same time.

"We could have been a great couple." she says, "You know you were attracted to me, but don't want to admit it. However, a few days in my company might have nade you change your mind."

"Never." I reply, "I'm with the Enterprise, and Britney in particular."

"There's no one else here, T'Pol."  Kira comments, "Just say, off the record, what we both know."

Before I can say anything, I hear the familiar voice of a certain someone approaching from a cvoncealed area at the rear of the ship.

I am relieved to see my Britney coming towards Kira with an aggressive look on her face, and armed with her phaser umbrella. She tends to not use the phaser part and just likes to whack people with it."

"Hi sistah!" she says breezily as she walks past, "I wanted to hear the conversation a little before I took any action. I knew what this shady woman would do, so I hid in the ship when you went back to see her."

With that, she proceeds to give Kira several hefty whacks with the umbrella. As I'm still trabbed with the handcuffs, I can't separeate the two. I don't actually want to, and smile as Brit whacks away.

"Don't come between T'Pol and me!" she orders, "This is just a sample of what would happen if you did!"

With that, Britney unlocks the handcuffs and puts them on T'Pol. She then uses the umbrella to smash the cloak and shield. The Enterprise finds us shortly after.


"What shall we do with her?" Captain P:icard asks us when we are all reunited.

Brit is about to give a few highly innapropriate and illegal suggestions when I speak up.

"Why don't we just program her ship to take her back to the mirror universe before the gap between the two closes up?" I say.

"That's very lenient." says the Captain.

"TOO lenient, sistah!" Britney complains.

"Not really." I reply, "Those in the mirror universe do not like failure. If we tag a message like 'another person who tried to capture T'Pol and failed' into the program, the Empire will not be pleased."

"I like it, sistah!" laughs Britney. We both hug, glad to see each other.

"Hey" I say, "It might even put my bounty up a bit as well!"


The Mistress of the Dark said...

I want Brit's umbrella!

The Curmudgeon said...

A phaser umbrella?

And is T'Pol thinking of collecting her own bounty? She'd be just the one to figure out how, too.

pilgrimchick said...

That's a unique weapon there--looks like she handles it well, though (that's a brilliant pic).

Unknown said...

Brilliant strategy, Captain! :D

Fly Girl said...

Shame on T'pol for enjoying the fight so much! She should have been more concerned.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That umbrella looks a fearsome device. I wouldn't want to be hit by it.

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