Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Princess On The USS Rhode Island

Guest Poster: Karena

"Isn't it exciting, honeybunch?" my hubby and Life Servant Wesley says to me, "We are actually having a princess on board the USS Rhode Island."

This irritates me somewhat.

"In case you forgot, pumpkin." I reply sharply, "There is already a princess on board. I am a princess of the amazons on the planet Wondawowman."

"Err..well, yes." Wes hurriedly answers, "What I meant was besides yourself. We are escorting the Princess Talia to her home planet of Qualena."

"I don't like her." I tell Wes, "She does not behave how a princess should. She is rude and shouts at people. Besides that, Commander Hathaway is paying far too much attention to her."

"You're right there, Karena." concedes Wes, "But the Commander pay attention to any woman on ship. I know you had to use your spear to fend him off when you first came on board. Still, as a princess, you ought to talk to her."

"Perhaps you are right, pumpkin." I say, "Let's go to Talia's quarters and talk to her. As a princess, she will welcome my company."

The two of us walk towards the VIP area, and enter her room. We find Talia and Commander Hathaway in a very compromising position.

"What is going on?" I ask, although from the image I can see in front of me, it's very clear.

"Steady on, Ensign Karena." Hathaway says to me, "It's not what you think it is."

What an old adage. It IS what I think it is!

"The Commander is doing me a favour." explains Talia, "On my world, all people are created artificially in laboratories. We have no concept of love. When I said this to the Commander, he offered to show me what love is."

"This is against regulations!" I say, gripping my spear firmly, "I must report this to Captain Hernandez."

"Ensign." Hathaway tells me, in a pleading voice, "Please do not. I know it was wrong, but she IS a princess, and she did want to know. No harm has been done."

Wes and I consider this.

"Honeybunch." Wes whispers, "Just remember that if we ever get in trouble, and the Commander is about to reprimand us, we could just say Talia and he'll back down."

I consider this. Wesley may be smarter than he looks.

"Very well, Commander." I say, as if I am the Captain, "I'll overlook it this time."

Hathaway looks annoyed, as he knows he will owe us one for this.

Wesley and I walk away from this back to our quarters.

"Well done, pumpkin." I say to him with a smile.


Editor's Note:

Mimi Pencilskirt has imposed this meme on me, in which I have to write ten honest things about myself.

Here goes...

1: I love foreign language movies, my favourite being The Lives Of Others.

2: I love bacon, eggs, mushroom, fried bread etc.

3: I do my best to finish a book, and it is very rare when I give up on one.

4: I never watch movies with Hugh Grant in.

5: I also never watch anything with Ricky Gervais in.

6: I do my best to remember the words to American Pie.

7: I like spiders and snakes, or anything in the reptile house in a zoo.

8: If I'm not sure I've done something, like set the tv recorder, I have to come down at night and check, otherwise I won't sleep.

9: I can't sleep on trains or planes.

10: I dislike any Indian food. It makes me very ill.

At this point I'm supposed to name seven blogs outstanding for content and design and impose this meme on them. However, I will ask that if anyone wishes to do it, please do, and let me know.


The Mistress of the Dark said...

I just love Wes and Karena

The Curmudgeon said...

"Wesley may be smarter than he looks."

In other words, even Karena knows he's a doofus.

Still, this time, at least, he had a good idea. And he didn't almost blow up the ship in the process. So it's arguably a win-win.

Linda said...

Every great once in awhile Wesley manages to surprise all of us and say something right!

Mimi Lenox said...

There is something for you at my blog.
Ten Honest Things ~ Diversity In The Blogosphere

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Yes, it amazes us that Wes can say something right!

Unknown said...

Of course Karena is correct when she states that the Commader never fails to notice any woman on the ship. Bravo, Jean Luc Picard! :D)

mw said...

Ah, lust and blackmail and love and talk of gripping spears - how can it get any better! Wonderful :)

(Here from Tanya)

Mimi Lenox said...

Pencil Skirt is here to read your quirkiness....

We are alike in #3. I like to give them a chance even if I'm miserable in the midst of the plot. Makes no sense, but 'tis the way I am too.

Why no Hugh Grant?

I do love curry and Indian food but it's not for the faint of stomach.

Great honest answers here! Thanks for completing the challenge (you did win an award ya know....) and you are FREE FREE FREE of the dreaded dungeon.

Well done.