Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bev & Picard At Romantica (Part One)

Here we are.

Bev and I have just landed our shuttle on the planet Romantica. It's a couples-only vacation paradise. The members of the crew gave me this as a present for my 50th birthday on the 14th of January.

"It looks lovely, Jean-Luc." Bev says to me, as we make our way to the Hotel Deux, where we are booked to stay.

I think Bev and I are really going to enjoy it here.

All the couples are walking around holding and and kissing. The twin moons plus the quiet beach make for a wonderfully romantic setting.

"Let's check in, Bev."

We are greeted by an oversmiling hotel clerk.

"Hello." I say, "I'm Jean-Luc Pica.."

"Ah, Mr & Mrs Smith." says the clerk, "I am Michael, welcome to the Hotel Deux. I hope your stay will be a pleasant one."

"You're mistaken." Bev corrects him, "We are not Mr & Mrs Smith, but are..."

"ALL guests are called Smith in this hotel." Michael tells us cheerily, "It helps preserve that anonymity that some guests ask for. Many married couples come here, but not necessarily to each other."

"What about the guests that ARE called Smith." Beverly asks, trying to catch the clerk out.

"That is an exception." Michael answers, "We call them Mr & Mrs Jones."

I sigh, but smile at the same time.

Michael rings the bell the fetch the porter, instructing him to take Mr & Mrs Smith and their luggage to Room 911.


When we get there, we see the room has a balcony. Together we see the setting sun and the twin moons in the east.

"I like it here, Mrs Smith." I say to Bev.

"So do I, Mr Smith." she replies, "So do I."

To be continued after the TWQ....


The Curmudgeon said...

Room 911? Why? Was Room 666 occupied?

And by what?

I can't help but think this romantic interlude will soon be rudely interrupted....

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I'm with Curmudgeon...something bad is about to happen

Anonymous said...

uh oh... nothing good would happen in a room with that number, Mr. Smith.

nothing good for you. For us, that will be really funny to read!


Amanda said...

I wonder whats going to happen to Mr & Mrs Smith here on Romantica. Will it be as romantic as Bev would want it to be?

Linda said...

Ut-oh, Room 911, eh? That's a number that I'm very familiar with and it usually doesn't bode well when someone has to use it!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I thought you might be familar with that room number, Linda.

Does anything run smoothly?

Jen said...

I hope that Mr. and Mrs. Smith have a wonderful getaway!

Sorry about the language switch. It's from the Latin liturgy of the Roman Catholic church. It means, essentially, "It's my fault, it's my fault, it's really really really my fault." :-)

Superman said...

I would wsh you a nice trip but I sense trouble ahead...