Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ensigns Wesley Crusher & Karena (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Wesley Crusher

Yay! My honeybunch Karena and I have just collected our Ensign Diplomas with the others in the Hall of Presentation. Now, we are awaiting our assignments. Captain Picard and Mom have been watching.

Mom continues to hug us.

"Careful, Mom." I say, you're embarassing me."

"I don't care." she replies, "I just want to hug my little baby!"

Karena raises her eyebrows.

"That is understandable, Beverly." she comments, "If my mother, Queen Diana of Wondawowman were here, she would also be most satisfied. However, she should probably just shake my hand and give me a new spear or battle armour as a reward."

I decide to talk to Captain Picard.

"Captain." I start, "Do you think there is any chance that Karena and I could be reassigned to the Enterprise? I've got so many old friends there?"

The Captain suddenly looks a little alarmed, but regains his composure.

"Err, Sorry, Wes." he replies, "Like I was telling your mother, there is just no room. We haven't had too many fatalities amongst the Away Teams lately. Even if there was just one, you wouldn't want to be split up from Karena, would you?"

"No, Captain." I concede, "I want to be with my honeybunch."

"Hi pumpkin." says Karena, as she approaches and kisses me on the cheek, "I hope we get assigned to a ship where a woman is the Captain. As I'm an Amazon, I don't like taking orders from men."

Captain Picard raises his eyebrows, and walks off, chatting to Mom.

"It's just a chain of command, Karena." I tell her, "It doesn't really matter whether the Captain is a man or woman."

Karena mumbles, saying she is not used to that. On Wondawowman, it is a matriachal society, where all women are in charge.


We all hear, a few moments later, that we are to return to the Hall of Presentation to hear where we are to be reassigned.

"These are the starships where you will be posted, Ensigns." starts Admiral Paris, "Ensign Norm will go to the USS Columbia, Ensign Flushman to the USS Fairmont, and because of the high vacancies, and allowing that two of them are engaged, Ensigns Crusher, Karena and Tarah will go on the USS Rhode Island."

Karena goes livid on hearing that Tarah, her enemy, is also going with us on the same starship, but holds her cool.

We walk out of the Hall, as we do, Tarah walks past.

"Well." she says softly, "I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other. As for you, Wes, I hope to see a LOT more of you."

Karena starts waving her spear, but I have to hold her back.

"Honeybunch," I say, "Ignore her. We'll soon be married. That's all that counts. Besides that, the good news is that on the USS Rhode Island has a female Captain."

On hearing this, Karena brightens.

"That's super, pumpkin." she says, "It looks like we'll have a good future on that ship."

"That's my girl." I reply.

"However." she comments, "I'll get my spear sharpened for Tarah to receive, should she cross my path."


Author's Note:

Dariana needs your support. She has been diagnosed with lung cancer. After you've visited mine, go to hers and give her your help. She needs it badly.


Anonymous said...

moms url changed please make a note



Unknown said...

My mood brightened as I gazed at Karena's photo, but sank when I heard of the impending wedding. As Doris Day once sang, "Que Sera, Sera"! :D

Anonymous said...

awww I will have to search for the right gift for this coming wedding

Lahdeedah said...

Hmm, what to get the new ensigns...

...and how lucky Wes is to have two women fighting over him!

That would be a fun ship to be posted too... ha ha ha

Linda said...

Why on earth two women would want to fight over Wesley is totally beyond me. The kid is a wuss. An annoying wuss!

The Real Mother Hen said...

hhmmm... cat fights from the Amazon to the space on USS Rhode Island, cool! :)

On a serious note, it's very kind of the author to give support to Dariana.

Amanda said...

This assignment will bring some very interesting posts in the future!

The Curmudgeon said...

I think someone should send a new spear or some battle armor to Ensign Tarah. It seems she will have need of it.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Judging from you all, the USS Rhode Island sounds like it's going to be a noisy place!

Anonymous said...

My first thorough read. I like it!

Casdok said...

Lucky old Wes!!

Tawnya Shields said...

It looks like the USS Rhode Island is going to have a lot of excitement!

Nepharia said...

Ensign Karena sounds like a potential convert to the dark side of the force. She just has this one weakness for weak men....hmmmm.

SQT said...

I just can't believe that a guy who calls a girl "honeybunch" has two women fighting over him.

Truly a mystery.

Wolverine said...

Don't do it Wesley marriage is a trap!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

And Captain breathes a sigh of relief that they didn't get put on the enterprise :)

Anonymous said...

Hadn't you better warn the Captain of the USS Rhode Island then?

Anonymous said...

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