Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spock And Lwaxana (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Lwaxana Troi

Spock and I are imprisoned on the Kalaran Grel outpost planet. We were supposed to be attending Kalara as Ambassadors to oversee the peace initiative between the two civil war sides. The Grel are one of the sides, and want to keep us here to ensure the Peace Talks fail.

"Keeping us here is an act of agression against the Federation" Spock tells them in his official status.

The Kalarans take no notice. We are stiuck in a jail cell with a force field to prevent us escaping.

"Sit down, Spock, lovey" I tell him seductively, "They have told us they will release us as soon as the Peace Talks collapse. There must be something we can do while we wait for that to happen."

"Unhand me, Ambassador." Spock tells me firmly, "It is essential that we escape soon. We cannot allow the Talks to fail."

"I suppose you're right." I admit, "You're such a party pooper."

Spock gets up and looks at the force field control.

"Fascinating. This is a very complex mechanism" he tells me, "It has a reverse-loop quadrophonic phase adaptor. This is more advanced than what we are used to in the Federation. I fear we will be stuck in the cell until it is too late."

I push him aside. "Let's see what I can do. Sometimes a little bit of common sense can work wonders.

I get a hairpin and stick it into the controls. There is a buzz and a flash.

The forcefield is down.

"Fascinating." comments Spock.

"Men!" I exclaim, "They are so useless!"

We run into the corridors and encounter some guards. Spock quickly goes into them and uses his Vulcan nerve pinch.

I suppose some men aren't so useless after all.

After consulting the maps on the wall to the Cargo Bay, we find ourselves there. It's handy to have these maps around, otherwise we'd probably be in the Kalaran restaurant.

Alarm bells are sounding all over the base.

"That is not for a Fire Drill." Spock informs me. Perhaps Vulcans do have a sense of humour after all?

We soon find a small shuttle and get to the controls. Spock starts it off.

"Have you flown one of these before?" I ask.

"I have not, Ambassador" he informs me calmly, "However, all ships are basically the same..."

The ship jerks backward, then forward. Then we take off, managing to bump into a small rock as we head towards the sky.

"A few teething troubles there." Spock comments drily.

"There are some Kalaran battlecruisers catching up with us!" I tell him with all the nervousness I'd have if Deanna was on her wedding day.

"That is unfortunate." Spock says. I must admit that his method of understating dangers is seriously reducing his chances in the marriage stakes. Besides that, our survival stakes are going downhill very quickly.

Suddenly we see some photon torpedoes hit the battlecruisers, so we are able to go on our way.

"The Enterprise is here." I see on the sensors.

A few minutes later, Jean-Luc welcomes us on the ship.

"Are you all right Ambassador Lwaxana and Spock?" he asks, "We'll take you to Kalara so that you don't miss the Peace Talks."

"Of course we are all right, Jean-Luc!" I exclaim, giving him a big kiss, "Although we would have escaped anyway. I had plenty of hairpins."

Spock raises his eyebrow in his customary way. "Fascinating."


Bilbo said...

Wouldn't you know that Lwaxana would be able to pick a reverse-loop quadrophonic phase adaptor lock with a hairpin...what next?

Ellee Seymour said...

I hope you get to the peace talks on time.

utenzi said...

I suspect that Ambassador Lwaxana wrote that account of the encounter. It most definitely has the feel of a woman's account of a situation. Hairpins, indeed. That's just not logical.

Michele sent me over to read the far fetched account of Ambassador Lwaxana's adventure.

Tawnya Shields said...

Spock, gotta love him and his dry humor. :o)

Vegeta said...

huh? What? Hairpin?

Amanda said...

I like how Spock says 'Fascinating'.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I imagine Spock is most relieved that that incident ended well...or rather ..just ended.

Ellee Seymour said...

I think Spock is great too.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

MOTD, I'm sure Spock is relieved. Lwaxana is too much for him.

Amanda, I don't think Dr McCoy liked Spock saying 'Fascinating' all the time

Utenzi, Lwaxana definately wrote that; she is the Guest Poster.

Anonymous said...

I so love her character. Such pluck!

The universe needs more folks like her.

Howdy from Michele's!

barbie2be said...

greetings, captain.

michele sent me over to wish you and the crew a happy christmas.

Unknown said...

jean-luc-picard; "The Vulcan nerve pinch"!

Miss Trashahassee said...

Hey ya'll! Y'all reckon i might be able to get me little ride on the enterprise if I promise not to bring my skateboard and pogo stick? All I want for Christmas is to ride on the Enterprise and go tribble hunting if its in season. That's all. And drink beer too. Can I do that?

Miss T

Batman said...

Happy Christmas

Anonymous said...

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