Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Omega Dimension (Part Two)

In the late 20th Century, today would have been described as a bad hair day. However, if I said that phrase to Beverly, she'd have a good laugh, and Ensign Britney would probably yell abuse at me.

A Borg Cube has appeared and the Queen told me that we all were to be assimilated; she would be collecting her for a mission in the Delta Quadrant.

If that were not bad enough, a hole has ripped open in space. We can see into another dimension, which sensors show is poisonous fluidic space.

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Both ships are being dragged in to oblivion by the dimension's gravitational pull.


The videoscreen comes on; the Borg Cube is hailing us.

"What can we do, Locutus." asks the Borg Queen in a slightly desperate voice, "Both our ships are doomed unless we can come up something."

The nerve of her!

"A short while ago, you wanted to turn us all into Borg drones!" I retort, "Now you're asking for our help."

"Oh, never mind about that, Locutus!" she dismisses, "This is a lot more important; we need to pool our resources and get out of this problem."

Reluctantly, I agree with her, and talk to Data about what we can do.

"The Borg Cube has powerful weapons and a tractor beam that is stronger than anything we have." he states.

"That is true." concurs the Queen, "It is why the Borg are supreme."

I mumble a few words that I won't repeat here, and ask Data to explain what he is thinking of.

"The rim of the rift is very unstable, Captain." he continues, "It could close at any moment. A large explosion should be enough to seal it. A Borg pulse phaser and a starship quantum torpedo would work well. A tractor beam would hold both weapons until it reached the rim."

"Or blow it wide open!" Riker tells him, "That is a risky venture, Data."

"I agree." says Data, "There is a high element of danger involved."

It's all to complex for me to work out; the sort of problem that gives me a headache. Worf agrees that it is possible, as does the Borg Queen. Eventually, we decide to go through with it. Leave it to the others to sort out.

The quantum torpedo is dispatched, at the same time as the Borg pulse phaser; the tractor beam holds them then it is swicted off just as it gets to the rim. Everything explodes, and we are thrown all across the Bridge.

That's my cup of Earl Grey gone. I need a new Bridge carpet.

The sensors are checked and we find the rift has been sealed. The videoscreen comes on again.

"Well done, Locutus!" says the Borg Queen, "Your android Data has rescued both ships from destruction."

"Now about that assimilation...." I ask.

"Oh, I'll overlook that for a while, Locutus." she smiles, "As a little reward for saving us; Seven can stay on the Enterprise. We will come and assimilate you another time. I must say, your Lieutenant Commander Data fascinates me a lot. I shall be interested in knowing more about him later."

With that, the videoscreen switches off and the Borg ship vanishes.

"It seems you have an admirer, Data." laughs Deanna.

Data looks puzzled.

"The Borg Queen will dissect you herself!" states Seven with her usual non-warmness."

"I think my girlfriernd Jennifer Baxter may take exception to that, Seven." replies Data.

I'm not sure with Data whether he ever tries to be funny or makes a serious statement.


Anonymous said...

Captain, it would appear I am the first in the queue to acknowledge how brilliant Data is. I've often wished to have an in-home personal companion just like him. Hugs and Kisses to Data...

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

If Data would have been really clever, he would have found a way for hte Borg Queen to be left behind in the void.

Have him work on tha tfor next time :)

Anonymous said...

DO you mean Data was going to get dissected in meaning "the hoochie mama?" Earl Grey is a fave of mine...I would think they would be drinking Earl Alien Gray tea or something.

Unknown said...

Well if data wants to cheat, he's got enough brains to do it.

Ciera said...

Liked it!

Linda said...

Glad to hear that no one got sucked into the poisonous fluidic space thanks to Mr. Data but in the last chapter Riker dropped a donut and in this one you spilled Earl Grey all over the carpet. Perhaps you need to restrict food and drink to the galley!

Though I do so love a good cup of Earl Grey - hot!

Tawnya Shields said...

Data. Gotta love him. :o)

Kønig Hasemörder said...

Captain, may I suggest this as a replacement.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Kenig, that would look good one the floor of the Bridge. I don't think Starfleet would pay for it.


What else can I say.....what does work is really team work.
Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

I need to borrow Data to help me with some problems around here!

Anonymous said...

Can I join the queue to have a little help from Data, every home should have one.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

You know waht creeps me out about the Borg Queen? That removign her head thing she does. I will refrain from amking any head joke here.

Here on offical business from Michele today :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting at my blog! Just wanted to assure you that the blog party is open to everyone! I suppose there are a lot of females there, but on the website it says this: "Just to clarify, everyone is invited, regardless of parental status, gender, religious affiliations, etc. This party is about having fun with friends and meeting new people."

Hope you join us!

Viamarie said...

Yes!!! TEAMWORK is the root of success in any game or work.

Have a great weekend!

pilgrimchick said...

I like the "that's why the Borg are supreme" comment. And the typical "state the obvious" Riker comment.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

so nice to meet you Captain!

as for the blog party - it is open to EVERYONE! so grab your tux and join in! :)

Unknown said...

I wonder if the borg can program data for assimilation.

Anonymous said...

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