Sunday, November 20, 2005

Party Details

The staff are assembled to go over more details for the Enterprise Christmas Party that will start on the 5th of December.

Actually, it's Stardate 52157.3, but how is anybody supposed to remember that? I know I could never get it right, and tended to make up a set of numbers when dictating events.

All are present except Geordi La Forge. He is currently in SickBay, as he is suffering from bruising and stress.

He hasn't been on an Away Mission; this is as a result of Ensign Tricia Lewis, who has transferred on to the Enterprise and taken rather a shine to Mr LaForge.

It was Geordi who suggested that Ensign Lewis go to the meeting in his place. He privately said to Beverly that it was so that he could get some peace and quiet for a while.

Guinan is also here, as the party will take place in Ten Forward, she will be overseeing a lot of the drinking.

"Do we have enough drink, Guinan?" asks Riker.

"We've got lots of the real thing all ready, Commander." she replies, "Also, the replicators will be on hand to keep everybody going. I know you Officers can drink like fishes."

Everybody laughs, except Data, who has that quizzical look on his face, as if he's going to ask a ridiculous question.

"What shall we do if the replicators fail?"

There it is.

Guinan rolls her eyes and replies, "Don't worry about that, Commander. There will be a nearby supply base called 'H'Garth's 24 Hour Starfleet Spirit Service'. It has every drink in the Quadrant there.

"Even Klingon Blood Wine?" asks Worf.

"Even that" she replies.

Everyone seems satisfied. Hold on, Data is going to ask another silly question.

"What will happen if there is an interplanetary war at the time of the party, Captain? Will all our plans have to be abandoned?"

Talk about someone dampening the party spirit.

"Don't worry about that, Mr Data" I tell him, "We are not going to be in any troublesome areas; after all, we'll be in the Earth Solar System, not the Romulan Neutral Zone."

"Will Sid Starr be alright?" inquires Beverly, "I know his nurse is coming from the Retirement Home, but will he have the stamina to lead the band?"

"I believe so." replies Riker, "She is bringing some booster vitamin shots. She'll be by his side with those and the oxygen mask. At the first sign of flagging, he gets a shot."

I could do with that.

"Has everybody got their date?" asks Trisha Lewis with a giggle, "I know I've got my Geordi to come with me. Aren't I a lucky girl?"

"The Captain is going with Dr Crusher" Riker tells her, "I shall be going with Counselor Troi, Commander Data will be going with Jennifer Baxter, Guinan will be at the bar. It means Worf won't have a date!"

Deanna Troi looks a little red, and Worf has a slightly guilty look.

"Er, that's alright, Captain" he says, "I do have to maintain security amongst the guests."

"A Miss Jadzia Dax from Deep Space Nine told me a few months ago that she was keen on meeting Mr Worf." I say, "But soon after, she changed her mind. I think that was just after you
visited the station, Counselor. Any ideas why?"

"I haven't the remotest." replies Deanna, with that same guilty look Worf just had.

Am I missing something?

I decide to end the meeting when Riker says that he wants to mention something.

This sounds like trouble heading my way.

"On a separate issue, Captain, have you given any thought as to who will be playing Santa Claus this year when the children have to come and ask him for their presents?"

Everyone looks at me.

"Why do I always do it, Number One?" I protest, "After all, you're the one with the beard."

"The children look up to you, Captain." says Deanna, "It's only natural that the Captain should do this role. It's a very important one."

Trisha Lewis giggles again.

I've been painted into a corner by my loyal crew. In a week's time, It'll be on with the red suit.


The party details are on the post for Thursday 17th below. Take a look!


Professor Xavier said...

Those Stardates are the most confusing thing. It's like some kind of uber-spy code designed during the Cold War so the Russkies wouldn't know when the bombs were to start falling. I think anyone who claims to have it figured out is just bluffing.

Anonymous said...

ooooooooooo, i love a party!!!

M. C. Pearson said...

Yikes! I must have been led to the overflow room on Holodeck One! Glad that the crew decided to visit there too.

Mike said...

I wish that I would have thought of this site.. I LOVE STrek TNG... Oh I am so jealous! I am linking you!

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Love the new graphics, and although I am not a party person, this event is one I will not miss!

Running2Ks said...

LOL I love that you have to do that Santa thing. Maybe Will can trombone a bit at the party?

craziequeen said...

Data has a date already??

[prepares to remove Lewis from the equation]


Trinity13 said...

You'll make a great Santa Capt!!! Will Bev dress up as Mrs Claus?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

CQ, I'm sure you can step in and get a dance with Data. Trisha Lewis can be jealous, though. Why not write it in and send the story?

Mike, do you know about the Christmas Party? See the details on the post for Thurs 17th.

Trin, I'm not sure if bev would dress up as Mrs Claus. There's a clause in her contract (sorry!)

Ciera said...


What if there's an interplanetary war.

More likely there would be a warp core emergency and Wes would have to save the day. I mean, he has to be the only one too young to drink, right, so he and Data would be the only ones sober.


Mother Sharon Damnable said...

laughs out loud, love your work!

I hope to fly by again soon.

Captain Berk said...

I dressed up as Santa Claus once.

It wasn't christmas though, so the children were understandably scared.

Texas_Ivy10 said...

Sounds like the party plans are in full swing!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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