Wednesday, November 02, 2005

First Contact

Starfleet have ordered us to go to the planet Valos, as observers have noticed they are on the brink of discovering warp drive.

It is our job to beam down, establish First Contact, and encourage them to join the Federation.

I am going along with Counselor Troi, who is always good at this sort of thing, and Commander Data.

He may be a mistake, but he has asked to come on this mission, and I couldn't think of an excuse a reason not to bring him along.

The three of us beam down into the building that is deigned for the mayor of the capital city.

As we do, a group of people wearing 1920's gear with trilbys look in amazement at us.

"Get security quickly!" says the mayor, "We are being invaded by hoods from the East Side!!

This doesn't look like being an easy First Contact; already10 deadly firearms are pointing at us.

"No need for aggression, gentlemen." I say in my best diplomatic Captain voice, "we are a peaceful race who wish to make First Con.."

"Got a lot to say for himself, hasn't he?" the Mayor says to the man who obviously his second in command."

"He sure has, Max. Shall I pump him full of lead now?"

I seem to have heard this line of talking before, I think with old Jimmy Cagney movies.

Deanna tries her Counselor approach.

"Surely we can all talk together. We are from the Starship Enter..."

"What a moll, boss!" exclaims the deputy, "That dame has some great pins."

"She sure has, Ricky," replies Max the mayor, and he looks at me.

"Whadaya guys want? To take over the town?"

Data comes forward to them; they try and shoot, but the bullets fly off. The mayor and all his hoods look in amazement as he takes the firearms and breaks them up.

I think I know the approach to take with these people.

"Now listen here, see?" I say to them, "I'm Johnny Picard, and me and my associates want you to join our mob, see. You people are on the verge of making great discoveries. We want you to be with us when you do, see?"

"Err..yeah, sure, Johnny, you're the boss." Max stutters.

"We're going now, but you'll here from us again, see?" I tell them.

We beam out; Deanna whispers to me.

"Just how many Prime Directive rules did we break there, Captain?"

"I'm not sure, Counselor, but the Valorians will be interesting additions to the Federation."


Ciera said...

Hmm...sounds like a story I've heard before...too bad you didn't get to play Fizzbin while cutting into a Piece of the Action. :P

Running2Ks said...

That's a good one. And Data's approach just softened them up a bit, see ;)

dddragon said...

maybe you should've looked to see if someone from the Federation was already there and left an old book behind ...?

Ciera is right - Fizzbin would've been a fun game to watch.

nobody said...

Johnny Picard!! I can see you talking in a "mob" voice there, cap.

Professor Xavier said...

The ability to adapt to novel situations is a prime trait of a great leader. I say to hell with the rules and well done "Johnny".

Trinity13 said...

I guess Data will always be welcome on away missions after this!

Michelle said...

quick thinking saved the day!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I shoulda bought my gat with me!

carmilevy said...

I always drooled over Troi. But it was Data who truly made everything tick.

I'm back from Michele's this a.m.

Anonymous said...



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